This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on August 6, 2020
I remember first meeting you as you moved in with Varun and myself. We hit it off straight away and within a few hours you trusted me to fix up the back of your hair with the hair clippers because you couldn't see. This was a mistake...
I took advantage of this rare opportunity and cut a line up your head. You ran to the fridge and started throwing eggs at me, it was all over the house, inside and out. It was absolute mayhem!!
From the moment we met you made each day a memorable one, not knowing what mischief we would get into. I am so grateful that I got to know you and proud to call you a best mate.
You were always willing to help out anyone in need which was the type of guy you were.
I love you mate and what has happened is an absolute tragedy <3
This tribute was added by Georgia Krause on August 3, 2020
My dear friend. This has taken me many days to write, not because I didn’t know what to say… but rather because I couldn’t believe that it was all real. My heart is filled with so many beautiful memories of our time together. The thing that shines through so brightly when you come to mind is your infectious smile. Even just saying that now lifts my spirits a little and makes me smile too… I’m sure everyone feels this.

You had a heart full of so much goodness to selflessly give to those around you. You were always able to see the good in everyone, and this is a quality I always admired about you. You made me feel so much less alone in the world of medicine, that there was someone who viewed the world in a similar way to myself, and I thank you so deeply for that. You were such a good friend to me in a time that I really needed it… when I felt like I didn’t have many other people to rely on you were there… with unwavering support, genuine kindness and a heart to listen from. I will be forever grateful for that. When I think about our friendship, I also chuckle at the memories I have of us having a great time together! You will always be the life of the party – so full of energy, you had such a vivacious approach to life that enriched everyone’s experience with you. You had such a way with people, you made everyone feel important, valued and heard. You held space for people in such a unique and genuine way. You were an incredible friend and I have no doubt that you would have been an incredible doctor too. My only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to say this to you in person. Despite that, I feel your energy around me every time I feel the sun. That warmth reminds me of the feeling your friendship gave me. All the wonderful memories and love shared on this page and amongst all those who knew you is a real testament to who you were as a person. I can’t wait to see your smile up there, please walk alongside me throughout my journey… I could really use a friend like you to turn to.

Love you always,
Georgia xxxx
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on August 3, 2020

I remember meeting you on the first day of med school, you were so friendly and outgoing you treated me as if we’d been mates for years. You were always the life of the party and a friend to everyone. I have so many good memories of mucking around between classes, you hooning around on your little cbr125, parties and pub crawls, impromptu freestyle sessions and breakdancing. Unfortunately life steered us in different directions and I didn’t get to see much of you over the past few years. I hope you’re at peace now mate, the world is poorer without you in it. Rest easy

This tribute was added by Jerusha Mather on August 2, 2020
My deepest sympathies to this loving and caring family. I feel very sad for your loss.

When I was much younger, I remember playing with Kumuran and his sister. Their family was always very welcoming and kind. In fact, I remember feeling very excited about visiting their place (which was from memory, very near our house, at that time).

Then as time swiftly passed by, we lost contact due to distance. I still cannot help feeling that it was a shame that our close friendship had to take such a strange halt. I very much wish it was otherwise. However, I was overjoyed to see them at a birthday party and just like old times again, we talked. I still have soft and sweet memories of us that I hold very dear.

Sending love and peace to the family. You are in my prayers.

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 29, 2020
My dearest Kumaran, you have been robbed from us at such young age, by beautiful angels to keep you close to your mother! You were the oldest and the best nephew I cherished. You were so handsome, intelligent, athletic, articulate, humble & kind. I’m ever so grateful for your presence in my life and always will be!!!!

It was in 2017 when you were here, I was able to spend some golden time with you and was waiting for you to graduate to have a big bash. My boys (Yadu and Gobi) always ask for you, they still play with the table top football game that you bought for them. It is still in our living room and we’ll always keep it there forever.

“you are very special to all of us and will miss you forever”

“You have touched the hearts of my family and we owe you a lifetime of gratitude”

“We pray for you to find peace and rest wherever you are”

Love you forever and ever
Suthar mama, Auntie, Yadu and Gobi
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 29, 2020

It was hard to write this but I've finally brought myself to. When we first met back in 2013 starting medicine together at James Cook University in Townsville, I knew that I had a friend for life. We clicked instantly and from that moment I have never looked back. Even though I moved universities and cities, our paths remained entwined. We never lost contact and we saw each other regularly for seven years since.

Throughout those seven years I was privileged to share with you memories in: Townsville, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Lisbon, Portimao, London, Bournemouth, Porto, Barcelona, Munich and Lagos. We had some amazing times both meeting other people and when it was just us two. I got to know you as closely as friends can possibly know each other. We had talked about things that not even our families had knowledge of. That was because you were such an open person and I felt as though I could speak with you in total confidence. You understood me, you were always insightful with your advice and you made me feel that I was looked after. Your caring and gentle nature put me at ease through the most trying of circumstances, for which I will be forever grateful.

Over the seven years that we have known each other, we have grown as people. Fortunately, we did not grow apart. You are the same sparkling, intelligent and positive man as you were when I met you. I have known you almost all of your adult life, and I have seen you endure setbacks along the way. You found light in situations where I saw only darkness, and you soldiered on unwaveringly. The strength you have mustered to do this beggars belief. Your stout resilience helped me to put my worries into perspective more than once, and that is something that has changed my personality for the better.

A year ago you lost your mother. In fact, the world lost your mother. She was kind, affectionate and caring proportional to you. It does not stretch the imagination too far to see the qualities passed from her to both you and your sister. I spoke to Aunty independently of speaking to you, and she treated me like a son too. I know that you made her proud, and that you continue to make her proud. I also know that you made your sister very proud. You were in a lot of pain since her departure but you passed that same year of university. When I found out the news, I was ecstatic! It truly made my year. Kumaran, that was a victory won through hard work, focus and determination. These are qualities that you were more than capable of exuding, and they were three facets of you I admired greatly.

Now that you are gone, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand I am sad that I will never have the opportunity to see your grin, share a beer with you or confide in you again. On the other, I am relieved to see you released from your suffering. A world without you is a really difficult reality to come to terms with. It is something that everyone around you will have to work through. You've touched so many lives my friend. I have had countless calls, messages and even people at work sharing their condolences with me over the past few days. All of these people are feeling your loss at the moment. I know that this would not bring you any comfort since you never wanted your problems to become others'. However, I want you to know that everyone will work through this and be strong for you. It is what you would have wished for.

Goodbye for now my friend, and say hello to your mum from me. There are many words that I have yet to say, but I know that one day I will have the opportunity to speak them when we are reunited. I will have had a lifetime to think about them when that day comes. If there is anything our friendship taught us, it was that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Your mate,

This tribute was added by Piriyatharshini Senthil K... on July 28, 2020

We are terribly shocked and saddened to hear that we have lost another loving, charming, caring person in our family. You always made the people around you happy. Your memories will be treasured in our hearts forever.

May your Soul Rest In Peace.

Priya Acca & Senthil Anna
This tribute was added by Niru Nimalkumar on July 28, 2020

Grew up together too late and in random doses but once my thambi, you became a true brother to me. You had a family that loved you dearly and you will always be the baby in our eyes. To anyone I brought you near or around, you were a smiling, genuine and pure human. Cannot fathom what’s happened and i wish we had the opportunity to grow up together, be good brothers and mamas to your sis/rak and kids and one day, support each other’s families - if we convinced The right people!

Love from the bottom of my heart,

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 28, 2020
Aww it's such a shocking and heartbreaking news ..I remember you as a young kid, who will always tag along with his sister on outings as a little guard who never wanted to be there. And how your Amma would stop you to not to go running in dark and you won't listen and still go ...

It's just unimaginable to even think how all family is going through this loss...sending you love and hugs in this tough time
This tribute was added by Abdelrahman Elmasri on July 28, 2020
Wow, really shocking and sad news. I remember meeting you in first year uni. One of the nicest person, always smiling and joking around.
This tribute was added by Alice Hurley on July 28, 2020

I'm in absolute shock and disbelief. I can still see your beaming smile from across the room. You were honestly one in a million, the life of the party and the most selfless, beautiful person I have ever known. I remember starting med school with you, it was such a treat to find someone up there in FNQ to make jokes with about the little things back home we missed (even that shitty Melbourne High/PLC social which, we hated to admit, wasn't too bad) You made me feel at home instantly. Even more, your kindness and genuine interest in others made everyone you crossed paths with feel special. You helped me come to terms with my decision to defer and eventually leave med school. Thank you. I can't even put into words how difficult and heart wrenching that decision was, I felt so lost and embarrassed with no-one to talk to. You reached out to me when I needed it the most, you offered support through an incredibly difficult time which you honestly didn't have to do. But that was the kind of person you were. You noticed when people needed help and you didn't think twice about how it might put you out, you just did it. Kumar, I owe you everything for that. I cannot believe you are gone. I wish more than anything I could go back and offer you the same support you did me. I know you would have made an incredible doctor. I miss you. Thank you for everything. Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Devapriya Peiris on July 28, 2020
Dear son Kumaran,
We are still recovering from the shock after learning of your mother's departure and today we heard more very sad news.
You were about 10 years old when our families came to know each other. We have seen you grow and prosper through all your honorable achievements. Your name would rise in every discussion we had with your mother . You were a bright student and a pre-eminent role model for our children. We remember you would practice for a cross-country competition around our block, waving at us every time you see us when passing our house.
We reminisce your beautiful smile, one we will never forget. Although we haven't seen you since Mayurika's wedding, the joy you expelled that day along with your family retains within our hearts and will be something we will cherish.
May your soul rest in peace,
Udeni Aunty, Deva Uncle and children of Morocco court.
This tribute was added by Anon Anon on July 28, 2020
You stayed with us for a few days, but that was enough for me to see the kind soul you carried within you. Although it was the very first time we had met, you almost immediately made me feel comfortable and had me in fits of laughter. I will never forget all the shows you recommended I watch, you begged me to message you as soon as I watched even one episode but I never got around to it. Starting a few of them now and even the most comedic have me in tears. I wish I could have known you for longer and we had stayed in touch.
Thank you for touching everyone’s life like no other. I hope you are at peace in heaven, reunited with your mother. You are dearly missed. Rest easy ❤️
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 28, 2020
You were such a fun-loving, kind soul! I will never forget the copious amount of milk you could drink after a sesh and you attempting a backflip but actually breaking your foot. You laughed your way through the whole thing. Absolute trooper. You will be dearly missed❤️ Forever Young ❤️
Nicole xxx
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 28, 2020

You will be missed. I will always remember you as my Melbourne High cross country running buddy, one of the greatest runners in high school, my year 11 formal date at Mac.Rob where we won King and Queen! and one of the kindest souls to have walked this earth. The selflessness, generosity and immense support you extended to me when I was in hospital for my eating disorder will forever be etched in my memory and heart. You were taken much too soon. May you rest in peace and my deepest sympathy and prayers for your family and loved ones.

This tribute was added by . . on July 28, 2020
Thank you for being a beacon for positivity, hope, cheer and determination. I remember you making such a large impact on me during my years in high school despite being a few years junior and never really talking. I called on you for a hand with some stuff post school and to this day I am so appreciative of the support and encouragement you gave me to pursue my own dreams (to an almost complete stranger). You’ve touched my life and I’m sure countless others. Thank you. Hope you’re resting easy.
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 28, 2020
Kumaran is loved by all people he touched. Thamby did many great things in his short life. He made you and the comnunity very proud. One of my workmates - he is a marathon man, english guy - told me "one of your mob came 1st or 2nd in his division - 14 years old or closer at the Run Melbourne annual event. It was Kumaran and I was over the moon on that day. Many in Uni found him to be a gem , a rare human being. Many are shedding tears in many corners - silently for eternal peace. Many cherish thamby very dearly for he touched them genuinely and made a difference. I still remeber his ectastic face when he was running towards your parents with his gold star assesement from James anne tutory at highvale school. I pray for thamby. I pray for you Mayurika. I'm sure many are for you and your young family. Kindest regards, Ganesh uncle, Vasanthi aunyy, Agilan, Theshi and Theva
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 28, 2020
We remember Kumar as a lovely smiling boy always happy when we returned his tennis balls over the fence and how his face would light up when telling us of his successes with his cross country running.
What great neighbours we had, always there to help us.

It is our wish that heaven is wonderful to Kumar & Thevagy and they will be so happy being together forever.

Your loving ex neighbours
Margaret & Doug.
This tribute was added by James Mcdonagh on July 28, 2020

It is very sad to think that we will not get to hang out again. We had a very healthy and fun friendship, revolving around socialising, rowing and running (lots of running). I will miss our rapping/beatboxing/running sessions we had with Hari at cross country events. I will miss running around and working out with our friends before and after school. I will always admire how you never lost your youthful positivity and always reached out to include everyone around you in the fun you were having.

I'm sure you are seeing the silver lining of the clouds and making the most of wherever you now are, as you always have. You will be missed immensely.

Love from Donna
This tribute was added by Daniel Odoi on July 28, 2020
Moose, your exuberance will always stay with me and the lives of those that have been blessed with your spirit.

I was so lucky to see you in a capacity as a leader, fellow breakdancer and friend to so many brothers at high school. This world is a better place for having you had in it.

Extending my heartfelt condolences to your family and closest loved ones.

All my love,
This tribute was added by Carly Brown on July 28, 2020
Sending love and condolences to all and Maya!
Samantha O’Neill

Such a sad time. Thinking of you all
Hope you have the support of your family around you
Debbie Anderson xxx
This tribute was added by Whitney Chen on July 27, 2020
Kumaran, Moose, Kumsy Lala, all the other names I ever called you.

We were six years old when you were the new kid at school, when we became the closest of friends, when I understood this before I had the words to articulate it: that you lit up every room you were ever in, but always carved more light for everyone else.

I am so grateful that the universe decided to thread our lives together over and over again — from Glendal, to Glen Waverley, to MHS and Mac.Rob. So many of these memories are blurred at the edges but these are the things that I will remember with vivid clarity: You made me laugh so much; you were always unapologetically, exuberantly silly. You always gave me the benefit of the doubt. Everyone who ever met you adored you. I remember on Grade 6 camp, when you got the nickname Moose, when we were discussing whether it was Mousse or Moose, when the whole year level chanted it out loud. You were the first person I ever met who cared about people in the way I wanted to care about people. You always insisted on walking me home, of taking the long way back so we could spend more time talking. You’d always save me a seat on the train. From you, I learned how to bring joy into the world, how to laugh endlessly at complete mundanity, how to love graciously, extravagantly, without judgement. We grew up together. There are, and will always be, refractions of you in my life.

You’ll be missed <3
This tribute was added by Senti Senthilmohan on July 28, 2020
Dear Kumaran,

I was shocked when I heard the sad news. Young, energetic, sportive, brilliant student gone too soon. I still remember your smile and the time spend in my VCE class. May your soul rest in peace.

Senti Senthilmohan
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 28, 2020
Dear Kumsy,

You were taken from us way too soon. When you lived in Sydney I was at your house so often and you were this skinny teenager who had boundless energy and always cracking jokes. I'll always remeber how you used to call me Abi Akka and like the rest of your amazing family make me feel like I was part of your family. You were such a kind and caring soul even as a teenager. I'll forever remeber you this way.

Abi Akka

This tribute was added by Rajini Balachandra on July 28, 2020
My little Kumsy,
Gone too soon...
But you will always be in my heart forever....
I take comfort in knowing that there is one more angel in heaven.... 
Rest in peace my dear child.

Manju acca
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
Hey Kumaran,

I can't believe I am writing this. Thanks for being a light in our lives - no matter what was happening in your life you were always smiling and made life look easy. You really knew how to live life, make the most of your time with loved ones and party!! One thing that consoles me is I am happy you could travel the world for a year and see all the beauty on Earth before leaving us.
Even though we couldn't spend a lot time with each other, especially living in different states, I am glad to say you are my cousin and someone very special to all of us.
I still remember my 13th birthday you had come to.. All my friends were telling me how cool you were and wanted to get to know you more. You were just the type to click with just about anyone!
My most recent memory is hanging with you last year where we went to the gym and you showed me how to use the bars properly on leg day and we had some laughs together.
I am going to miss talking to you the day before my birthday to say happy birthday to you! August buddies..

You are very loved and cared for and taken too soon. Hope you are resting easy with Mami.

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
Lil Kumzy !!!

Every single time we crossed paths I saw a smile on your face. People knew you as an amazing dancer with your crazy moves... I was one of the lucky ones to witness what happened on the dance floor at your sister’s wedding :) you are the life of the party brother.

Your an amazing sole and you have left holes in our hearts with your departure from us.

You will be missed by many, rest well thumbi.

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
Dear Thamby
You left without warning
Gone so fast to see your mum
Now we all have our memories
of your past.

Rest In Peace Thamby
Love Chelvi and Kumaran
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
Dear Thambi,

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of visiting you and your family in Glen Waverley. You have always been such a kindhearted and enthusiastic friend. The world is at a great loss without you.

Your bond with Mayuri and love for your family has been so prominent as we’ve grown up from little kids to bright young adults. Although we were not as close recently, you and Mayuri have and always will be close in my heart.

You’ll be missed dear brother. I hope you’re at peace in heaven now.

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
We're still having trouble coming to terms with your Amma's passing, the news about you is something we still haven't even begun to process. We've known you since you were in primary school, your many, many achievements in sport, leadership and academics was nothing short of inspiring to witness - your cross country record can still be found in the Melbourne High school diaries. You were such a kind and humble human being, always smiling and radiant, and you'll always be remembered as a bright star. It's not easy to say goodbye to you but we hope you're with your Amma now and in peace.

- Siva Ratnanesan
This tribute was added by Subin Mathew on July 27, 2020
Moose , I’m going to miss you alot my friend. When I heard the news I just couldn’t believe it. All I could think were all the good times we had together in Brisbane. Meeting you at Friday’s when I first arrived in Brisbane ,you were such a nice guy and I still remember your awesome smile dude. We all miss you bro.
This tribute was added by Wigna Chan on July 27, 2020
Dear Kumaran, you left everything behind in such a short time! We will miss you greatly. You will always be in my prayers and thoughts!
Rest in peace...

Wigna uncle.
This tribute was added by Hari Vimalanathan on July 27, 2020

Although this loss will never feel normal to me, when I think of you, I will always look back fondly on all the memories we shared and how much of a better person you made me.

In high school, we were inseparable. And we wanted everyone to know it. From rocking the same running gear, to etching our names into trees, the pavement and the ticket machine in Heyington station, we relished in being known as ‘Moose and Haz’. I remember first meeting you and being in awe of your friendliness and athleticism. It is what made me want to start running and become more like you. I remember school term holidays; when we would meet up at school 7AM sharp, run for 2 hours, chill at the beach or in the city until dusk and repeat that every single day.

I was always envious of your determination. Whether it was to win a race or when we were stuffing our faces with a box full of maxibons, you were relentless when it came to a challenge. I distinctly remember the one time that I barely beat you in a 500m sprint. You were very disappointed even though it was just a drill, but within a week of training, ensured that it would never, ever happen again… And it didn’t.

You always encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I’ll never forget when we dressed as “White Chicks” for Muck Up day and when we missed the Year 12 school photo. We were so upset but you were determined to uplift our spirits. So we pulled that watermelon stunt, a memory that I'll never forget.

I’ll miss chilling at the lagoon in Springfield Lakes, laughing and chatting away exactly how we did 10 years ago. I’ll cherish all the ridiculous phrases and inside jokes we made about anything and everything, both in school and into our adult years; a habit we did not seem to discard. I’ll cherish all the boys’ trips; the roadtrip in the Echo to Townsy, the many link ups in the Goldie and all the fortunate times when we were all reunited in Melbourne. I know you’ll be there with us too at all the future getaways.

I am so, so grateful for the special bond we had for over 10 years. They say that it is rare to experience a friendship like that. The unique thing about you is that you had a special bond with everyone you met, and it didn’t take long for it to form either. I loved that about you and I'm so proud to call you my friend. I have never met anyone so loving, kind and selfless. And I don’t think I ever will. I am so blessed to have known you.

Rest in peace brother,

This tribute was added by Tom Xu on July 27, 2020
Moose, my man...

When Harin told me what happened, I didn't want to believe him. You were one of the most resilient and positive guys that I've ever known. So it really just did not make sense. None of this makes sense at all. How could you not be around anymore? You're one of those guys that always made your time available to your friends. You'd always show up. So honestly... it's really hard for me to accept this.

You know every time I think about you, one memory sticks. It's of those times we used to go play basketball at Glendal together. You, Harin, Tom, and I. We were just a group of tough ass teenage dudes, trying to make it to the NBA, we didn't have time for emotions. It wasn't "cool". Yet you were the one guy that made us stop our play, grab the ball off our hands randomly, put it on the ground to sit on it. And you'd say: "Alright, let's all have a DnM".

At the time we were all just like "Oh hell no, get out of here! DnMs are LAME". But you'd force us, and we'd talk. Talk about our feelings, talk about what we were struggling with. We'd talk about girls, we'd talk about our big dreams. You and I, we'd talk about our parents. We bonded over the pain we had to deal with growing up. It wasn't easy, but we made it through.

And as we finished up high school, we went on to chase these dreams. Obviously, the NBA never happened. But you'd move to Townsville for Med School, and I'd go to Canberra for Law School. We joked about being Harold and Kumar. God, I took you for granted.

The past 7 years, we didn't talk much. I mean, we caught up a few times, but I don't know man, you were just one of those guys that made it easy for me. We didn't need to always catch up, we've been friends for so long, I knew you were always gonna be around if I ever needed you. Or you needed me. And we were supposed to go on that Sydney trip - you, me, Tom, and Harin. We kept delaying it, life and all that came up, and we just kept on pushing it back, years and years. But it would've been alright, because we'd get around to it eventually.

So honestly, my man, I feel kind of robbed.

There were so many things we were supposed to get to. You're one of those friends I just thought would always be around my life man. Our kids would be friends, they'd hear of our stories growing up in our neighbourhood. We'd tell them that they'd be lucky to be able to find friendships like the one we shared, being able to just rock up at each other's houses, chill out, sleep over, play Monopoly all night. Next morning I'd be like "Yo, my dog's being a pain in the ass in the backyard digging up all these holes, can you go take him out for a run?" And you'd come over within like 10 minutes and give her the work out of her life. Then we'd grow old, and I don't know man, I never brought up the idea with you, but I always thought it'd be so fun when we're like 100 or something, to go chill out at a nursing home together, go piss off some nurses you know? You and I, we'd walk behind some old fool, we'd scream "GET HIM!", and go give him a heart attack or something. Just like the good old days, yeah?

I'm seriously going to miss you man. Two nights ago I was driving to my girlfriend's house and "See You Again" came up on my playlist, and I just started crying. Pretty lame huh? But you'd probably like that, me being sensitive and all that. You'd probably go "alright how about we have a DnM now?"

I'm sorry I took you for granted, and I'm sorry I didn't hear about what happened to your parents last year. If I knew, I would've reached out. I would've made sure you were alright. I don't know, I wonder if I could've helped... just thinking about what you've gone through, how you must've felt for the past year, just breaks my heart.

Thank you for all the good laughs, the life lessons, the great chats. Thank you for inspiring those teenagers back then to be better people. I'm sure many of those around you can agree that we've all learned a lot from you, on kindness, on hard work, on how to have a lot of fun whilst riding along on the journey of life.

You've gone too early, but I seriously hope you're in a better place now. Tell your mum I said hi, tell her that every time I have papadums I think of the ones she made for us once. They were my first. And wait for me yeah? I'll join you there eventually.

In the meantime, you better wipe the dust off your ukulele. We never got around to making those AJ Rafael covers you know? Let's pick it up when I get there.

See you again Moose.

Rest in peace and paradise,
Tom Xu

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020
It's been a long time since we last saw Mayuran or how we used call him „ Thambi“ .
He was always so wild and full of life when he came to visit us. And that enthusiasm stayed with him into adulthood and made him into a wonderful person that everyone loved.

We are so deeply saddened by the news of Mayuran’s death. Though he was living so far a way, we knew he was doing well.
And now we can't imagine not having him around.

I hope the memories of Mayuran give us strength for the days ahead. Don’t think of him as gone away - his journey has just begun.
Just think of him as resting from the sorrows and the tears in a place of warmth and comfort.

I believe that his beautiful soul has united with Deva akka’s.

And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched.

May your beautiful memories sustain and bring comfort during this unhappy time.

In loving memory of our special Nephew

Sivomi akka

This tribute was added by Carly Brown on July 27, 2020
I’m still trying to wrap my head and heart around what has happened.
When I first met you as a 12 or 13 year old kid who was so full of energy and life. You always knew how to loud a smile on anyone’s face who crossed your path.
Fast forward to you finishing high school. You worked so hard and with your family by your side, you finally made it through.
With the whole world at your fingertips you decide to pursue a career in medicine!!
Moving away from home to a new state, it didn’t come without it struggles and bumps along the way. But with your Uma coming up to make sure you knuckled down and studied while she cooked and cared for you. Uma wouldn’t have done it any other way.
You were so proud of you big Sister when she met the love of her life and you stood right beside them as they got married. The cheesy grin on your face said it all, you were so proud of May.
Your beautiful Nephew Aran was born and the smiles and love just grew bigger and stronger.
I remember you meeting my little girl Lexi and I can remember your laugh as you said ‘ a little ranger who would have guessed’.
Always the life of the party and such full of love Moose you will never be forgotten, but will always be missed.
Rest easy flying high with Uma

This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 26, 2020
We didn't know each other that well, but Tambi was a very good example of how a human being should be. He had a kind soul, heart for people and dreamed big dreams. Hope you are in a better place my man.
This tribute was added by Shashidhar Murthy on July 27, 2020
I am shocked to hear..! lovely person and my best student..! young & bubbling with life..! Me and my wife were close to him and his parents. very much impressed by his energy & passion. We miss him sorely.... May his soul rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020

When I had found out the news of your passing, the day got so dark & time was the slowest I’ve ever experienced. I was only talking to you the day before, where you told me you were excited for my move, happy that I was content with life right now & encouraged me to sustain that.

I only knew you for 7 months but that feels like nothing when you have a beautiful connection. You were the closest friend I had here & I’m so grateful that the last time I hugged you was long & tight.
We would talk for days on end with 3 different conversations going over different platforms. We sent each other songs, we showed each other our cool online purchases that were bought knowing we didn’t have the money for, sent the funniest snaps back n forth & danced like no one was watching on a night out.. literally. You were kind, selfless, empathetic, SO funny, outgoing & very cheeky. I hold many special memories in my heart with you & I feel lucky to have crossed paths with such an amazing person.

Rest easy now darling,
Cloe Castree ♥️
This tribute was added by Maya Radhakrishnan on July 27, 2020

When I heard the news of your passing many of my memories of our time together came flooding back with a visceral clarity.

I remember shooting hoops at Glendal until dusk. I remember taking turns jumping off a ledge and into bushes in Glen Waverley. I remember climbing trees to pick the edible fruits off them on the way home from school. I remember walking around town knocking on people’s doors and running off when they answered, thinking we had stumbled upon an act of unparalleled comedic genius. I remember sleeping over at your house, where your mum, who I also remember as a kind and gentle woman, made us copious amounts of butter chicken. I remember staying up late listening to the rapper Bangs and laughing hysterically. I remember being unable to control our laughter when we found a disposed of movie ticket which had the word ‘tit’ printed on it. I remember us being distracted by each other’s jokes while we studied for our VCE exams at Deakin.

I also remember you confiding in me in our early high school days. You shared with me some of your struggles. You couldn’t have been older than 14 at the time, but even then it was clear that you remained a wellspring of positivity and kindness in the face of your struggles. You were the kind of person whose whose appreciation of living was clearly enduring rather than fickle, grounded in wisdom rather than naivety.

Although we lost touch after you moved up North, I heard from mutual friends about some of the struggles you had experienced over your uni years. I had reached out to catch up a few years ago, but unfortunately nothing came to fruition.

It is difficult to contemplate how someone of your naturally kind and loving disposition could be forced to endure some of the obstacles you faced. It is difficult to comprehend the unfairness of a world in which someone with your heart of gold should have thrust upon them a darkness that most would struggle to imagine. Although I do wonder whether you heart of gold was in spite of, or because of, the darkness you had borne witness to. You were a man of resounding capability and potential, and it is tragic that your potential will never be fully actualised.

But despite all that, when I think of you I am grateful. I am grateful that, for a brief moment, we were all lucky enough to share with you our experience of this fleeting life. I am grateful of the indelible mark that you have left of my youth, as well as the lives of the many you touched. I am grateful that you will always remain a lesson to us all in kindness, humility, and authenticity.

Rest in peace bro,
Dylan Kay
This tribute was added by Arnie Ponnudurai on July 27, 2020
Kumsy, your smile always lit us up where ever we were - them dance moves always broke the dance floor - Brother Moose you'll be dearly missed, Rest in Peace Bawse
This tribute was added by Arvin Rajendram on July 27, 2020
Kumaran, kumsy, moose.. i dont think I've ever seen you without seeing a smile on your face. From your odly square shaped torso, backflips and 6L of milk a day, you will be missed.. Rest in peace brother.

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