His Life

In The Twinkling of an Eye

Jayden was born on July 5, 2011. When he was born he weighed 1lb.1oz. he was 8 inches long.

  He came to us and left, in what seemed like a twkinkling of an eye.

I will never understand the reason for your life being so short, maybe I'm not supposed to know?  I will miss the time I did not get spend with you snuggled up rocking you while you were little, and time snuggled in bed watching cartoons, birthdays, holidays and all the things people celebrate with their grandchildren. I will always have a hole that's left in my heart for you, but it gives me peace to think that you knew how much you were loved. The last moments we spent together will always be a fond memory to me and never forgoten, it was as if time stood still. You and I  will see one another some day on the other side and we will make up for time missed together. I will always love you my little man.

Always in my heart,