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His Life


October 21, 2010

Following his fathers death in the early nineties, Ewen moved back to the North East , and then from there moved to California to marry Sue.

Ewen was also retired at this point, but , continued to write songs throughout, and make regular visits back to the UK to do tours, in places such as Cramlington Folk Club, The Grove, Otley Folk Club, and many more.

Ewen passed away Suddenly from heart failure, whilst staying at friends in Rotherham. 



October 21, 2010

Ewen eventually moved to Yorkshire with work. By day working for 'The Pearl Assurance' but by night and weekends still following his passion for music.

In the early 70's, he assisted in the running of a folk club at the 'Red Bear' ,  Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorskhire with friends,  which attracted acts such as Brenda Wooton, Mike Silver, Ralph McTell and Jon Strong.

Ewen also started to frequent 'The Grove' in Leeds, a popular singer/songwriter venue in Leeds, where he would also try out his 'new songs'. 

He also teamed up with friends to form a trio called 'Freeway'. (music can be found on this site).

Ewen had developed into a respected song writer and musician


October 21, 2010

From Rothbury Ewen moved to Morpeth, probably with his father being posted as the headmaster of the School. The most prominent thing that happened to Ewen in Morpeth that would shape the course of his life was the awakening of music.

Ewen was inspired as so many others were in that era with the rise of Buddy Holly and Elvis, set against the 'dreary' music of the times that his parents would listen to.

Ewen eventually channelled this passion into being in a band based in Morpeth probably in the late 50's, early 60's playing places like the 'Black Bull'. Little is known about this band, other than allegedly Ewen would jump on tables, and gyrate like Elvis, singing covers from bands such as 'Johnny Kidd and the pirates'. 

Ewen would also go and see his favourite acts such as Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis in Newcastle

Ewen also lived at 'Beside',  near Blythe with his Uncle Bob  for a period



Early Years

October 21, 2010

Ewen was born in 1942 in Corbridge, Northumberland to Frederick and Jean Carruthers. He spent his childhood days, firstly in Wark on Tweed, near Coldstream, for which would many years later reminisce in the song 'Back to the Borders', and then Rothbury, which he also wrote about in songs such as 'Long Distance' and 'The Message'.

We visited Rothbury several times over the years, it was a place Ewen always went back to, up the winding hill to Cragside. This is where Ewen would remember playing 'cowboys and indians' as a child,  having the freedom to roam free and enjoy life.