This memorial website platform (always available year in and year out) has been created in memory of our beloved and cherished lady,  Mrs Nnedi Odedo, 57, born on August 10, 1962 and passed on to glory to be with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ on December 17, 2019.
She will be sorely missed and remembered forever by her nuclear family, extended families in Nnobi & Nnewi, classmates, schoolmates, friends, colleageues, associates, brethren in Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Nigeria & beyond, ECWA Church, Christian fellowship groups, and many others.
Despite her unexpected transition at this time, our sovereign LORD who knows everything is ever faithful, in control and reigns always! Hallelujah!!

Posted by Izu Godson on January 17, 2020
Words fail me. Mummy Nnedi; an elegant beauty, full of grace and candour. A most suitable wife to Arch. Ifeanyi Odedo; our ever inspiring National President at FGBMFI Nigeria. Your seat is vacant and you will be sorely missed. Rest on great woman of God.
Posted by Aisha Ndahi on January 17, 2020
I had always admired you from afar and felt truly blessed when our paths crossed.Your soft words of wisdom remain stamped on my mind.You were a modest,humble and amiable woman.You remain a mentor even in death.
I followed you to the last JLA meeting .Little did I know it would be the last time I was going to hear you speak.I have put my jottings from the meeting in thesame bag as my credentials because I need them to remain safe.
We love and miss you ma.
Posted by James Alabe Bako on January 16, 2020
You came, lived and conquered; now you are waiting to receive your crown. May the facts of the Lord's words comfort your dear husband, the children, the family and the brethren as they prepare to join you as set out by God. Rest on in the Lord
my sister, rest on.
Posted by Amina Kwon on January 15, 2020
I lack words ma. Rest in the Bossom of our Lord.
Posted by EbereChukwu UWADOKA on January 15, 2020
Aunty Nnedi,
Knowing, serving and living for the Lord got practical with you.

We bow to the will of the Lord of hosts, the One who made us and knows our frames. He tells us to give Him thanks in everything, including situations such as this, knowing this, that it is for dying that we live.

We pray daily to report at God’s gate to receive ‘Well done, good and faithful servant, ......enter into the joy of your Lord.’

May the Lord bring comfort to your husband - our President - and your esteemed loved ones, as we rejoice over your safe arrival.

Chinedum & EbereChukwu UWADOKA
Posted by Moyo Ozodo on January 15, 2020
It's like a dream!! I am still struggling to believe it!! Sister Nnedi is gone!!! Hmmm what shall we say unto the Lord? All we have to say is thank you Lord!! Heaven has gained but has left us here below mourning. My dear sister, you were such a gem exuding love, cheerfulness and full of great hospitality, always smiling. How would I have known that I was hearing your voice for the last time when we spoke on phone on your arrival to the UK. The Lord knows the best and has harvested His own. No one can query Him. May the Lord pour His deep comfort on your husband and your children. Sleep on beloved till we meet to part no more!!!
Posted by VIVIAN OKOLI on January 15, 2020
Nnedi was like a sister to me being the wife of my husband's first cousin. She was so down to earth and exuded so much love that made anyone around her feel so much at home.During the FGBMFI National Convention in Abuja in 1993,I was involved in an auto accident and when I was discharged from the hospital,they hosted me in their house and she was such a super hostess.She was a true Christian whom her life impacted other lives. She shall be greatly missed but we take solace in the fact that she is resting in the bossom of the Lord. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit who knows how best to, will comfort her husband Ifeanyi, her son Chidiogo and his siblings.
Posted by Victor Ude on January 14, 2020

Mother you were the truthful,dearest ,more than a mother to me. To me you are a role model .
You were precious gift from God so much beauty,grace,elegant,love and patient you possessed them all. You touch my life in so many ways. your strength and smile even in difficult time encourages every one in the family.
The things i feel deeply are the hardest thing to say,dearest MOM i love you in every special way. Even though death leaves a heartache no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can steal. And Love is what you possessed the most.
I will forever salute you mommy because you were incredible,extraordinary and amazing mother.
         I WILL MISS YOU " MAMA"
                                 :::::: Victor::::::::::
Posted by Ike Edith Chineze on January 12, 2020
Nnedimma, it is like a nightmare. Every passing day all I ask is "is it true"? This is one death too many.

Nnee you have (had) a heart of GOLD, you had an answer to every lingering question and situation - your answer has always been "Let us continue to pray about it, that God will always answer prayers"

Nnee your demise has really forced me to believe that of a truth, good people don't stay long in this world. We don't have the power to ask GOD why?
Our consolation is that we are sure that you are in the bosom of the Lord. The Lord you dedicated your life to at a very young age, when you joined Scripture Union (SU) you were still in secondary school in Queens College Enugu. This made many people change your name to S.U Girl but it did not deter you.

You lived your life for, served and worshipped the LORD all the days of your life, not just in words but in deeds.

Nnee you knew early in life that this place is not permanent that we are all pilgrims.

May the lord give us the extra grace we need to bear this great loss. Continue to rest in the bosom of the LORD.
Posted by Samuel Adeyanju on January 11, 2020
We lost a precious Gem but heaven gained her.

God had guided her with his counsel and afterwards received her into glory because we have no continuing city here.

We will greatly miss her.

May God continue to comfort the family and body of Christ.
Posted by Chikeluba OKoli on January 7, 2020
It was indeed the a memorable life you lived, aunty, you wore so many hats gracefully and was so many good things to so many people. I have so many pleasant memories of you aunty and it was indeed one of the saddest day of my 2019 when i heard of your passing. You lived your life on earth for the Lord Jesus and are now with him watching over us. We as your family will surely miss you. May your soul rest in peace Aunty.
Posted by Varkey Verghese on January 7, 2020
A very precious soul has been taken away from our midst. We fondly remember the time she spent with us when she came to INDIA and spent couple of days with us visiting the orphanage we built and also paid a visit to our mum who celebrated 100 years.
The concern she had for my wife ANNIE when she was ill was very touching and left deep memories as she personally CAME and visited her at Lagos and prayed for her.
Even time can not erase her loving and charming countanence from our sight. No words to console the family except to pray to give solace.
Verghese / Annie
Posted by Ekene Okoli on January 7, 2020
Indeed it is a sad loss to everyone who came in contact with you.Aunty Nne as you were fondly called by myself and my siblings, we will surely miss you but Almighty God knows best.
May your gentle soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Cyprian Agbazue on January 6, 2020
She was a silent activist. She combined beauty and grace to produce excellence at personal and public levels. The NP & family ,have lost a gem. The FGBMFI has lost a shining star. ....but heaven has gained a victorious Angel! Oh! what an exit!
Posted by Pastor Prince Egbe OKPENG... on January 6, 2020
With heavy hearts but submission to God Almighty, we received the home-calling of Mummy Nnedi Odedo on December 17, 2019. Mummy departed when her motherly love, care and counsel are most needed by her children, and all who have come in contact with her. We resist the temptation of asking ‘why now?’ Our consolation lies in the fact that Mummy Nnedi did not live a wasted life but got the most prestigious medal anyone can get here on earth: the new life in Jesus Christ.
Since Christ conquered death, Christians do not die, they sleep in the Lord. Death is only a transition from this wicked, empty world of mortality to a glorious immortality. Mummy Nnedi has completed her assignment on earth else God would not have called her home notwithstanding her dear husband, Daddy Architect Ifeanyi’s efforts and our prayers. We have no doubts in our minds that she is with the Lord. It is rather we, the living, that have the task of finishing well and strong like her so we can meet with her in the bosom of God our Maker.

On behalf of the Board of Trustee, Council of Ministers and the entire members of THE FULL GOSPEL BELIEVERS' CHAPEL INC. (Gladtidings Centre), we express our heartfelt condolences over this temporal absence of Mummy Nnedi Odedo. Daddy, we remain with you in prayers at this moment of sober reflection as we try to understand Romans 8:28 and 1 Thess. 5:18.

Kindly convey our sincere condolences to the entire Odedo family and that of the Full Gospel Businessmens’ Fellowship International. Mummy, we love you, but God loves you more.

Pastor Dr. Egbe Okpenge
The Presiding Overseer &
Assistant National Director
Posted by Peace Iheanacho on January 6, 2020
Nnee, as we say it in our place, I'm one person that has admired you though quite unobtrusively since university days when I first met you, Neeme Ekpunobi (now Mrs Ijeoma Agu, Miriam and other beautiful sisters like you then) in the Students Christian Movement, in University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. I admired your unique combination of beauty, quiet demeanor, fear of God and intelligence.
When I saw you after many years in FGBMFI, and you were married to someone who became influential in the move of God in the nation I understood that you were made and prepared for that. 
You wouldn't know how I keep you particularly in my mind's eye as I raised young girls over the years. You were a ready example for me to show them that one can be beautiful and godly and that godliness pays good dividends. I've occasionally even mentioned your name as I instructed my girls to focus on God.
I heard you testitfy some time ago that you escaped. I know you did and now permanently so, because you will no longer know the pain of the world as we know it now.
Thanks for the time you made yourself available for us to enjoy you. Thanks for being a model lady of the fellowship. Thanks for raising a good family and for being a strong support for our president. 
I do miss you, as I know many others do. Your demise is making me to think again about life and eternity. 
Do rest in the bosom of the Lord and may the God of comfort help our president, the children, all your close associates and the larger FGBMFI family.
Posted by Ben Amanambu on January 5, 2020
Tribute to Nnedi.
The late Nnedi calls me ‘Nnaochie’ because her mother is ‘Nwada’, a daughter from my family in Umudim Nnewi. In spite of this relationship, my wife and I did not know Nnedi closely until we joined Full Gospel four years ago.
Nnedi was such a lovely sister. She was so humble even though surrounded by great wealth. She was a christian to the core ..I used to tease her and her husband that they are indeed, the First Family of FGBMFI in every sense....both spiritually, materially and in good health...a fulfillment of God’s desire for all His children. (3 john 2.)
Her sudden death therefore, has again reinforced the truth that we are indeed, pilgrims in this world. And her death reminds us of the need to be ready at all times.
Truly light has gone out of FGBMFI, but she will remain forever in our thoughts.
May the LORD comfort our national president, the children and the entire family of FGBMFI.
Nnedi, we shall all miss you!!
Posted by Chinelo Okoli on January 5, 2020
(A Sister In-law, Friend and confidant)
Nne, as she was fondly called by the Odedos where she married, through love and commitment became a pillar to the entire ODEDO family and by extension to my husband and children.
Nne, was more than a sister in-law to me. She became a friend and confidant. She impressed a standard of "Let's settle it with God on our knees" anytime l am faced with challenging situations.
She lived a life of compassion, smiles and blissful moments. Nne, was very intimate with her husband and a great mother to her biological children and many others. She was a dependable figure.
She touched many lives with the word of God and love, as such she demonstrated the true life of the summary of the law in the holy bible which is love of God and love of man.
My prayer is that, those who she won for Christ in her sojourn on earth shall not backslide, but uphold the gospel so that we all meet again.
Our consolation is that the Almighty God whom she loved, believed and served through Jesus Christ called her home into eternal rest. Adieu great daughter of zion
From: Chinelo Edith Okoli
Posted by Emelumba Victor on January 5, 2020
I never thought I will be writing this by this time because I never imagined you leaving us by this time but we give all glory to God. Me coming back from school on the 14 of December hearing that you will soon be back, was a Christmas gift I ever asked for, I never knew that what I asked for won't be given to me. You will always forever be in my heart, the best aunt and mother anybody would ask for, your lifestyle was a landmark for me and my family and I know it won't be forgotten, all what you thought me as a son won't be forgotten. We'll all see some day but till then rest in peace mum
Posted by Helen Jacob on January 4, 2020
A sincere Christian, a loving and caring mother, a devoted wife, a true child of God.......... you will not be forever missed because I will see you again at the feet of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Rest on beloved sister, rest on.
Posted by Chika Favour on January 4, 2020
I just want to appreciate you for the motherly love you showed to me and my siblings.
You didn't just leave your immediate family,you left my mum,I and my you'll always give me a reason to cry on my birthday(Dec 14th),you've shown me a little part of've given me a reason to understand that life is too've taught me to realise that Christmas won't be all about celebrations anymore because i feel like a part of my heart has been cut off.I asked for a birthday gift and it was for God to bring you back alive and clean ,no material gift would have feeled my heart with such joy.
  I thought death was one easy thing to go through but now i know how I'll feel when I lose my own,a whole new life has begun within me.if I actually had to express my feelings more towards loosing you,words won't even complete it because I know that if it were to be within your power to stay with us, you won't hesitate to stay back.But God had better plans for I don't have to see you suffer anymore.I have accepted that you are asleep not dead.good bye big mum...your legacy will never be forgotten and I will never forget you,thanks for the unfailing love you showed to me and my siblings. Every Christmas will never be the same without you
Posted by Daby & Nonso Obiekwe on January 3, 2020

Our sweet aunty Nne we can’t believe you are gone from the earth, this is indeed one gone just too soon. Few weeks before your passing you called us from London and you sounded so good, we were both really excited to hear from you, in your loving way you wanted to know how we were and you prayed for us, who knew that would be the last time we get to hear your voice.
I (Nonso) just started to get to know you during the process of getting married to my wife (your niece) and was always happy to hear from you whenever you called to check on us, all the prayers and words of advice were just what any newlywed needed to go through the early marriage days, your voice ever gently and your advice always sound and godly. We would miss you so much.
I (Daby) remember all the time I spent in your home growing up, first you took I and my brothers in when our dad was hospitalized and mum had to take care of him, you and uncle ensured we continued our education and we were well catered for. Subsequently, I remember spending almost all my long vacations in your home up until getting into the university, I can say the experiences of staying in your home contribute a greatly to my childhood memories and along with other things help to shape who I am today. With you there was no discrimination, you embraced and cared for all under your roof with love, a true mother indeed.
I will never forget how you proved to be a mother again to me when you insisted I and my bridal party would have full access to your home throughout my wedding weekend in 2018, ever my sweet aunt I had nothing short of first class bridal treatment, everyone in my bridal party was housed, fed and taken care of, you made all that possible and no amount of money in the world could pay for the warmth and love that gave me the courage to take on a new phase of life. No wonder I cried and cried when I heard of your passing.
Now that you are gone we will definitely miss you, the entire Odedo family and all related will definitely miss you, the world will definitely miss an Amazon gone too soon, we are consoled because you loved the Lord Jesus and everyone that met you can testify to the fact that Jesus was the center of your life. We know you are in a better place called to rest with the Lord. Rest on dear aunty, see you on resurrection morning.
Posted by George Prah on January 3, 2020
Hard to comprehend, that our world would be so suddenly deprived of one of God’s finest masterpieces, full of grace, charm, warm at heart and ever calm in disposition. The void our precious Nnendi leaves us with will be hard to fill.

Ever since our first contacts in fellowship, Her smile has spoken in volumes the mind of her heart without her needing to say much in words. She always carried a confident presence that well complements the lead role her husband holds, and with it that welcoming assurance that sustains an engagement on any matter. It was admirable to observe from afar the gentle skills with which she led her ladies of the fellowship in her nation, never imposing yet commanding great respect. Nnendi left an indelible mark of graceful leadership on the conscience of the Ladies of the Fellow of FGBMFI in the nations of Africa; a woman of virtue, nobility, grace and humility .

We in Ghana are eternally grateful for her life , and the privilege of knowing, loving and serving with her in Fellowship. The Lord grant her peaceful rest, and take pleasure in welcoming home one of His precious saints.

Posted by Olohigbe Adedeji on January 3, 2020
As we prayed for recovery of health for you, the news suddenly filtered in “God has overruled”. We melted in submission to His will. He is God, the omnipotent.
Our sweet sister Nnedi, you were pleasant, unassuming and amiable. Gallant soldier of Christ, unwavering in devotion, rock like in faith, “SU” in disposition, meticulous, diligent and renowned. You were humble to a fault, calling us “mummy” and “daddy” not only before your elevation to the position of “first lady” of FGBMFI in Nigeria but throughout your tenure.
You were never haughty nor rude. You were very appreciative and even humorous. The last text we got from you was your reply to our birthday wishes for you. Someone had erroneously indicated on the Ladies of the Fellowship platform that you were celebrating your birthday. We sent our felicitations. You replied from London pointing out that it was a mix-up but gladly declaring that you had appropriated the blessings in the prayers, Just You! You were simple and obedient.
When we were in office as National President of the fellowship in Nigeria, your husband was the National Director in charge of conventions. You cooperated with him to see that he carried out his duties creditably. In doing this, there was an occasion we issued an instruction to you and it was most difficult for you to obey that instruction because it clashed with your personal interest but to our utmost amazement, you obeyed. God honored you for it.
On the 17th November 2018, you led the ladies of the fellowship in Nigeria to honor us for meritorious service as your immediate predecessor in office. It was a glorious day. We were looking forward to the day you too would be so honored but you have exited to receive your own honor from the Father of all lights.
Our sweet Sister Nnedi, you were industrious, serious minded and ever ingenious in the ways you handled the affairs of the Ladies of the Fellowship. You were conscious all the time of accountability and Christian stewardship. You were a chartered accountant by profession and you brought this to bear on the proceedings of the ladies forum.
At National Executive Council meetings (ladies wing), you requested for catalogue of number of souls won and baptism of the Holy Spirit from region to region. When it was not business meeting but prayer time, you led with sobriety and dexterity.
You smiled repeatedly as you executed your duties which showed that for you, fellowship work was not a drudgery but a delight. You radiated joy and God made that joy infectious. As two “first ladies” our styles of leadership were decidedly and unambiguously different. Whilst I glory in mine, I celebrate you for yours. In all, the Lord’s name has been lifted.
Our sweet Sister Nnedi, since you decided to go to bed early, sleep well. To say that we will miss you is an understatement. The right thing to say is that we will meet you again on the resurrection morning. Goodnight!

Architect and Dr (Mrs) Bunmi Adedeji
Former National President
FGBMFI Nigeria
International Vice President
Posted by Tessy Obieke on January 2, 2020
Nne it was a very rude shock when chinelo told me of your demise. We cannot question God for taking His Angel home. Painful though but that is His will. Rest on gentle soul in the bosom the all knowing God.
Posted by Margaret Oronsaye on January 2, 2020
A true daughter of zion

Calm and ever smiling, yet steadfast in her conviction and strong in character. A true mother in isreal. She loved the Lord passionately.

The last time I saw my sister was on a flight from London to Abuja. Sat beside her beloved husband.
We discussed about issues of importance, children whom she loves dearly, and her work where she was putting her best to deliver the purpose of God.

O the shock of her passing... o death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? she will be remembered in my heart , I pray God to keep us in faith as we journey through life.
She is in a better place.
Sleep in the Lord my dear sister.

Now may the God of all comfort abide with my brother, the children and the entire family.
Posted by Becky Ogbonna on January 2, 2020
God made a wonderful mother..a woman who never grow old, a woman with the heart of gold...He made her smile of sunshine and mould her heart of pure her eye he placed bright shining her cheeks fair roses you see...God made an amazing woman with so much heart for are a true definition of a mother...I will forever miss you....Rest on NNEM... I know u are at the right hand of God where there is no suffering or sickness... We will meet to part no more..I LOVE U❤❤❤❤
Posted by Comfort Ochepo on January 2, 2020
I am still finding it difficult to comprehend and accept, you were so passionate about prayers, i remember my close encounter with this sweet lady in singapore when we went to the market she kept begging for us to come back for the meeting so she can be there to pray for her husband. I remembered when I invited her to minister in a dinner we had for the first lady of Benue state i was worried she wouldnt accept the invitation but she kept telling me comfort I will do anything for the gospel. She was very warm, caring and always in the spirit, I will greatly miss you.
Posted by Eucharia Emelumba on January 2, 2020
A tribute to my only beloved sister.
My sister, my best friend, my confidant, my mummy,  the only Biological sister that I have always had and been with. You are such a rare gem, full of love and care. Despite what you were going through you always carry other people's burden especially mine. You have always been there for me and my family. Words cannot express your love towards me. Big mummy as my children will always address you.
In our conversation you told me that you will be coming back on the 7th December 2019, and I was joyfully expecting to see you only to be told that you were admitted in the hospital. In all our intimate discussions there was no iota of doubt that you will not be coming back anymore let alone leaving me in this lonely world. I feel so empty and lonely. Tears have refused to stop rolling down my cheeks each time I remember you. It is only God that will fill this vacuum created by your exit.
I love and miss you dearly but God knows the best for you. I know that you are in a better place now where there is no more pain and sickness. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Ory Zik Ikeorha on January 2, 2020
First Lady, as I usually called you:
Is it true you are gone?
So, when I called you up in London that Sunday morning in November, 2019, upon our return from the Owerri South East Regional Convention, it was to be the last I would hear your sweet voice!
You were such an encouragement, and a great role model, both for the Believers and UnBelievers.
You were a lady with a rare combination of Beauty wrapped up in Humility, Respect and Love. And without controversy, you truly loved and served THE LORD.
We’ll surely miss you. But we take solace in the fact that we shall see you again on the Resurrection Morning.
We trust THE LORD to grant Exceptional Grace and Comfort to our Brother/President: Arc Ifeanyi Odedo and the Lovely children our First Lady left behind.
Rest on, First Lady, in the Bosom of THE LORD!
-Dr Zik & Hon. Justice Ory Zik-Ikeorha.
Posted by Tony Ogbuigwe on January 1, 2020
Our dearly beloved Sister Nnedi was indeed a gem of great value. She was a daughter of Zion and carried the presence of God. It was always a joy to see her at the fellowship of the saints. And her smile! It brought joy. She's gone home now to the Lord Who she loved and served. The same Lord Who is Jehovah Shammah, "the Lord Who is there", will continue to be there for our beloved Brother Ifeanyi, and for the children Chidiogo, Uche and Arinze. We love you all. Tony & Apz.
Posted by Killian Emelumba on January 1, 2020
Sister as I popularly call you, throughout this 21 years I am married to your younger sister, you have always stretched your hands of love and care beyond your only sister to me and my children - as the children will always say ‘let’s go to Big Mummy’s House’. Now that you are gone, the gap is unimaginable, the emptiness created by your exit reverberate in our hearts. The only one we look unto to fill this emptiness is our Maker - Our Lord Jesus Christ. You stood for Godliness, Love and you are openhearted. Rest in Peace, our Big Mummy until we meet to part no more In Jesus Name.
Posted by James Emmanuel on December 31, 2019
As a young man who has ambition to be successful in life, God brought me across your husband then you, though both I only know from afar, but one thing that kept me going despite challenges to my ambition and lies from some friends and associates that I have to sell my soul to the devil to succeed was the prove of your family's God's given blessing and lifestyle. I have always challenged them that i know a family that loves God and are blessed much more than those sold to the devil. I have always wanted my wife to be mentored by you, Mummy ( An epitome of all have able blessings). Rest in Peace.
Posted by Ronke Idowu on December 31, 2019
The news of your death came in as a shock to us . Our heart still ache with sadness. The secret tears still flow. May your gentle soul Rest In Peace . 
Posted by George Amanambu on December 31, 2019
To my beloved first cousin I miss you. I miss you in the morning and when sunset fades away, the ache within my heart just will not go away.                                   My heart fills with love for you when I think, how much you cared, as I relive all the happiness and the joy that we both shared as cousins.                                   Your kindness, love, and affection for your beloved immediate and extended family members will always remain green in our memories.                                We will miss you and until the day we are together again in that perfect place above.    But until that day comes - I will wipe my tears away and hope to see you again someday.
Posted by Egwuanumkwu Uche on December 31, 2019
Tribute to our beloved sister and mother Nnedi Odedo. Psalm 90:12 says 'so teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Why did the psalmist say this? It's simply because our life's on earth is temporal, we must be conteouse of this fact and impact our world possitively with all Gods endowments in our lifes. It's not how long we lived, but what impact and legacy we are leaving behind. The oldest man on earth was Methuselah and he lived up to 969 years as the scriptures have it. His name was mentioned six (6) times in the scriptures. What other impact or legacies do we know of Methuselah? I have heard wonderful testimonies from brethren and even our beloved Father, Brother, husband, and our President, Achitech Ifeanyi Odedo who also attested in his testimony that after God , is our sister Nnedi Odedo, whom had helped him to where he is today in life. We do not mourn like those without hope. Our sister had finished her God given assignments on earth and had returned back to her creator. She had finished well and now she is resting on the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our beloved Father and brother Achitech Ifeanyi Odedo, May the Holy spirit comfort you and the entire family. My prayer is that we will meet on the last day to part no more. Accept our Hearts felt condolence. Pastor Uche Egwuanumkwu
Posted by Ifeoma Ijeh on December 31, 2019
Our sister was a perfect example of the Proverbs 31 woman. Her comportment was worthy of emulation. At Queen's School she was one Senior we all wished we could grow up to be like. Senior Lizzy Ike then carried herself with so much queenly dignity and Christlikeness.
As a lady of the FGBMFI, I have watched her as our President's wife. Her life of simplicity and humility and the excellent but firm leadership she has provided is a testimony of her inner strength of character. Her presence constantly emits the sweet fragrance of Christ.
It's hard to believe that she has finished her course on Earth. May the Lord comfort her family, the FGBMFI family, the body of Christ and all Queenites especially 1979 set.
We shall understand it better by and by when the morning comes.
When the saints of God are gathered home.
Good night sister, till the resurrection morning.
Prof Ify IJEH nee Nedolisa - QSE 1981
Posted by Chinazo Emelumba on December 30, 2019
Nne I love u so much, your death has really changed alot. It is too painful to believe, when some people talk about how they loose their loved once then I will be bragging within me that I haven't lost any but now I know how it really feels. You are a peace making woman, a woman with dignity, strength, lot of energy and above all a Godly woman . You fought real hard, even if it wasn't easy, your hospitality was't because you where living in a big house or rather you being a high classic woman didn't change how you made people feel around you.... You made people too comfortable with you that they begin to forget their main job or even take you for granted. Thanks for everything, thanks for the love you shared, for the little motherly role you played in my life thanks for being the warmest and sweetest aunt anyone could ask for thank you ma. Rest on aunt
Posted by Nebeolisa Ezeokeke on December 30, 2019
If not that God is all knowing and all loving some of us would have started asking questions but there is certainly no need for that, all things considered. My beloved sister in the Lord, you have preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most profound way - your CHARACTER, Even without a word you have touched many lives. You were indeed a virtuous woman. Having accomplished your divine ministry receive your crown of righteousness and rest in the bosom of the Lord. Good night ma!
Dr. & Barr.(Mrs.) Nebeolisa Ezeokeke
(Orlu zone, Imo State)
Posted by Rifkatu Musa on December 30, 2019
Your passing to glory came to me as a shocked, because when we needed you the must during our Bible Study was when it pleased the Lord to call you home.
I personally learned a lot from your life style e.g your show of love, care, support humility etc.
We love you but God love you more.
May your gentle soul Rest In Peace when the Lord.
Till we meet at Jesus feet.
Posted by Okpanachi Andrew on December 30, 2019
I missed you here on earth, but we shall see face to face in Heaven. You have impacted my life through the Church Bible study group at Ecwa Wuse 2. May the Lord God comfort our Elder Odedo, the children, the church and the entire believers. Rest in peace my beloved sister.
Posted by Ifeanyi Ifezulike on December 30, 2019
Mrs. Nnedi Odedo was a great woman. Beautiful, charming, gentle and always exuding that air of peace and confidence that says "I know who is with me and He is always in control "
The news of your departure came as a very rude shock. We had only learnt of your battle with sickness a few days before and had begun to petition our Father for your healing. And then suddenly, the bombshell news came!
We take solace in the fact that we know who you are with and He is always in control. It is well.
Our hearts and prayers are with your husband -our beloved National President the entire Odedo family as well as the FGBMFI family. May God comfort you and all of us. It is well.
Posted by Anwuli Saha on December 30, 2019
I didn't know you personally for very long, but the brief period I spent in your home, almost 20 years ago has left an indelible mark in my heart! You are one of the best I have ever met. You made us feel so welcome in your home. For all you have done to the Ozodo family, I'm sure you are receiving your reward already in Heaven! For that, I'm comforted. Till we meet to part no more. Adieu!
Posted by John Ujata on December 30, 2019
Thank God for making you a very wonderful gift to the whole world. As the second-in-command in the great ministry of your husband, God took you all over the world for the revival of the church, evangelism and discipleship. You were an elegant and thorough Bible teacher and ECWA Wuse 2 Bible study group will seriously miss you.
We thank God that you came, saw and conquered. We thank God that you won your battle over death. As mortals, we are only surrendering to the supreme will of God over your life since everything humanly possible was done to prevent your death. May God bless and comfort all the members of your family and friends, church members, colleagues and well-wishers. May God bless your soul in your eternal rest.
Posted by Doris Oboli on December 30, 2019
My beloved big sister Nnedi Odedo, I still find it hard to believe that our last meeting in this earthly garment was last year's FGBMFA Convention. We will definitely miss you and your quiet sweet smile. Thank God we did not lose you because we know where you are. You gained, and are now more alive in eternity with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You have joined the great cloud of witnesses urging us to run with endurance this race that is set before us. We love you my sister and pray the LORD will continue to comfort our brother Ifeanyi Odedo, your children, your entire family, family of God and friends by His Holy Spirit our Comforter. You have fought the good fight of faith and you remain triumphant in Him. Rest in Perfect Peace till that glorious last day of joyful reunion of all the saints of God. We love you forever into eternity beloved sister!
Posted by Oguazi Onyemobi on December 30, 2019
It is with a sober heart that I and the entire family of Student Christian Movement of Nigeria say Farewell to our dear adorable Sister Nnedi. I met Nnedi at the SCM Fellowship at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus when I joined in November 1982. She was so gentle and kind, and so pure in her relationship. We all had a strong bond of friendship and Christian love all through our school years. She maintained that same beauty and purity throughout her life. She was a rare gem and we will miss her. We take consolation that we will meet again in heavenly glory, to part to more. Farewell Dear Sister Nnedi.
From: Evang Oguazi Onyemobi, National President, SCM of Nigeria
Posted by Irene John Ifejika on December 30, 2019
On behalf of my family, I commiserate with you and your family on the glorious exit of your beloved wife. I received the news of her demise with trepidation and fear. Her exit no doubt has created an irreparable and irreplaceable vacuum in your family. I urge you to bear this loss with courage and fortitude. Though we are all mourning the death of this Christian woman, you should be consoled that she lived a fulfilled Christian Life and left an indelible footprints on sand of times, besides she taught those who knew her the virtues of love and service to God and humanity.
I urge you not to weep, for we have hope; as death is not the end of our existence, but only a transformation and translation to external bliss.
Do accept my heartfelt condolences.
May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Dame Irene Azuka John Ifejika (nee Ojukwu)
Posted by Tachio Stephen on December 30, 2019
We the Boys Brigade Nigeria attached to ECWA WUSE 2 will miss your motherly advise as one of patrons.
We pray that the Lord Almighty will make that which you invested on us bring much fruit.
Rest well ma.
Posted by Florence Soyode on December 30, 2019
My beloved sister sleep on in the blossom of Christ Jesus
Posted by Chinelo Nzelu on December 29, 2019
My dearest sister , to say that your transition was a rude shock is to say the least .Ish57:1-2 gives me great peace and comfort that you are resting in the Lord . I thank you for the examplary life of motherhood and wife you imparted on ladies and women in particular. . A big vacuum indeed is created by your sudden departure not only to your immediate family ,to the ladies of full gospel fellowship, colleagues and friends .Though we are really wounded but we have all reasons to praise Him . The impact you created in our lives shall remain indelible in Jesus name .
We love you . Continue to rest in perfect peace . Our sincere prayer is that the Almighty shall comfort your husband , the children and your entire family members in Jesus name Amen
Adiue daughter of Zion , Ada Jesus Je Ijegi Nkeoma .
Dame Chinelo Dan Nzelu

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Posted by Izu Godson on January 17, 2020
Words fail me. Mummy Nnedi; an elegant beauty, full of grace and candour. A most suitable wife to Arch. Ifeanyi Odedo; our ever inspiring National President at FGBMFI Nigeria. Your seat is vacant and you will be sorely missed. Rest on great woman of God.
Posted by Aisha Ndahi on January 17, 2020
I had always admired you from afar and felt truly blessed when our paths crossed.Your soft words of wisdom remain stamped on my mind.You were a modest,humble and amiable woman.You remain a mentor even in death.
I followed you to the last JLA meeting .Little did I know it would be the last time I was going to hear you speak.I have put my jottings from the meeting in thesame bag as my credentials because I need them to remain safe.
We love and miss you ma.
Posted by James Alabe Bako on January 16, 2020
You came, lived and conquered; now you are waiting to receive your crown. May the facts of the Lord's words comfort your dear husband, the children, the family and the brethren as they prepare to join you as set out by God. Rest on in the Lord
my sister, rest on.
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Shared by Ngozi Emenogu on December 30, 2019
It was a rude shock to hear of the home-going of Mrs Nnedi Odedo, the beloved wife of the National President of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International- Nigeria, but I thank God that it is well with her soul.
She was a virtuous woman who touched and influenced many lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. She will be greatly missed in the Fellowship and all other places where she impacted people's lives, especially by her husband, Arc Ifeanyi Odedo.
Our joy & consolation is that she died in the Lord, therefore she's blessed and her good deeds are following her.
The Lord shall console our NP, Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo, their children and the FGBMFI- Nigeria, as He grants our departed sister eternal rest.


Shared by Moses Kuzhe on December 29, 2019
It was shocking news, a dark and heartbroken news? We're short of words and weak to question God as how and why? As believers we are always reminded of this transition to always be prepare.
May the peace of God which transcends all understanding guide the family's heart and mind in christ Jesus. 
We will forever missed Mummy's ever smilling face, the radiance of God's glory that surround her presence wherever she was. We can only be comforted because we know where she is.
The psalmist says. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" ps 116:15 Remember this song writter; "When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, "It is well, it is well with my soul."
Mummy Mrs Odedo has fought the good fight, she has finished her race and has kept her faith. We shall all see her someday and celebrate at the feet of Jesus.
It's well with the family. Peace 
 Pst Moses Kuzhe and Family 


Shared by Edwards Mona on December 22, 2019
Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His saints. Psalms 116:15.

The Righteous is delivered from the evil to come... 

We are not pained because the Kingdom has gained. 
We missed you sorely but surely we will meet to part no more. 
We shall meet on that beautiful celestial shore.

You have  immortalized yourself by your impacts in us. Your legacies will forever live on. 

Rest on ma!