Posted by Julia Ahee on May 5, 2021
Dear Family & Friends,
I just read the news about Margaret's death. I met her at St. Martin de Porres school..Such an amazing woman with a voice like an angel ! She made me laugh often in the staffroom. The St. Matin de porres staff met her for lunch in Stouffville on several occasions.
I admired her energy and her love of life !
She was a true giver of a great family ! She gave us love to sustain us in times like this. Many blessings to all her family!
From: Julia Ahee
Posted by Margaret Cyr on May 5, 2021
I was so sorry to learn of Margaret's passing. She was a lovely person to be with and to work with. I first met her at St. Martin De Porres School...she was our music teacher. Margaret was so full of life and so gifted with her music. After teaching we met up with school friends in Stouffville for lunch. It was such fun to get together and reminisce. I actually met her daughter Kathy at one of our lunches; such a pleasure to meet one of her children.
God bless her family and my thanks for having known her.
Margaret Cyr
Posted by Linda Currie on April 26, 2021
I am sending another Tribute . Margaret was an amazing lady and great support and friend to me. I will miss her beyond words but I will cherish the many memories I have with her. I loved taking her for drives in the country.  She loved that so much. May she rest in enteral peace. I will never forget her.
Posted by Joanne De Giorgis on April 26, 2021
To Kathy Ann, Richard, Lisa, Wendy, Stephen, all the grandkids, great-grandkids, the Gouveia and Herrerra families,
I extend my sincerest condolences on the passing of this great woman who was your mom, (great) grandmother, sister, aunt, in-law, friend. Although we don't share the same blood, time has made us family. I too will miss her greatly and my visits to Providence will never be the same. May all the amazing memories we all have with Margaret and the knowledge that she is with Papa God give us solace during this very sad time.
Posted by Liz Nero on April 26, 2021
Gary, our girls and I would like to extend our sincere sympathy to the family. Margaret and I sang in The St. Barnabas Choir. She sang at our wedding and helped us buy our first home while she was at Re/max. We remember her jokes, laughter and beautiful personality. I know she is singing with the Choir in Heaven and maybe she has even taken the Lead :). May her spirit shine in all of us and may God's arms comfort the family at this time. Rest in Peace Margaret. I'm so happy you were part of our life.
Posted by John Zorgo on April 26, 2021
What a beautiful voice.
What an amazing lady.
Rest in peace dear Margaret.
Christina and John
Posted by Anita Derschner on April 25, 2021
Our deepest condolences on the loss of such a beautiful woman, Mother , Grandmother, friend , sister. I will always remember your infectious smile that would light up a room. May God wrap his loving arms around you, and welcome you into his heavenly kingdom.
Blessings, faith✝️ hope love ❤️ and peace ☮️
Posted by Giselle Ward on April 25, 2021
Aunty Margaret will be sadly missed my trips to Canada was alway to go visit or take her to lunch. I was one of the lucky ones to have her singing Ave Maria at there wedding, she gave everyone goose bumps. Aunty Margaret use to play bite it was her signature it was her way to show her love. Her voice and her laugh was unique to who she was. Love and will miss her. May she Rest In Peace ❤️
Posted by Ricky Marianna Wong on April 24, 2021
Margaret, we will never forget your beautiful voice. We know you will continue praying and praising our Lord by singing with your sweet and heavenly voice that we all miss. Margaret, rest in peace ! We love you.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, God bless !
Posted by Jacqui Hubbard on April 24, 2021
I worked with Margaret for many years at both St Barnabas and Good Shepherd. She was certainly one of a kind. A voice like an angel and a wonderfull, bawdy sense of humor. No doubt it is only a matter of time before she takes over heaven's choir.
HUSH, quiet now, for she is with her God.
Posted by Rosanne Milligan on April 24, 2021
So Sorry to hear about the passing of Auntie Margaret. I will Always remember her fondly and have many memories! She made us all feel Loved and was always a lot of fun! Love and Hugs to all!
Posted by henry wishropp on April 24, 2021
To the loving family of Margaret: You have lost your mom, granny, sister, aunt and cousin, I have lost a very dear friend.

I have known Margaret for over forty years and if I were to write just 10% of the great memories we shared it will take hundred of pages. We shared laughters, joy crazy things and insults to each others. I remembered at practice in Church Margaret said, "I need some money, maybe I should sell my body" I said to her "If you sell it by the pound you would get much more", I had to run out the Church. Apart from a great sense of humour, she had the most amazing voice of anyone I Know. She discipline me when I make a mistake on the Guitar and I appreciated that.

She Loved some Guyanese special dishes. Every Christmas Cherry and I would make Pepper Pot, Garlic Pork, Black Cake, Ginger Beer, Sorrel and Bread, she would say "This is Heaven."

I am very heart broken to loose such a dear bubbly talented special friend.

May your soul rest in peace in Paradise.

From Henry and Cherry Wishropp

Posted by Leona Ronco on April 23, 2021
I'll always have your glorious voice in my ear & will miss you for the rest of my life.                                                                               
             All my love,                                                           
Posted by KATHY ANN HERRERA DE MONT... on April 23, 2021

In loving memory of our wonderful mother Margaret Herrera nee Gouveia
Mass will be said on Monday 26th April, 2021 @ 9:00 A.M. (Toronto time)
by Fr. Michael Hughes of St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church, Stouffville, Canada
Because we are currently in lockdown the celebration will be live streamed on YouTube - EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND “ONLINE” ONLY
Mass gift for the repose soul of Margaret from our own Parish Priest,
Fr. Michael Hughes of Stouffville, St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church

Directions to access the Livestream of the Mass at St. Mark's Church
1. Click on this link
2. This will bring you to our St. Mark's YouTube channel
3. Press “Subscribe” (this will not cost you anything)
4. Click on the picture that shows the date of Monday, April 26 at 9:00 am.

*There will be another mass said on: Saturday, May 15, 2021 for Margaret
requested by Margaret’s choir close friends Susan Dizon and Toy Majaralie.

Both masses will be *live streamed and *recorded and can be viewed on YOU TUBE for EVERYONE to view
• Please note that these are the same directions for the Mass being offered for Margaret on Saturday, May 15 at 9:00 am, except you will need to click on the May 15th date.

With love and thanks from Margaret’s family to Fr. Michael and everyone at St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church in Stouffville for making this happen.
Posted by Mary Mallia on April 23, 2021
A true friend is never truly gone. Their spirit lives on in the memories of those who loved them.

My life was blessed through your friendship. May you find blessings in the next life, dear friend.

I will miss you and your beautiful voice. Till we meet again, rest in peace dear Margaret.

Mary Mallia and Family
Posted by Richard Gouveia on April 23, 2021
Not one but two fully starched can can skirts Margaret insisted on wearing under her skirt when she stood on stage. The 1956 musical festival competition in British Guiana was an event that gave us a feeling of great joy. Margaret won every event and as she was receiving her awards Dad got up and yelled "That's my daughter". We will miss our beloved sister. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Deborah-Ann De Souza on April 23, 2021
Even though not a blood relative Auntie Margaret as we all called her had such a powerful impact on all of our lives as teenagers in Grenada and Barbados.  She was a strong life force with a whit, a laugh and a voice like no other. Dennis and I had the gift of Auntie Margaret singing at our wedding. I know she’s now in heaven organizing the choir. Deepest condolences to Richard, Kathy-Ann, Stephen, Lisa, Wendy-Sue and all the Gouveia, Herrera families.
Posted by Marilyn Mitchell on April 22, 2021
To Margaret's family my Deepest Sympathy...It is with a heavy heart and sadness I heard of her passing ....Margaret thank you for singing all those years at St Barnabas it was a joy to hear your angelic voice and especially singing the Ave Maria ...Rest In Peace my friend till we meet again.

Posted by Norris Imelda Graham on April 22, 2021
Our hearts feel the weight of Margaret's passing. This one stings a lot. But,fortunately for us we have known her for nearly fourty years. So many wonderful memories: jokes, parties, food, church, dances, etc. She sang at my dad's funeral in 1997, what a great tribute for my family. A unique individual who will always be remembered. God bless you Marg, sing in Heaven, until we meet again.
Hugs and Kisses forever.
With Unending Love!!!!!!!
Mel Norris Graham
Posted by Linda Currie on April 22, 2021
I am so so sad that Margaret has passed. I will always have her in my heart and remember all the wonderful memories I had with her. My last visit with her was so wonderful she was so happy to see me and then COVID hit and I could not see her ever again. She will be greatly missed ❤️ RIP
Posted by JJacqueline Gouveia on April 22, 2021
We will miss Margaret's bombastic enthusiasm, and joy of living. Life was never dull when she was on the scene. Fortunately, her recording's will help us remember Margaret, through her beautiful voice.

Love, Jackie and Buck
Posted by KATHY ANN HERRERA DE MONT... on April 22, 2021

We said goodbye to Mum one week ago and because of the lockdown in Toronto at the moment, we are not able to celebrate Mum's life in the church until the lockdown is over. What we are happy to announce is that quite a few memorials have taken place, including one by her sibling David & Mano. A number of masses are being said for Mum at various churches around the world including a mass that was said the day of her passing in Grenada attended by our family in Grenada.

Prayers will be said at St. Mark's in Stouffville on Saturday by Father Leslie, followed by a private mass on Monday 26th April by Father Michael which cannot be attended due to the lockdown, but we MAY be able to attend as they are trying to have it televised. More information to come and we will let you know the time of the mass if they are able to arrange for it to be televised.

In following Mum's wishes, she is being cremated and after celebrating her life in Canada, she will return home to Grenada where she will be laid to rest with a mass, followed by a party on the Rhum Runner with steelband - a true celebration of life as only Mum would want.

In the meantime, have a "rum and coke" to toast this amazing woman!

Posted by Toy Majaralie on April 22, 2021
It is with tears, joyful for you have gone home but sadness because I'll be without a friend. You will always be remembered and treasured. One day we will meet again and I can only imagine the commotion that will be.
Love Always...Toy
Posted by Renee Gouveia on April 22, 2021
Auntie Margaret, your joie de vivre was unstoppable and inspiring. You gave big love to soo many of us, it seemed like an endless supply to go around. Listening to your magical voice brings such sweet memories, it makes saying goodbye feel impossible.

While our heads are hung low and our hearts are torn in two, we find comfort knowing that you’re singing your heart out once again and reconnecting with loved ones passed. I imagine the most epic and joyful reunion. Rest In Peace my beloved Aunt and Godmother, you will be greatly missed and will live on forever in all of the hearts you touched - certainly in mine. Meet you on Grand Anse soon.


Posted by Eugenia Jenny Gouveia Mat... on April 22, 2021
Flowers for you, will miss your laughter, singing, your pranks, and you.
Love Jenny
Posted by Melissa Williams on April 22, 2021
To all the family, This video prepared to honor my loving sister Margaret Gouveia Herrera.

If you are watching this on a computer on YouTube please select the Gear icon at the bottom of the video and select 1080p, the video also contains her music.

Message by Roger Gouveia, Margaret's Brother.

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