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Shared by Lil Stoner 420 on February 16, 2021
Me and Enrique graduated the same year and i can remember him calling me his little sister and always telling me to keep my head up and smile i will always miss his goofyness around school much love to you big brother thanks for always cheering me up when i needed it the most you will be missed dearly

Forever missed

Shared by Manny Ornelas on February 15, 2021
Man i remember when you were younger and would hangout with me and Derek. You were always showing us your hats or your new shoes your mom got you. You were always a happy kid and always wqnted to hangout. Miss you man. You gained everlasting life now and you are now with our father in heaven! Miss you bro! 
Shared by Ytsell Gonzales on February 15, 2021
Me and Enrique we’re small and we wanted to go to cliffs. We were wanting to go for a long time and one summer we finally had the chance to go with Betty. When we got to cliffs that day Enrique dragged me to get on the fireball lord did I need want to get on it but Enrique still dragged me onto it. after the ride I made Enrique get on the dragon  which he didn’t want to but I dragged him onto it. After me and Enrique literally got on all the rides we dragged Betty on a roller coaster the one that’s by the water park. Me and Enrique were all hyped while Betty was holding on for her dear life when the ride had started me and Enrique were shouting and screaming having a great time while Betty was screaming her head off in fear one memory I’ll never forget about Enrique I love you ♥️

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