Peter lives within each and every one of us through His spririt and His music. May the memory of Peter be with you forever
  • 48 years old
  • Born on January 4, 1962 .
  • Passed away on April 14, 2010 .

This memorial is created in memory of our beloved Peter Steele, who passed away at the young age of 48. Born on January 4, 1962, He left this world on April 14, 2010. He finally found the peace He so longingly searched for...

He will live within our hearts forever...

Posted by Mary Wynn on 14th January 2019
Peter you will and always be a part of my life. I can relate so much to your music it brought me out of so many places and removes the stresses from this world. Till we meet again keep jammin in heaven!
Posted by Heidi Lewis French on 7th January 2019
Hope you are resting well Green Man! You are missed but not forgotten! Happy Belated Birthday! RIP Peter!
Posted by Kelly Vinson on 4th January 2019
Wishing him peaceful bliss wherever he is...while the world continues to turn here...churning up another storm...out of which another one like you will someday visit
Posted by Angela Gillispie on 4th January 2019
Happy Birthday Peter. You left us far too early. You're loved, missed and thought of daily. You mean so much to me and many others. I know I'll see you in Heaven one day friend, until then.. I'll love you to death, ANGELA
Posted by Teri Bilyeu on 4th January 2019
Wrote while listening to ‘Suspended in Dusk’ An angel roams in heaven Within the still of the night Like picture stills lost in time The eternal breath that is our light Was how you lived your life And then, you were gone . . . Emerald eyes might I entice Your wraith that hides Behind the curtain call Searching for your prime You were lost in time Yet, your fire still burns In the souls of us all . . . For what can I surmise By those misty morning eyes Your cadence in that old familiar song From afar I hath observed All through the years while Your white light eternally burned Both wicks well into the early birth of dawn . . . Those emerald eyes did I go blind By the dice karma had rolled Cast aside you were one of a kind Peered upon by those Who could see into your soul . . . While inside, those left behind hath cried Wondering how it all went wrong In years since your demise I hid behind thy disguise Beyond the brisk leaves Of that autumnal morning psalm . . . Emerald eyes, may peace be with thee Whispered by the shadows within us all When the Gods had their say That fateful moment you were whisked away Suspended in dusk we shall remain Your timeless essence felt within Taken by the crisp breeze Of an early morning fall . . . Many blessings to the Ratajczyk family.
Posted by Heather Dunado on 4th January 2019
Missing your smile, your voice, your laugh, and warm bear hugs. Love you to death, Pete. ~ Heather, Nate and Lyanna
Posted by Cathy Ratajczyk on 4th January 2019
Happy Birthday Peter. Never forgotten! R.I.P
Posted by MaryAnn Thorson on 4th January 2019
Happy Birthday , Love always MaryAnn xo
Posted by Angel Smith on 3rd December 2018
You're missed greatly Green Man. Always in the hearts of each and every fan. I'll love you til death. ~Angel~
Posted by Casey Nicole on 2nd November 2018
I miss you.
Posted by Cathy Ratajczyk on 23rd October 2018
Happy Halloween in Heaven Peter our far reaching "brother" to many. Your presence is missed daily, strongly felt from other planes that you realm within and you spoke of. Your music always soothing, bringing back how much you affected and meant to so many people through your words and voice. But at the same time it is heart breaking as your life was cut short by your untimely passing. It's hard to comprehend what music you would have written for the world as there was so much left for you to share generously through your abilities. Thank you for all the sweet memories and fun throughout our childhood together, your genius as a profound composer and linguistics, as a lyricist and your nature as a man.
Posted by Summer Oleniuk on 22nd October 2018
The first time Type O negative hit my ears I was hooked. When paired with your voice, it resonated so much deeper. It's B.S that your time came when it did. You had way too much left to say. You're mourned greatly by your loved ones...and us Eternal Fans are left with the skat that's called music these days. I bet you're giving Prince hell.....
Posted by William Grover on 18th October 2018
I miss Peter's artistic contributions to the world of music so much, and of course his truly unique sense of humor, personality and world view. Him and the rest of the guys in Type O Negative were such a huge influence on me growing up and they still are to this day. The music and words he left us with will live forever and continue to act as audio therapy for generations to come. A true hero of mine. Please do not come here to mourn, but to celebrate. We love and miss you Peter. Continue to R.I.P.
Posted by Courtney McQuaid on 17th October 2018 have touched so many people, myself included. Your memory will last forever with the music you created. You will never be forgotten. Loved and missed always.. Do not stand at my grave and weep  I am not there. I do not sleep.  I am a thousand winds that blow.  I am the diamond glints on snow.  I am the sunlight on ripened grain.  I am the gentle autumn rain.  When you awaken in the morning's hush  I am the swift uplifting rush  Of quiet birds in circled flight.  I am the soft stars that shine at night.  Do not stand at my grave and cry;  I am not there. I did not die. Rest easy Peter..we love you!
Posted by Delia Ross on 17th October 2018
Oh God I miss you, I really miss you
Posted by Billy Byers on 27th September 2018
I really wish i could have met you peter your music has helped me through rough times in my life you spoke a message that touched the lives of many and for that i thank you so with a heavy heart i wanted to say you live on in my life and give me strength r.i.p green man
Posted by Aaron S on 25th September 2018
RIP Pete, I sure miss you bro.
Posted by MaryAnn Thorson on 14th April 2018
My Dear Friend 8yrs !! This day is always Hard , I miss ya , I wish we were back in 93, I miss your crazy phone calls At 3 am..I think of you and Smile , then cry .. I will see you again , Do you think the other side will be ready for That ?.lol..Bye For Now..Love MaryAnn
Posted by MaryAnn Thorson on 4th January 2018
Happy Birthday Pete..xo
Posted by Tony Luna on 4th January 2018
Happy b-day Peter. I miss u dearly, bro. See ya soon...
Posted by Linda Bransford on 4th January 2018
Happy Birthday
Posted by Cathy Ratajczyk on 4th January 2018
Happy 56th Birthday Peter You are forever missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Pandora Callicoatt on 4th January 2018
i miss u my dark prince..your voice still haunts my soul-you are still missed dear one..happy birthday in the afterlife my emerald eyed angel Peter..
Posted by Sherri Morrison on 4th January 2018
Happy birthday Peter
Posted by Mervi Viljander on 4th January 2018
At my funeral ya wont be there..
Posted by Nikki Sylvia on 4th January 2018
Always and forever in my heart.
Posted by Linda Bransford on 4th January 2018
Happy Birthday Peter
Posted by Beth Hilyard on 14th April 2017
I will be honoring him tonight at Duff's in Brooklyn an old haunt of his and the band. They memorialize him every year. No one else ever like him.
Posted by Linda Bransford on 14th April 2017
I do not have a day I go without hearing your voice (-) thank you for being a part of my life and many others around the world that feel the same. I will be by soon with some flowers like I always do
Posted by Cheryl Frallicciardi on 14th April 2017
I love you and miss you peter now and to eternity.
Posted by Mervi Viljander on 14th April 2017
Peter..7 years..Oh lord I miss you my friend
Posted by Candle Glows Light on 17th March 2017
As a tribute I have a screenplay with Peter in it. It is about Brooklynites that knew him and their adventures. It is called "Agency G" and will be in a theater near you soon! Another tribute is on a site called there are Type O Negative rooms you can go into in virtual 3D! The rooms are, OctoberRust and TheGreenMan
Posted by Aamina Mandalab on 15th March 2017
I remember the day you passed away. I was so sad. I've listened to Type O Negative since I was an early teen and fell in love with your voice. I haven't listened to Type O in a while and these last couple of weeks have been really hard for me. One day last week I woke up with a Type O song in my head (can't remember which) and I've been listening to nothing but Type O since. Odd since I hadn't listened to your music in such a long time. Listening to your music has definitely helped and makes me feel so much better... especially when times are tough and hard to endure. Thank you Pete. I never knew you but I will always love you. You live on in our hearts and memories. I never got to meet you but I do so wish I had. <3 I hope you have found peace some place else. I know you became religious a few years prior to your death and I hope there is a Heaven only because I'd like for you and other loved ones I lost to be somewhere. Xoxo Aamina
Posted by Cheryl Frallicciardi on 4th January 2017
Happy birthday peter.I miss you still!
Posted by Mervi Viljander on 4th January 2017
This is so hard...I miss ya Pete <3
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on 4th January 2017
It's still hard to believe that you're gone. Happy Birthday in heaven, sweet giant!! May you be surrounded by the most beautiful angels. I'll love and miss you eternally. <3 <3 <3
Posted by Sherri Morrison on 4th January 2017
You're not truly gone, cause you're always in our hearts❣️ Always love you Pete, Happy Birthday
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on 4th January 2017
I'll always be thinking of you, my dearest angel. Have a peaceful birthday in heaven. Love you!! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Ruby Hill on 1st October 2016
Fly with the Angels in your Autumn light with all your beloved ones...bless you for sharing your life in your music and poetry... Words that were from a wisdom so deep...Peter you will be loved and missed always!!!
Posted by Cheryl Frallicciardi on 16th September 2016
It is autumn here now and the days are filled with your music and thoughts of you even more. R.i.p
Posted by MaryAnn Thorson on 27th July 2016
My Dear Friend , Not a day goes by that I don't think of you ! I laugh , because you could be so funny , I cry because my Heart still breaks , And then I think of something that would make me laugh again !! I miss you Peter , I always will , You Beautiful Creature , My Thoughts are with your Family , Their loss is never ending , Love always Your Friend MaryAnn Thorson XO
Posted by Aleksandar Ivanovski on 15th July 2016
I miss you a lot green man
Posted by Laura Ngabe on 14th April 2016
Always, always much love for the Green Man..may you be at rest ..amen.
Posted by Vânia Ferreira on 22nd January 2016
I'm always thinking of you, dear Green Man. Blessed be wherever you are!!! <3 <3 <3 Love you to death!!
Posted by Tee Oghoul on 17th January 2016
I love and miss you Peter, you know that. Until we meat again.
Posted by Linda Bransford on 9th January 2016
I sure wish I could have met you Peter your music is part of my everyday life and always will be. You are so missed by so many love you forever
Posted by Jeff Ibitz on 4th January 2016
Happy Birthday Peter: WE MISS YOU :(
Posted by Pandora Callicoatt on 4th January 2016
Happy 54th Birthday Peter..i miss you so..your voice has soothed my soul for so long and wish you were still here to feel the love
Posted by Mervi Viljander on 4th January 2016
Pete..Well no words..I miss ya
Posted by Sherri Morrison on 4th January 2016
Happy Birthday Pete

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