3 Skippers

Shared by David Brueck on May 1, 2021
I was blessed to grow up weekends at AYC. My father, Jim, and Al Dale joint owners of the Cal20 Trinity.  Racing with the 3 Skippers was exciting, confusing if crew fill-in when one wasn't available. Besides being one of my Dad's close friends, Jim also invested more in my life on Monday nights at MRI. Me & my friends senior high school year. Teaching seven of us an introduction to computers & information systems.  It was sad to learn today of Jim's passing from this life, but a celebration of Jim's life eternal with the heavenly host!  Sail on...
Shared by Stephen Maysonave on April 27, 2021
Jim and I first worked together beginning at Intel in 1979, then at Digital Research (1982-86) in both the US & Japan, and later at Illustra/Informix, Relativity, and several other companies.
My memories are rich with happiness, love, and emotion, including knowing Michael and Catherine since they were born.
In addition to being exceptionally professional and a true gentleman, Jim was an unselfish, incredible friend to me, and will be greatly missed, forever.

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