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Shared by Paula Kingsley on June 15, 2020
Dr.Mina Chung, I had moved away and came back to just hear of your passing. I couldnt hold my break down on the phone with the Secretary. Im so sorry my heart is at a huge loss right now. 
 Thank you for being the kind hearted Doctor and person you truly have been.  In 2004 We started our journey together having a wonderful patient amd Doctor relationship .  You saved me. When you sat in with us and gave us the sad news no cure blinding disease i was 29 years old . I was scared. You kept saying your sorry i felt in my heart you wished it could of been different news. You walked us through you helped us understand in words we understood without the long words doctor use (laughing) Oh sweet angel you loved us we felt it. I Loved you too. My heart. I cant stop crying. Im scared to trust another doctor but I know you would want me to continue to get my injections. I wont forget your soft voice your kind words your laugh and my family adored you as well. You had that about you to where people just want to hug you because you truly cared for us .  
 One day I went in and you were concerned I was having a heart attack.  I was. Because of you I am here. You saved me in more ways then one. My inspiration my heart my friend my doctor I will always keep the precious memories alive and hold you close to my heart forever. I will keep my promise .I will continue my treatments .Thank you for everything you have done for me. Im sure missing you it just wont be the same. May you rest in peace and rest easy knowing you made a difference and inspired many and are Loved by many. I Love you and will forever miss you! 
Love Always,
Paula Kingsley

April fools day

Shared by Callais Kudla on April 1, 2020
Today was one of your favorite "holidays."  This time last year you had an extensive plan for an epic april fools day!, carried out with extensive laughs by all!!!  Today, I sat and talked with several of your patients for the first time since your passing, and couldn't help but think of you. As I sat in one of your 'favorite' rooms, myself and another individual who has known you for years were speaking your praises and how we missed you and a few unexplained things occurred in that room.  The individual and myself  both had goosebumps and only thought... that was you! May you be at peace our beloved Mina!

You will be missed

Shared by Kurtis DeRoller on March 2, 2020
My condolences to Dr. Chungs family and friends as a patient i will miss her kindness and honesty as well as her determination to finally diagnose me after years of no one being able to figure out my condition. A great loss for everyone.  I will never feel the same comfort i felt knowing i was in her care. Because i know she really cared. ❤

My first meeting with Dr Chung

Shared by Teresa Mahar on February 26, 2020
It was early May 2007, when I first met Dr. Mina Chung. I had a shunt put into my eye, my only working eye, to relieve excess glaucoma pressure. This procedure was a last-ditch effort to save what little sight I had left. The shunt was successfully placed in my eye, but due to some complications that should have been anticipated, but were not considered by the attending glaucoma specialist it was necessary for Dr. Chung to come in and save my eye and what little sight I had left. Dr. Chung assured me that vision would return, the whole 6 weeks it took for my vision to return. The procedure was supposed to be an outpatient procedure. I insisted upon spending one night in the hospital to be monitored. The attending physician was overconfident and rushed to do this procedure before he was to leave for a conference out of state. If it were not for Dr. Chung, I would have lost my sight completely 13 years ago. I was still a young single mother with three young children to raise. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Chung made a huge difference in my family's life.  She truly was everything amazing and positive that anyone could say about her, and is absolutely true to my knowledge. I continued to see Dr. Chung for care after the situation occurred. My heart is saddened for her family, friends and coworkers. As a patient I will feel lost without her care. When visiting a specialist in Cincinnati, Dr. Holland, he was very impressed with the work that she did with my eye.

My first time with dr. CHUNG

Shared by Angelo Di I CARLO on February 18, 2020
The first time I saw Mina, it was a really pleasant surprise. She was a person with a great intelligence, kindness and a great smile. She loved that I came from France and was pleased to answer all my medical questions and concerns. I am very very sad and sorry for her family loss. I just hope she is in a very happy place. May God comfort all the broken hearts of her spouse and family.
There is a reason for everything. But I am sad for Mina's family.

Exceptional care with my mother

Shared by Tricia Kolczynski on February 17, 2020
Dr. Chung was one of my favorite doctors.  My mother had multiple health issues and 1 was a detached retina.  Twice.  Dr. Chung was always so kind and compassionate.  And had the best socks!  She will be missed.  Prayers and condolences to her husband and family, friends and colleagues 
Shared by Jacob Proaño on February 17, 2020
I’m shocked, deeply saddened and at a complete loss for words, I knew Dr. Chung a relatively short time. We first met when I spent time shadowing at Flaum this past summer and more recently she had been helping me put together and coordinate a volunteer project to provide hand-knit hats to the premature babies with ROP and other conditions. Dr. Chung will be sorely missed
Shared by Laura Dadetta on February 17, 2020
Dave and I are very sorry to hear of Mina’s untimely passing. She was the kindest neighbor, always offering a friendly wave and beautiful smile. Our sincere condolences to her husband and family. 

Sad news about Mina

Shared by Ed Ryan on February 17, 2020
I am really saddened to hear of Mina’s untimely and far too premature death.  My wife and I skied with her several times at the ARDS at Snowmass, and she was always such a charming and happy person, with a sense of adventure.  I could tell from conversations that she was a great and caring retinal specialist. She’d found a great husband in Eddie.  She will most certainly be missed by him, her family, and all her colleagues.

Dr. Mina Chung's Caring, Compassionate Service

Shared by Claudette James on February 17, 2020
My condolences to Dr. Mina Chung's family, friends, co-workers, patients, etc.    As one of Dr. Chung's patients who appreciates Dr. Chung's expertise, professionalism and commitment to her patients, it is very difficult at this time to share my thoughts and feelings. Dr. Chung's encouragement and guidance strongly remains with me.  Thanks so much for guiding me to be a much stronger (and healthier) person. Thanks for being YOU!

Mina will be missed!

Shared by Janise Ross on February 15, 2020
With every gaze toward the retina pod, I will always envision Mina beaming at me.  She was the first specialist to help create the Flaum Eye Institute of the Finger Lakes.  The high pathology retina practice she found there was a surprise and a challenge that Mina undertook with great zest.  She also took advantage of the local farms, bypassing the Thruway and driving her BMW through the countryside.  Imagine the pleasure of the drive and still calling it work.

Mina was one of the few people that I knew that could called a “polymath,” working in genetics, surgery, teaching, and many other activities.  She will be missed dearly as a coworker, but mostly as a friend.

May her memory be as a blessing.

Harold Ross

Shared by Elizabeth Rogers on February 15, 2020
I also worked with Dr Chung at Flaum in Geneva she was so sweet and kind to all her patients and staff. What I remember most was having lunch with her and she would eat dumplings (huge) more than most grown men. I could'nt believe it she was so tiny. Then she told me she was very active and ran daily. Im so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences she will be missed. 

Compassion, boldness, abilty, skill and brilliance in one woman

Shared by Kelsey MacConell on February 15, 2020
I work in our pediatric specialty at Flaum and will always remember when we had a young girl who required emergent retina surgery due to an injury. She was extremely scared and repeating that she couldn't do it pretty continually, in a loud, panic stricken voice. It was heartbreaking, even for those of us who have worked in peds for a long time. Dr. Chung came over from Retina to speak with the family instead of having them go to the Retina hallway. I doubt many doctors would have even walked into the room at that point, so upset was the little girl who was sitting on the floor, being held by her mother. Dr. Chung not only went into the room but promptly sat down on the floor with them, closed the door behind her and proceeded to explain the upcoming surgery. The compassion in that one gesture struck me and will stay with me. I am so glad that I have that memory of empathy. She came out to get some labels from us and I said, to lighten the mood, "I don't think she wants to do it" to which she smiled, laughed and responded with, "what makes you think that?".  The caring, compassion, skill, bravery and all-in nature with which she treated her patients was awe-inspiring and will be greatly missed by patients, coworkers, adults, children, and infants alike.

Dear Mina

Shared by Raj Maturi on February 14, 2020
What a terrible shock.  I'm at a total loss for words.

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