his Life

5 years ... his legacy

While 5 years has passed, our family still feels our father's presence today.  He is our inspiration as we raise our children - his four grandkids!   And are happy to report, they have many of his signature traits - humor, warmth, joy and intellect. How truly blessed we are.  

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and all the best for healthy and joyous 2017!

Lisa & Karen 

One Year Later - December 12, 2012

While our family continues to miss our father everyday, we feel so lucky and blessed.  We have wonderful memories that we cherish, we have each other and have had all the love and support of all of our friends through this past year.  


We feel especially blessed with the news of grandchildren.  Jun and Lisa had boy / girl twins in late November.  They are bundles of joy and will continue our father's legacy.   And Karen is pregnant with a girl and is expecting in May.  We know he is watching over us with laughter and smiles.

In addition, at the MoMath museum which is opening this Saturday, December 15th, will include an exhibit which is being sponsored by our father's beloved program, The Institute of Creative Problem Solving, will have a plaque in memory of him.  He is surely overjoyed that such a museum has come to a fruition and that there will be another venue to celebrate and encourage the exploration of math in such a creative and fun way.

This holiday season we wish everyone all the best!  

Lisa & Karen 

March 18, 2012

To commemorate our father's birthday, along with our mother and husbands, we proudly attended the 26th annual Long Island Math Conference (LIMACON). 

Many years ago he felt there was an opportunity to strengthen the dialogue amongst math educations and offer a forum for the exchange of concerns, innovative ideas, and achievable goals.  Today this conference attracts approximately 500 participants from Long Island and NYC. 
He wanted to dedicate his birthday to math education and America and worked diligently to found what is now one of the largest regional math conferences in the country which is held on the Friday closest to his birthday, March 18th, every year.   

We were very touched to be guests at the dinner for speakers and organizers the evening before the conference.  And are deeply honored that the conference board also renamed the scholarship that is given every year in his name.  It's an honor we know that he would be greatly humbled and moved by.  

Lisa & Karen   

From his daughters

Dearest Dad,

You are our angel, the pillar of our family and the best father that anyone could ever hope for.  We are so lucky to have been touched by your love, kindness, seemingly endless energy and genuine spirit.  We will always be inspired by your child-like curiosity, idealism and belief that one person can make a difference in this world.  You are an inspiration to all those who knew you and we hope to continue to make you proud. 

We miss you and you are in our hearts always.

Lisa & Karen