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The Baby Redbird

July 5, 2020
Today, I swear you came to visit me in the backyard. I was out by the pool when all of a sudden the little red bird appeared in the trees next door and began signing and making all kinds of a ruckus. When I looked up to see it, it came down and landed on the clothes line behind the screened in deck, it stayed for a few moments and I realized it was a young bird with its new color and feathers. Brinlee and I watched it in amazement, it then flew back up into the tree next door. And then I remembered today is July 5, your birthday. It left peace in my heart that you are still here with us, even when we can't see you and hold you. Someday we all will be together again, and I know you will run up and grab my hand to hold and walk with you and our lord and father. I love you Jay, and know you would have been a wonderful young man. 

Love and kisses, 

Happy Birthday

July 5, 2013
Today we should all be blessed with your terrible 2s. you gettin in to everything. but instead we are sending our love to you in heaven. i pray and ask god to give you a message for me to let you know how much i love and miss you. what i would give for just one more day. to say all the things i forgot to say to. to kiss you all the tines i missed out on. to rock you to sleep. to just say i love you one more time. Our day will soon come my little man. im sure to you this feels like a minute but to us this has been a life time. so it seems. i know god is takin very good care of yoi till i get there. Im sure of it.

Sweet Jayden

July 5, 2012


           Today is the day that you came into our lives and it is your first birthday and we love and miss you very much. The day was wonderful when you were born and you were a fighter and the love that surrounded you by all your loving family members gave you the strenght to hang on but the Lord had different plans for you and we are left with your memories and how our heart aches but we know that we will be able to be with you someday and that day will be wonderful. Your sister Breeana misses you very much and she says MeMaw do you think that Jayden would be this big if he would of been here today? I know that you are loved and you are safe in the arms of the Lord and family members that have went to heaven and someday I will be there and be able to hold you, kiss you and talk to you and it will be glorious. 

                                    All my love,

                                        MeMaw Fishback


October 22, 2011
You could only hope that time would heal. But I miss you as much today as I did the day you left. You are always on my mind. You are always in my heart. There will always be a void in my soul for you. Every time I close my eyes I see you staring at me. Every day dream I feel you in my arms. I remember what it felt like when u grabbed my finger, it felt like you held on so long. I will never forget. your sister asks about you daily. Would he look like that or sound like that. Would he be home by now. She also will never forget. She loves you.

I will never forget

July 14, 2011

 I will never forget the day your Mom and I found out she was pregnant with you. The joy in her face was unforgetable. I will never forget the first Dr's appt when we heard your lil heart beat for the first time and the tears fell from our face. I will never forget the first time we found out that you were a boy and your daddys reaction was classic male humor, still we were so excited that the love was just growing stronger for you. I will never forget the day you were born, how beautiful, precious and how much of your parents strength you had. You fought hard Jayden. You had all of our hearts in your precious tiny lil hands, and  we  take comfort in knowing that you are up above, I know you will always be here, looking down on your family,

Jayden Bertell Henry, may you RIP and we will meet again someday.

Love you

Aunt Mindi

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