Posted by Susan Carruthers on July 26, 2021
To my darling Ewen
Just thinking of you and your wonderful music. Heard a band here in the US which reminded me of you. When I hear you sing it is as if you are sitting here playing and singing to us all. We miss you so much and your music and lyrics are timeless.  All our love always - Sue & Family
Posted by Mike Silver on July 24, 2021
I guess we all have things that we say a lot or questions we ask etc. One of mine is, have you heard any songs by Ewen Caruthers? After all these years, I still find myself asking the same question. Ewen, your songs were written with such simple and articulate beauty, they surprise me and inspire me always.
Posted by JOE WHITTAKER on July 24, 2021
I never met you or heard you sing live but your music lives on. Last night the wonderful duo of Harbottle & Jonas opened their concert at St Edith Folk , Otford, Kent with ' Was it You ? ' using the arrangement by Mike Silver. Just wonderful.
Posted by Mike Silver on October 5, 2020
Hey Ewen
Last night I was sitting in the living room of some dear friends, Les and Linda and the music was flowing.
I will miss you always mate.
Sleep on
Posted by Patricia Haswell on October 4, 2020
Remembering a generous, talented man who encouraged us with our music. We still sing and learn more of your beautiful songs all the time. You we’re complimentary of our attempts.
Never forget you Ewen, all good wishes to your family. From Peter, Pat and John(Pipe Dream) xx
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 4, 2020
Memories of music and laughter never fade. The feelings of that sad day neither. Love and thoughts with you Sarah, David and your families xxx
Posted by Graham Hodge on October 4, 2020
We’re all thinking of you and your family on this day… you can rest easy Ewen, we will never forget you and your wonderful music!

Lesley & Graham
Posted by Patricia Haswell on August 25, 2020
Happy Birthday Ewen from Peter, John and Pat (Pipedream).  We will
never forget your kindness, travelling to Sunderland to play for us. Spending time to show us some new songs. You gave us such good advice.....  we still sing your songs, the latest.... The Loneliest is Man.
Posted by Susan Carruthers on August 25, 2020
Ewen was just listening this past weekend to a compilation of your wonderful songs
They are timeless
We all miss you here and the grandchildren now grown love to hear your music especially Andrew for whom you wrote One More Story
with all our love Sue and your American family
Posted by Bronwen Dootson on August 25, 2020
Always remembered for the gentle person you were and your amazing music.

Posted by Judith Garbutt on August 24, 2020
Posted by neil richardson on August 24, 2020
Thinking of you and I still listen + love your music. Neil x
Posted by Mike Silver on August 24, 2020
You will always be with me pal. Since I recorded my own version of Was It You, at least four other artists have taken to playing the song and are currently exploring more of your outstanding contribution to music and songwriting. I can never thank you enough for how much you inspired me in the past and continue to do so to this day.
Posted by sarah carruthers on August 24, 2020
Happy birthday up there Dad.. can’t believe it’s 10 years.. hope you are watching over us all. X
Posted by Graham Hodge on August 24, 2020
All our thoughts are with you and your family…
Graham & Lesley
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on August 24, 2020
Time goes by but memories of happy days remain. Love to David, Sarah and families xx
Posted by Nancy Smith on July 22, 2020
The angels looked down from heaven one night.
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a shining star.

They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven,
Forever to remain.

Look down on us from heaven.
Keep us free from hurt and pain.
You'll always be within our hearts
Until we meet again.

Posted by Dean Akrill on July 22, 2020
Today I was sorting through some old cassette tapes, and I found Ewen's "Secret lives"; it brought back memories of folk clubs in Goole in the early nineties, where I met Ewen, and he inspired me to write some songs. I was never as good as him. Sad to hear he has now passed away. love & prayers.
Posted by Graham Hodge on October 4, 2019
We can’t believe it’s nine years since Ewen left us, but our thoughts are often with him and his wonderful songs are always on my itinerary.
Graham & Lesley
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 4, 2019
Always with me, always missed, never forgotten. xxx
Posted by Patricia Haswell on October 4, 2019
We were at Cramlington Folk Club on Wednesday 2nd October, somewhere you played often. Your good friend Mike Silver was the guest. Mike spoke about you and the song you wrote together. The Power.
He sang it beautifully.
Remembering all the lovely songs you have written and really pleased we met you. Always grateful for the time you spent with us. Peter, John and Pat from Pipe Dream
Posted by Rob van Sante on August 26, 2019
When I get up there, I’m taking you to the pub and.. oh.. btw. It’s your round. Miss ya pal.
Posted by Susan Carruthers on August 25, 2019
Another year has passed and you are still so missed and loved by many wonderful friends.  Your music still lives on and is timeless.  Played a CD just a week ago and had so many amazing comments about your lyrics and voice - your legacy lives on my dear Ewen.  I enjoyed reading all the loving tributes and how your life touched so many people.  Belated happy birthday wherever you are - I hope you are singing and writing amazing words and know how much you are missed.
Love Sue
Posted by Bronwen Dootson on August 25, 2019
Can’t believe it’s this time of year again! Comes around so quickly. Wish you were still here playing your amazing songs Ewen. You have inspired so many young musicians to keep your music alive! What a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
Remembered with great affection
Bron Dootson. xxx
Posted by Patricia Haswell on August 24, 2019
We still sing your beautiful songs Ewen. We were blessed when you came into our lives and gave us so much support.
The latest song of yours we are singing is The loneliest is man.
Your music continues to inspire us. Patricia, John and Peter from Pipe Dream xx
Posted by Graham Hodge on August 24, 2019
Still singing your wonderful songs whenever folks will listen, like last Sunday in Scarborough when I played them Peach Orchard. Always in our thoughts…
Graham & Lesley
Posted by Nancy Smith on August 24, 2019
You are missed and not forgotten. I still listen to your music and songs.
Nancy Smith
Posted by neil richardson on August 24, 2019
I continue to love your music, especially on Spotify these days! Best wishes to all the family. Neil xx
Posted by Mike Silver on August 24, 2019
I was playing Amber Room and The Power (that we wrote together) yesterday in a radio interview. because of the wonderful music you made, you're never far away from my thoughts mate. Singing your songs is like coming home...
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on August 23, 2019
The house will be filled with your music, my head with wonderful memories and my tummy with a big cake! Miss you always xx Love and thoughts with Sarah, David and families xx
Posted by Mic McCreadie on April 29, 2019
I was introduced to Ewen's music by my friend Mike Silver and I'm so glad I was. Mike's rendition of "The Amber Room" was so very poignant and compelling I just had to hear more of Ewen's songs. A rare and true talent whose music will live on in sites like this and in the hearts and minds of his family and friends. Ewen I never knew you but I thank you sincerely for your songs.
Posted by David Carruthers on October 12, 2018
I find it hard to leave a tribute to my father. By that I mean, I find it hard to capture words that can do him justice. I miss him dearly and I often think about him. It's taken me a while to come to terms with his passing and I have to admit, sometimes I can't listen to his songs because it is too painful. Every song to me has a story and a moment in time, maybe when he first played it, maybe when we were travelling and a spark caught his attention that turned into a song. But, then again I am the luckiest person to hear his voice whenever I want to. Not many people can do that. And it is magical! All I will say to you Dad is that there are alot of people that loved you and still do. Despite the challenges that life threw at you, you did it! That is for sure. One of a kind and never forgotten, and I'm immensely proud that you were my father xxx
Posted by Graham Hodge on October 5, 2018
The other night I sang Peach Orchard and it always reminds me of the night in Downe Arms when you played it for us for the first time after you’d written it… I’ve been so lucky in my life to meet people like you… sleep well old friend.
Graham & Lesley
Posted by Nancy Smith on October 4, 2018
Ewen, I think of you as a Special Angel in Heaven. Your singing and guitar playing touched the heart of many like only an Angel can do.
Posted by Rob van Sante on October 5, 2018
8 years now since your passing. You’re missed every day mate, just hope we can have sessions like we did in the Grove in Leeds on many occasions when I get up there.....
Posted by Keith Taylor on October 4, 2018
Your memory lives on at Cramlington as a tribute and in remembrance of a true friend of Cramlington Folk Club Terry sang Rubenstin Remembers
Posted by Mike Silver on October 4, 2018
Forever missed is a great and timely reminder of you my dear Ewen. You are and never far and never will be, far from my thoughts. Today I received a file with a version of Was it You, recorded by two young friends of mine, David Harbottle and Freya Jonas for their latest album and a very fine version it is too. I know it would warm your heart as much as it does mine.
With my deepest respect
Posted by Susan Carruthers on October 4, 2018
Another year has passed
You are still missed
All our love from Sue and your American family
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 4, 2018
More years, less tears, same love. xxx
Posted by Bronwen Dootson on August 26, 2018
Still listen to your amazing music. Too many favourites to mention. All with such meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies. Such a talent! Always remembered.
Posted by Mike Silver on August 24, 2018
The main man! Ewen, thank you for your songs, they are so very good, strong, evocative and in fact most of all special because; every time I sing one of them, which is more often than not, I am reminded of what a great artist you were, a loyal friend and how much you gave me in terms of encouragement and warmth. Sleep well, always, Mike
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on August 24, 2018
Remembering birthdays past and so wishing there had been more, miss you. Love to Sarah and David and families xxx
Posted by Colin Edwards on December 14, 2017
A rare talent for writing insightfully about the experience of grief, or love, or impending death without mentioning these words at all. thank you for the songs Ewen.
Posted by Bronwen Dootson on October 5, 2017
Still your light shines Ewen. Often in my thoughts. x
Posted by sarah carruthers on October 5, 2017
7 years... a photo popped up on my Facebook today of you holding baby Ellie.. I am so glad you got to meet my precious daughter. I had forgotten the date until the Facebook reminder popped up. You now have a beautiful grandson called Freddie, named in your honour... Freddie Carruthers. X I hope you are watching down on us.. You live on in your family, and and the love we have. Miss you Dad. Xxxxx
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 4, 2017
Another year without you. Miss you still my friend. Love to David,Sarah and families. xxx
Posted by Mike Silver on October 4, 2017
You are never far from my thoughts Ewen, never will be mate. Your music has made me at least as many friends as my own has. Gotta be honest though, wherever you are must have a lot more going for it than the current state of Planet Earth.
Posted by Patricia Haswell on October 4, 2017
Pipe Dream are ever grateful to you for your generosity in helping us when stating out playing music.   Your songs are always in our sets, Last night we sang Waiting for a Rendezvous. Peach Orchard.
Mr Anderson is requested all the time.
Always warmly appreciated by new fans. Xx
Posted by Keith Taylor on October 4, 2017
Your songs will go on and on still very popular and sung by many of your friends at Cramlington
Aiudrey and I often remember the times spent in your company pleased you came by
Posted by Susan Carruthers on October 4, 2017
Remembering fondly our shared moments and songs written and sung.
Memories and songs that will remain ever-lasting. You are missed and when we play your music it is as if you are here sitting with your guitar singing to us all.
Love Sue and your California family
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