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I can only imagine what you are doing today in Heaven.

December 20, 2022
Hi Kim, I can only imagine what you are doing today in Heaven. You can see Jesus face to face. Your friends may be people like Mary (the mother of Jesus), Esther, Ruth...You may not even think of your "birthday" now, since you are in the presence of God. The day you were Born Again, and your name was written in The Lamb's Book of Life is the day you are excited about. Thank you for all your help and your special help with the Revival Project. Please ask your friend Jesus to help us get that going. I wonder what the Happy Birthday celebration for Jesus is like in Heaven. God Bless.


July 1, 2021
I remember Kim as an example to God's patience.  She along with pastor Mike took me into their home when they really didn't know me completely.  By their example they taught me what a partnership/ marriage was. Despite my angles of manipulation and inability to be honest they stood with me. Remaining steadfast even after I had left.  As for her part I always marveled at her ability to remain steady. There are only a few places I've been in my life that I felt completely safe. Living under her roof allowed for seeds to be planted even though it took years for those seeds to break ground into sunlight. I wished I had been able to tell her that.. The saying proves true that behind every good man is a great woman.. 
Che Hoover 

Living Moves Forward. But How?

March 13, 2022
Another milestone has passed. Our anniversary. Kim and I would have been married 42 years this month and there had been so many more memories to make. We raised two incredible men, added an“instant daughter” (our daughter-in-law) almost 20 years ago, and three precious grandchildren. Kim and I had traveled the world, seen countless lives come to the Lord, made some great friends, and lost some along the way.

In the waning years of her life, Kim said to me, “we had a great life together” –and we did. It was more than great, it was beautiful. Sure, we had some hard times too, but those hard times were just ameasurement to weigh against the joys, for without those hard times it’s impossible to understand the sweetness of the good times and the significance of the blessed memories we shared.

This last week, I have been in Nashville for business. While there I found myself wishing Kim was here to share in the memories.  Memories of the Grand ole Opry, the downtown music scene, and the travel. She so loved to travel. I caught myself glancing to my side with an expectation to see if she was enjoying herself, hoping to see a smile on her face. Then remembering she wasn’t there. I am moving on in my life, there are new faces, new joys, and memories without Kim now.

This week I realized that I have even felt a little guilty, just brief moments of guilt that she has missed out on so much already. I have been moving on, no, actually moving forward… Dates with our grandkids the “Littles” we call them, the wonderful adult conversations with our boys. Seeing them both come to the fullness of the men they are, knowing we played a part in who they have become. I made two trips to Mexico without her, oh how she would have loved it at Playa del Carmen.

In these past 14 months, birthdays and holidays have passed, and new experiences made, and they were made without my Kimmy. For me, a new season has come, and I should live it the way she would want me to. But that feeling conflicts with my missing her and the life that “could have been” with her followed by the guilt.

The final performer at the Opry was Jamie Johnson. He performed his song "Lead Me Home" Here are the lyrics to enjoy.

I have seen my last tomorrow,
I'm holding my last breath,
Goodbye, sweet world of sorrow,
My new life begins with death.

I am standing on the mountain,
I can hear the angels' songs,
I am reaching over Jordon,
Take my hand, Lord lead me home.

All my burdens, are behind me,
I have prayed, my final prayer,
Don't you cry, over my body,
'Cause, that ain't me, lying there.

No, I am standing on the mountain,
I can hear the angels' songs,
I am reaching over Jordon,
Take my hand, Lord lead me home.

I am standing (Lord, I am standing) on the mountain (on the mountain),
I can hear (I can hear the angels' songs) the angels' songs,
I am reaching over Jordon, (over Jordon)
Take my hand, Lord lead me home.
Take my hand, Lord lead me home.

It was two days later it sunk into my thick head… “No, I am standing on the mountain, I can hear the angels' songs, I am reaching over Jordon, take my hand, Lord lead me home.”  There is no reason for guilt, no reason to “wish she was here” –she is in Heaven, making her own amazing memories, waiting for us all to join her!

That is how we all move forward without Kim, knowing that her experiences, her joys, her life is in Heaven with Jesus, (the only person she loved more than me) and she is also moving forward. For me, It’s a life chapter yet to come. I look forward to the Heavenly tour she will give me, and the heavenly memories we will once again share together.

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