This tribute was added by Holly Kenny on November 23, 2019
Wow you would have been 70 today. One wife, four children, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 son-in-law 12 grandchildren, one grandson-in-law, one grandson-common-in-law, one granddaughter-common-in-law and 12 great grandchildren with two in the bakery.
So since your birthday you have created this full amazing family
This tribute was added by Holly Kenny on November 23, 2018
Today was a good day. Not all days are but today was.
The first wedding of one of your grandchildren was today. Ashya is now a married lady with two little girls. They picked this day, your birthday. So you can be a part of their marriage. We all felt your presence.
OMG So much has changed. It breaks my heart that you were not here like us, with us. I just miss you so much.
I love you Daddy. Happy Birthday!!
This tribute was added by Holly Kenny on January 30, 2017
Hey Pa. It's been 6yrs that I said goodbye. When we walked away that night from the hospital. I left a piece of my heart with you. I'll never get over it. Some days are better then others. Some moments are better then others. I think of you all the time, but oh how I wish I could have you here body and soul. I hate this day. I just want my dad. I know your with me in my mind and heart. I don't care I just want my dad. Today is a bad day. Love you. Forever and always. Love your baby girl, Holly Ann
This tribute was added by Holly Kenny on January 30, 2014
So Long PA,

If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving father
Who had a heart of gold

I could write a million pages
But still be unable to say, just how
Much I love and miss you
Every single day

I have so very many memories
but I wished to have so many more
You told me I would always hear you
and somedays I'm scared I won't

I hold so many conversations
but your voice is not so clear
I remember all you taught me
So it's inside my heart I must hear

With tearful eyes we watched you
as we saw you pass away
Although we love you deeply
we could not make you stay

Your golden heart stopped beating.
your hard working hands at rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the Best

My heart still aches in sadness,
and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you,
no one will ever know.

For now we'll say so long
as we never say goodbye
I promise to never forget you
if you promise to do the same

Love Holly Ann
This tribute was added by Holly Kenny on July 23, 2013
Hey Pa!! I miss you soo much, that will never stop. I miss our talks it's not the same, just talking, I want your feedback. I want your voice. I would say I just want one more day, but I would be lying.
Love you, be good!
Take Care & Be Safe!!
This tribute was added by Rick N Amanda Blackmore J... on November 23, 2012
This tribute was added by Holly Kenny on April 10, 2012
Love you Daddy!! I miss you so much. I want to feel your arms around me saying its ok, everything will be fine. Your always in my thoughts. We are ok. Just wasn"t supposta be this way. I'll keep my promise. I'll never forget. You have fun with the dogs. I like to think that you are playing with Cola and Peanut. Take Care of each other! Love U PA!
This tribute was added by Tammy Blackmore on February 11, 2012
Its been a year and a bit and it has been hard to have all the firsts with out you and now dad you have another friend that joined you in heaven, every time it snows I will truly believe it is the pair of you and your craziness touching us to let us know you are still watching every moment :)<3
This tribute was added by Becky Blackmore on February 5, 2011
I could not have asked for more loving and caring father inlaw. I have lots of great memories from the last 16 years and I thank you for each and every one of them. You will be deeply missed by so many people as you touched alot of peoples hearts without even knowing it just by being you! Love you and I will miss you greatly Dad!
This tribute was added by Tracey MacGinnis on February 3, 2011
Love You So Much And Miss You So Much
This tribute was added by Tammy Blackmore on February 2, 2011
A very well loved man who loved everyone for who they were. Always excepted people into his life only to leave a lasting impression on the heart of everyone he met.
This tribute was added by Brandon Blackmore on February 1, 2011
I will allways remember you poppa
This tribute was added by Rick N Amanda Blackmore J... on February 1, 2011
R.I.P Dad We will always miss you and love you for all eterity
This tribute was added by Terroleen Argent-King on February 1, 2011
We remember comimg over to see you with our parent when we were little. We will always have those memories and keep them close. R.I.P Rick you will be loved forever and remembered always. Terroleen & Bev Argent-King & Deb & Darryl Argent-McLean

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