Posted by Jorge Garcia on December 13, 2021
BUMP! Repeated post but bears repeating:
Thank you Dr. Lee for all those great Summer Institutes with Judy Broadwin in the early 1990s, they changed my life! I have been teaching the best and brightest at Baldwin SHS ever since because of you and Judy. Also, I make a point of never missing LIMACON! I think I've been going to this conference as a participant or presenter for nearly 35 years. What an honor and a privilege to have known you! Now that I was forced to retire in 2020 due to COVID, I'm still using all I learned teaching Calculus 1, 2 and 3 via zoom classes at NCC using Graphing Calculators, like Judy taught me, and now with Jupyter Notebooks too! Thanx for everything, A. Jorge García
Posted by Tammi Williams-Palmeri on December 12, 2021
Ten years later, and I still get choked up about Dr. Lee’s passing. What a tremendous human being. Forever missed, indeed.
Posted by rajan anantharaman on December 12, 2021
Dear Friends and Family.
It is still sad to see Jong is absent now.
Jong Lee was a man of action not words only.
Due to this he was able to help people.
I think he was disappointed if others didn't act ornotfast enough but never showed it.
We can only pray for his continued Peace.
Posted by rajan anantharaman on March 18, 2020
Dear Jong is fondly recalled .Hewas
hiding. a kind heart under an apparent rough exterior. Presumably to.prevent misuse.
As for St.Patrick Day Math teacher's Conference onor around his birthday he planned it with great care. In addition he was proud of his projects for HS. Students and others
This was for high performing ones.
He will be remembered for high standards
Posted by rajan anantharaman on March 20, 2019
Dear Jongs birthday is almost St Patrick's Day in March .  This coincided with the  annual  event:-- Long Island MAth Conference LIMACON. Jong always put a a lot of time and effort into planning this event. The College looked like a Christmas Party !! Well known educators were  invited to be the Keynote speakers ; otherswere in attendance at  LIMACON. He isnowin Happy Pastures and looking at this eventMay he findEverlasting Peace
Posted by Nely Rivera on March 18, 2019
Forever grateful for all the lessons and encouragement to my beloved son.
You continue to be an inspiration in our lives.
Posted by Claire Meirowitz on December 12, 2018
I remember Dr. Lee so well. Together, we created brochures for his many special math conferences, programs and courses, becoming friends in the process. One day, he kindly and generously took a colleague and me to a Korean restaurant in Queens and smiled as we tasted the to-us-unfamiliar foods, all the while ordering more and different ones for us to savor.
Posted by Michael Kinane on November 10, 2017
Dr. Lee came to mind this morning as I reviewed some past documents at work. I can see him now greeting me in the hallway, always with a smile, and with an energy and positive approach to all things before him. I know I am not alone in missing those moments. Hard to believe its been nearly 6 years.
Posted by rajan anantharaman on March 18, 2017
March 18th has been not just Jong Le's Birthday, but also the annual LIMACON.This is the Long Island Math Teachers Conference. He set muchvalue by this event , ehich was always well prepared and attended .He lives this way. May hefind everlasting Peace
Posted by claire and bob klein on December 14, 2016
Dr. Lee was a shining light, an example of the best possible human being.
Posted by Lisa Lee on December 12, 2016
Seasons Greetings from the Lee family! Dr. Lee's family has blossomed since his passing 5 years ago. Lisa's twins just turned 4 years old and Karen's daughters are 3.5 and 1.5 years old. We think about him all the time and we continue to find inspiration from him everyday! We see so many of his traits in our children - humor, curiosity, warmth, intellect, empathy, and a genuine love for others. We know he is watching over his beloved grandchildren with a smile, bursting with love and pride!
Posted by rajan anantharaman on December 12, 2016
Jong Lee had akind heart that he disguised under a veil of strictness. Students and colleagues have benefitted from his ability to get things done for the goodof the SUNY/Colege@Old Westbury NY ;as well as their own. former Colleague
He is truly missed
rajan anantharaman=RARaman
Posted by Don Aldus on March 31, 2016
My daughter attended Dr. Lee's program at Old Westbury and came home with enthusiasm and interesting problems. Thank you.
Posted by rajan anantharaman on March 18, 2013
Dear Friends /Family of Jong:

I am/ was  a close friend of Jong Lee and still recall his very kind nature that he hid under a mask of strictness. He was loved by his students (in math) much . He will be missed by me R ARaman(short )
Posted by Christopher Mohr on December 29, 2012
I just want thank Dr.Lee and his family for the opportunity that was given to my son Alan when he was accepted to the program.Through Dr.Lee starting the program for the gifted it opened many more doors for his future.Alan has not lost his love for mathematics and that shows by being accepted to MIT two weeks ago.Thanks again and my you rest in peace and your family find comfort.
Posted by Mike Kinane on October 11, 2012
Thought of you Dr. Lee this week as I (struggled) to help my son understand his latest mathematics assignment. You continue to be missed...
Posted by jorge garcia on August 21, 2012
Thank you Dr. Lee for all those great Summer Institutes with Judy Broadwin, they changed my life. I have been teaching the best and brightest at Baldwin SHS ever since because of you and Judy. Also, I make a point of never missing LIMACON! I think I've been going to this conference as a participant or presenter for nearly 25 years. What an honor and a privilege to have known you!
Posted by claire and bob klein on January 17, 2012
Our 2 sons had the distinct privilege of attending Dr. Lee's Institute for Creative Problem Solving at Old Westbury. I will always remember with great fondness how he circulated among the parents and children each Saturday morning, full of enthusiasm and energy, absolutely sure of the rightness of what he was doing for these gifted children. Thank you and God bless you Dr. Lee.
Posted by Gurwinder Singh on December 20, 2011
Dr. Lee was such an incredible individual. It was an honor to be his student. He was such an optimistic and encouraging person. His lectures always had a moral at the end. Once he told us about himself coming to the United States and how he struggled. He told us we will have to as well. Nothing is easy, it's only up to us. We can either work hard or discourage ourselves from moving on.
Posted by Cindy Lawrence on December 17, 2011
All three of my children were fortunate to participate in the Institute, and the program changed our lives. It was a chance for them to grow academically, to forge friendships with like-minded peers, and to discover many new opportunities. This program indirectly led to my involvement with America's only Museum of Mathematics, and I hope to find a way to recognize Dr. Lee within MoMath.
Posted by Ronald cavallaro on December 16, 2011
I have worked with Dr. Lee in the Creative-Problem Solving Institute that he organized. He was a gentle, kind-hearted, gifted and professional math professor who will not be forgotten. Although his English was not always clear,it was not possible to say No to him. So at the risk of offending him, I volunteered anyway. His influence on all of us have made us better and will remain. May Our
Posted by Tammi Williams-Palmeri on December 16, 2011
I don't know if I'll ever meet anyone more honorable than Dr. Lee. My son had the high privilege of attending Dr. Lee's Institute; it was life-changing for him. I will always love Dr. Lee for that. I am grateful to his family for sharing him with us, and to all those that helped Dr. Lee's dreams become reality. The ripple effects of his life's work will go on forever.
Posted by Alice Artzt on December 15, 2011
It is not often in life you come across someone like Dr. Lee, a man purely motivated by his great passion and conviction to serve society. Although I will miss him forever, I will forever remember his message to never give up working hard to give back to society by helping to improve the mathematics education in America. He was a great man whose impact on my life is eternal.
Posted by Nely Rivera on December 14, 2011
Dr. Lee, to you; my eternal gratitude for inspiring my son and being an awesome role model . I did not have the honor of knowing you in person, yet, I feel I knew you through his admiration and praise of your wonderful character. Your love and passion for teaching begot a future math professor. Thank you. To your family; may you all find strength in his love and each other. God bless you!
Posted by Y Gordon on December 13, 2011
Dr. Lee will absolutely be missed. My son was one of the many many children who benefitted from his program, his supportive words and his commitment to creative problem solving. As parents we enjoyed working with him and admired his resolve in continuing to bring this program to gifted children across long island absolutely free of charge. He will be missed.
Posted by Bryan Berougo on December 13, 2011
Dr. Lee is the reason why I became a math major in the first place. His passion for teaching math and love for his students to do well was beyond measure. He would always greet you with a smile and treat you as one of his children. What I remember about him most is his humor. He lived life to the fullest. He will be missed. God Bless you Dr. Lee. You can finally rest and be with God.
Posted by Lydia Sum on December 13, 2011
Deuteronomy 31:8
The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. (NIV)
Dr. Lee, you will live in our hearts and memories! Doing Maths can be very fun.
Posted by Ron Labrocca on December 13, 2011
What a fine gentleman and an excellent mathematics educator. I have personally known Jong for well over 30 years. He will be immensely missed and his dedication to mathematics education was greatly appreciated. He will live on in all of our hearts and memories.

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