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His Life

My Brother...

April 16, 2012

"Ray was always smiling and had the best smile ever.  He not only had the warmest smile, but a heart of gold to match. There is not a lot I can share with you about Ray that you don’t already know because with Ray, “what you see is what you got”.From a young age, Ray loved sports. He didn’t care that he was shorter or smaller than the other athletes. He just played twice as hard.  The only thing he loved more than sports was his friends and family. If you had the luxury of being one of Ray’s friends, then you were in a very large, but lucky group. There has never been a more generous sole on the face of this earth. If you were a friend of Ray’s, there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for you. Ray will have likely debated you on politics (unless your views aligned with his), but after the debate, he would be the first to buy you a drink. I know with each sporting event, each get together, and each party, everyone will be missing him. Let’s raise a glass for Ray. He was the best friend, the best brother, and the best son. Ray, you will be missed!" Love, your sis, Melissa.