Posted by Lynda Hommel on January 1, 2021
New Year's Day, 2021
Everyone seems to think life will change for the better now that 2020 is over. We still have a way to go and soon we will adjust to new leadership with Pres. Joe Biden. My life, regardless, has settled into a waiting game. There's not much for me to do in life. I try to interact with family and get them to do the same, but everyone is too busy and unconcerned. I am very aware of your absence and I know I will feel it for the remainder of my life. I miss you. I miss the me I used to be. I miss the granddaughters you gave me. I hold tight to what was and am sad for what would have been. I send love and prayers to Heaven for you and pray you will send signs to me that let me know you are near. Here's to another year of adjustment without you. Forever my shining star. I love you, Scott. "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on December 24, 2020
It's Christmas Eve, 2020
This has been a terrible year for so many because of covid-19. Luckily none of our family have suffered health-wise, but there have been many who have had a tough time financially and work-wise. It's still not over. This could last into 2021!
Holidays have been affected. Families are asked to not gather. Money for gifts is tight. There's more families then ever who need help with food. It's sad. And when there are so many family members and friends already passed, my heart is full of sadness. I miss you, Son. No amount of time will ever fill the void you left. I hope you can send me signs that you are near and help me smile when I notice them. You are in my daily prayers and tucked away in my heart. I love you! Merry Christmas. You are so blessed to be there with God. You are still my "shining star ".        "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 26, 2020
This year I came to spend Thanksgiving with Justin and his new wife, Kayla. The food they made was delightful. We watched the Texans beat the Lions. J lives only a few miles from Ed now, so I also got to see him. I got Thanksgiving wishes from your girls. Heather is having her dinner tomorrow with Ashley and her family. I will stay here until next Sunday. Covid 19 has changed the holiday alot. We still have months ahead of dealing with it. The one thing that hasn't changed is feeling your absence. I love you, Son and will forever miss you and hold you in my heart.  "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 4, 2020
Happy Birthday, Son. It's been (46) years since your birth! What a marvelous day that was! I still remember the dr. coming in and saying you had quite a set of lungs on you, but he didn't know what you were fussing about because you had your own "little harem" in the nursery as you were the only boy amongst (5) girls! The mayor of Houston sent me a certificate declaring Nov 4, 1974 as "Scott Hommel Day." It was evident you were destined to be special and loved as you still are to this very day and always!  I miss you.     "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on August 28, 2020
Today your brother got married. I wish you were here to share in this event. It took 33 years for him to find a life partner, but I really think this will be a good marriage and that she will fit very well into our family. You have missed so much and we notice that void. You are forever in our hearts and on our minds. God keep you! 
Love forever, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on June 21, 2020
Father's Day, 2020
Another special day to remind me your gone. The girls would love to celebrate with you, but you gave them no choice. I get a bit angry on these type of days and it doesn't lessen the love I have or the pride I still carry for you. It's the choice you made without reaching out that angers me. I know you must have felt you had to be alone or it wouldn't happen. You did this for YOU because you couldn't see an answer to the future with what you were facing. I kinda get that, but kids need fathers who care, love and protect and you were all of that. Happy Father's Day, Son. You remain in our hearts.   "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on May 24, 2020
Son, your first born is 17 today! It's really hard to grasp that. She is an amazing young lady. You would be proud! She is about to begin driving. She is busy, busy with school and life, just like her Aunt Heather was at that age. She and Tristin are to come visit the first part of June. It seems like forever since we saw them! I hope you are smiling down on her as a proud dad, this day and always . I love you and miss you!    "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on May 10, 2020
Today is Mother's Day! I missed you. I remember you and Heather competing to be the first to wish me Happy Mother's Day. I miss that. Overall it was a nice day. I have alot of happy memories to help me get thru this day. Tristin texted me and that helped too. Jaden was here as well. I was proud to be your mom and I'm thankful for my children. Life takes us in all directions and if a few times a year we can just connect and reminisce, then life is good. Smile down on us and let us feel your presence.  I love you, Son!   "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 17, 2020
10 years! Why do I count time when it has stood still since the day you died? I don't miss you any more or any less because time has passed  I can bring back the feelings of that day in a flash. The disbelief, the sadness, the loss, the horror of those words, the question of why. No matter of time will erase that day and what I had to face and accept, so why do I keep track of lost time? I should focus more on the time we had. The memories of laughter, family, accomplishments, celebrations and dreams. I thought you had your own piece of life and things were good. You never shared that "dark place" that eventually took you from us. But my pride and love remains always. You will forever be a part of me and remain my "shining star". I love you, Son......"Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 12, 2020
Easter Sunday, 2020
The corona virus has us all in self-quarantine. The weather is beautiful. Having a small dinner later. Tristin texted Happy Easter, then later, I miss you. She is so sweet! She has your heart and Trinity has your personality. You are missing SO much. I can't believe Friday will be 10 years. I miss you SO much Son and I love you even more!      "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on February 24, 2020
Today Tristin is 15! She's smart, beautiful and enjoys school. Oh the joys you're missing!!
Posted by Lynda Hommel on January 13, 2020
It's 2020. Everyone says "may it be a better year." I say " may I get thru another year." Trinity is going to the Dominican Republic this summer for a week with a church group. I don't hear from them unless I text 1st and then it's a quick answer. But they are both doing well, achieving! My heart still misses you, tears still flow. I love you, Son!   "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on December 25, 2019
Christmas 2019, nine years without you and it still feels like yesterday. Each year that passes I'm more and more disinterested. There's no gathering of immediate family anymore. As soon as Christmas Day ends, everyone is on to the next holiday. Although I have 3 sons, I won't see any of them, life gets in the way.
But my heart is full of love and memories of you and that's the gift I treasure. No one knows what Heaven is really like or if you meet with those who have passed, but it's comforting to think so. I miss you and I miss the "me" I was when you were here. Merry Christmas, Son! Love, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 28, 2019
Scott: Today is Thanksgiving. We miss you. There are pros and cons for this holiday this year. To be honest, holidays aren't my thing anymore. This void can never be filled, but family still matters so I do my best. I love you forever....."Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 4, 2019
Scott: Of all the precious gifts in life however great or small, to have you as my son was the greatest gift of all.
I miss you with every beat of my broken heart. Happy 45th birthday Son.  "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on October 12, 2019
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 21, 2019
Easter....your absence is still felt. This holiday was just with Heather and the family. The best part was the sighting of a red cardinal....was it you? I prefer to think it was. We miss you, Son!      "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 17, 2019
This day is here again! With every passing year, I think it will be easier, but it's not. I still flash back to that morning that changed my life forever. I can hear myself screaming and feel myself shaking. 
I know I'm not the only mother who lost a child, so many have and some in more horrible circumstances and at earlier ages, but he was MY son and he meant the world to me! 
Seems death comes more frequently as I age. One doesn't become more at ease with it tho. I think I know more people who have died than those that are alive and that's sad. 
But this is "our" day son; not in a good way but you remain my "shining star" and I will forever miss you and shed tears.
                        Love, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on February 14, 2019
Today is Valentine's Day and my heart is aching in your absence. It's a day all about love and I have no way of giving you my love but through thoughts , prayer and wishes. I miss you SO much Scott! You will forever be my valentine ❤  "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on January 1, 2019
Today begins a new year. It is 2019. It will soon be 9 years since we lost you! Time stands still in my heart tho. A slight trigger can return me to that horrible, heart-wrenching day and I feel all that pain again. I struggle to move on but I have. I remember you and all you gave to so many of us and I smile because when you were here, you brought smiles and happiness to so many. I'm never gonna be complete again but your siblings and your daughters give me reason to go forward. I know where you are is a place of love, peace, beauty and comfort. What mom wouldn't want that for her son? I miss you, I love you and I look forward to being there with you.     "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on December 25, 2018
Scott: Christmas 2018 is almost over. We have somehow made it thru 8 Christmases without you. Although you aren't here in person, each one of us carries you in our thoughts and in our hearts so you are still a part of the holiday.  Your girls will be coming tomorrow to spend time with Heather and family. You would be so proud of each of them. We are going to the memorial we made for you before I leave on Friday.  Nothing we can say or do could replace having you here but it's our way to show our love and our desire to keep you close. I love you and miss you immensely! ❤
Posted by justin hommel on December 22, 2018
Its almost Christmas time again bro . Every year I just wish I could spend one more Christmas with you. I have such great Christmas memories with you . Alot of my teenage Christmases were awesome with you there and you always managed to totally surprise me with something really great. I wish Tyler could have had at least one Christmas with you. I know he would of been your best bud. He reminds me alot of you. I see you all the time threw him . I miss and love you so much bro . Merry christmas!
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 22, 2018
Son: Another Thanksgiving without you, but I've managed to give thanks for those who remain, for the memories of past Thanksgivings and other family gatherings, the granddaughters you blessed me with and for the time you spent making me feel loved.
Nothing is or ever will be the same! You were a blessing from the beginning and when I look past the pain, I have to smile because of who you were and the joy you brought to each one of us. Happy Heavenly Thanksgiving, Son. I love and miss you.       "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 4, 2018
Scott: As the thundering roar of motorcycles hit Galveston for the annual Lone Star Rally, I remember how each year you were there with your motorcycle for your birthday weekend. It was your gift to yourself to just be you and have some fun. I'm glad to have memories of you enjoying life. So I will smile when I see groups of riders headed to Galveston as my "Happy Birthday" gift to you. I miss you my "Shining Star". Life isn't the same anymore, but my love for you remains. Smile down from Heaven this weekend, Son!       Ma
Posted by Jackie Bennett on November 4, 2018
Hi, Scott. Happy Heavenly Birthday. Even tho I don’t post on your site often I do however think of you often. Probably as often as your mother does. When I think of you I think of the heartache your mom is feeling. I know she would love to have you down here on earth so she could hug and kiss you and really be able to celebrate your birthday with you. Just show her somehow today that you are right there with her. I would love nothing better than to see your mom happy in some way. Since you can’t be here with her celebrate with your family in heaven with you. I love you.
Posted by Lynda Hommel on May 13, 2018
Scott: Today is Mother's Day. It's the 8th year without you. I wish I could say it's easier, but it's not. Just one more special day that intensifies the loss. I miss you and Heather trying to be the first to wish me Happy Mother's Day and I miss everyone getting together on that day. I'm so thankful for memories. They are a lifetime gift. I'm blessed and thankful that my children all gave me those or getting thru these times would be even harder. I love you Son! You are tucked away in my heart and there you will stay, forever.   "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 17, 2018
8 years....the major change is that I've been able to become functional in life; one must go on. I do all that is expected of me and I don't expect or ask of others. I carry you safely tucked in my heart. You do not ever disappear from me. When I am to myself, my thoughts are of you and the memories you have left me.
It's true, time marches on and I am prepared to go to "the end of my journey" whenever God calls me. Life here on Earth is a struggle for so many and I'm ready for peace and joy and to be with family and loved ones who have gone before me.
I love you, Son! I miss you SO much! I wish I didn't have to face this reality every year. You remain my "Shining Star."  Ma
Posted by Lynda Hommel on January 7, 2018
A brand new year has started. I have high hopes for good things to come to many family members this year. 2017 has been quite a struggle. As for me, I'm content with "holding my own" in life. I have decent health and at this point, I can pay my bills by continuing to work at a job I no longer enjoy, but that is life for many. I keep my memories close and they still bring tears, but I handle my days and allow the nights for myself. The more years that pass, the greater the loss I feel. I miss the bond we had and I wish you had stayed to see your girls grow up. We all miss you terribly but are doing our best to move forward. I LOVE YOU, SON!  "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on December 25, 2017
Missing You At Christmas
Tears to you at Christmas time are gently tinged with joy, at every precious memory of when you were a boy. For you were goodness here on Earth, adored in every way and you are missed so very much every single day! We will meet again, Son, but until we re-unite, may heavenly peace surround you and bathe you in its light!
      Missing you as always, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 23, 2017
Well, it's Thanksgiving 2017. It's nothing like the family gatherings we had when you were still with us. Everyone just does their own thing. It may have gotten like this even if you were here because life these days is nothing like when you were growing up. People struggle just to make it to the next paycheck. Everyone is busy. Life goes on. But I am thankful this day and always for years of memories that get me thru to the next day. I feel your absence, Son, but I also feel your love. Missing you, always, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 4, 2017
Dear Scott: You would have been 43 today if we could have saved you, if you had even hinted to one of us that you needed our help, if you had reached out to us on that horribly sad day when our world blew up and we lost you forever. There has been alot of changes in the world and in our family. Your girls are amazing and you would be so very proud of them. They each have their own talents and are gifted as well. I'm so glad they got beyond losing you and have flourished. They still talk about you with love so that's great, but they needed you to be here. We all did. I can't move on as most have. I don't ever have a day you aren't in my thoughts or one without tears. Yes, there are those beautiful memories to hold onto, but I'd rather hold onto you!  I take off work every year on this day because I don't trust myself to not have a moment I can't control. The day you were born, a light was turned on in my heart and the day you left, it went out and I'm always stumbling in the darkness. I love you, Son. I miss you terribly and I will remember you ALWAYS! Happy Heavenly Birthday my "Shining Star".    "Ma"
Posted by Jackie Bennett on September 16, 2017
Hi, Scott. I have been gonna write to you for a long time. I think about you most every day. While thinking of you I also think of your mom. I can't even imagine how she feels but I do feel her pain. I really wish we lived close together so I can hold her in my arms. Let her cry if she wants.Let her scream if she needs to. If she feels she wants to go running just to rid herself of pent up frustration or whatever she needs to do. I hate myself for living so far from your mom. She needs someone to be able to talk out her hurt and frustration. I think she needs someone to just talk to and listen to what she has to say and help her to try to go on without so much pain. I know she loves you and misses you more than anyone can comprehend. So, Scott........please show yourself to her every now and again. She needs to know you're there. Since I can't be with your mom physically I will pray for her. You have a very amazing mom. Well, Scott, I love and miss you as well. Remember...visit Mom.
Posted by Lynda Hommel on July 25, 2017
"Small things can trigger a fresh wave of grief....a smell, a look or perhaps a song....within seconds you are flung into a time machine and are transported back to that 'moment' when time stood still and the world had crashed at your feet!" I experience this quite often. I'm back to square one, having to face life without you and believing that it's true. I miss you so much, Scott! Love forever "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on July 12, 2017
I'm here, Son. I never stop missing you. I pray every day for you to come to my dreams so I can see your smile, feel your presence again. It's been awhile now. My life isn't anything like I thought it would be at this age. I struggle thru each day, telling myself tomorrow will be better, but it never is. Those I needed so much in my life are gone and it seems there's not much left for me to do. But God has me here still for a reason, so I hang on, pray and wait. I love you and miss you SO much. "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on June 17, 2017
Son, my heart has not healed from losing you and now we release my big sister, Sandi's, soul and pray you and so many others are there to greet her and welcome her to her eternal home. Come to my dreams and leave me signs that you are still with me. I miss you so much and await my exit from this world. Love always, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on June 6, 2017
We think about you always, we talk about you still; You have never been forgotten, and you never will. We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain; to walk and guide us always until we meet again!
Love n miss you Son! "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on May 14, 2017
Today is Mother's Day. How I miss the days when you and Heather scrambled to be the first with the wishes! Thank you for all the memories we have made, for the beautiful granddaughters, for the pride I feel and for the purpose I was given. This day is a bit more empty with you gone but it gives me purpose and pride in all my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. God care for you and keep you close, always. Love and miss you Son!  "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 17, 2017
Today marks 7 years without you. Is it easier? No. Am I getting thru life? Yes, because there are others who need me to. Without them, I'd probably shut down. Your daughters are someone to be proud of. They are strong, beautiful, smart and adjusted. I can't speak for your siblings, but I can speak of them. They have had quite an adjustment to make in life and they each deal with it differently. The greatest difference in life without you is the absence of "family." There is no togetherness anymore. We all miss you, but we don't share that emptiness among us. I am still taking one day at a time. Oh how I wish I didn't have to face another year without you. I love you Son. God keep you for me. "Ma"
Posted by Heather Williams on December 6, 2016
Breathe In Breathe Out

Brother I never get on here. Mom tells me to all the time. It's just too hard. I see all the things that people have to say about you and it reminds me what the world lost when we lost you. Just know I love you so much and I am never going to be the same without you. The song above is one thing always reminds me of you and our relationship. I would have done anything for you. I remember our talks. I remember our fights. But all of that was us. I always wanted my big brother....I still do. I hate being older than you now. This world isn't easy to navigate without having you to lean on. I miss your hugs, your smile and your laughter.
Posted by Kandy Foote on November 9, 2016
I recently came across this anonymous quote and thought of you, Scott. 
"Grief, I've learned, is really just love. It's all the love you want to give but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go."
We love and miss you a lot.
Posted by justin hommel on November 4, 2016
Happy birthday bro! I would give anything to spend the day with you . I never had the chance to tell you how much you had an impact on my life and how even now that you are gone i continue to learn from the things you taught me. You always made my birthdays so great and special. I just wish i could give you an awesome birthday in return. I love you so much and miss you terribly!
Posted by Lynda Hommel on November 4, 2016
I'll miss you on your birthday, I wish we could be together to laugh and love and celebrate the day. Even though we can't, I hope you know that my heart overflows with love for you. 
And today I'll celebrate you and the wonderful moment that you came into my life---for on that day, my greatest dream was born! 
Happy Birthday, Son! I love and miss you SO much!!     "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on July 26, 2016
Hey Son, today your lil brother turns 29! The best gift he could've gotten would have been a celebration with you. I wish you had realized how needed you were in our lives. He could have used your help becoming a father, would have loved you being an uncle to his son, Tyler. There are times he could have used your advice or just needed to hang out with his brother, but all that and more was lost that day and now we move forward with that huge emptiness that haunts every special day, every single day. Hope you are watching over him from Heaven. Love and miss you, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on July 16, 2016
My Child Did Exist
I've lost a child, I hear myself say
And the person I'm talking to just turns away.
Now why did I tell them, I don't understand
It wasn't for sympathy or to get a helping hand.
I just wanted them to know I've lost something dear
I just wanted them to know my child was here.
My child left something behind which no one can see
So if I've upset you, I'm sorry as can be.
You'll have to forgive me, I could not resist
I just wanted you to know that Scott did exist!
            Missing you ALWAYS, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on June 9, 2016
Wish I could go back to the day
When angels came and took you away
I wanted to hold your hand so tight
Kiss you gently and say goodnight
And then just before you had to go
I would tell you how much I love you, so
I don't know how, I don't know why
I never got to say goodbye.
                     Miss you FOREVER, Son, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on May 2, 2016
Son, I miss you. Death leaves a heartache difficult to heal; love leaves sweet memories no one can steal. You may be out of my sight, but you will never be out of my mind. Until we meet again, I will FOREVER love you. "Ma"
Posted by Kandy Foote on April 17, 2016
Never far from my heart, in remembrance to you, Scott. I find peace in the following promise.

1 Thessalonians 4: 13-14 Concerning those who have fallen asleep, brothers and sisters, do not be sad like those who have no hope; For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, God will bring forth with Jesus all who have fallen asleep believing in Him.

-Leo Buscaglia-
I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death
They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.
We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.
Posted by Ed Hommel on April 17, 2016
Those we Love don't go away,
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still Loved ,still missed, and very dear.
Always will you be in my Heart and Soul
Posted by Lynda Hommel on April 17, 2016
There is no word, no label, no identifying moniker
I am not a widow, not an orphan, not childless
But one child less!
One less open laugh and little boy giggle, one less challenging tete-a-tete; one less artful, winking manipulation, one less word of comfort, one less grateful hug.
One less chance to embrace a son, one less new life to carry your eyes, your chin, your grin, your name. No one word for the pain, the longing the brevity of a life meant for living and an old soul meant to grow older than mine. Would there be any one price too high, any sacrifice too great for one more moment, one more breath, one more warm touch. I grasp desperately and sense the closeness--the ONE just at the fingertips of my heart and mind; only to realize again, there is no ONE ---you are gone and I am--less.  Love you Son, "Ma"
Posted by Lynda Hommel on March 1, 2016
The moment that you left me, my heart was split in two, one side was filled with memories, the other side died with you. I often lay awake at night when the world is asleep, and take a walk down memory lane with tesrs upon my cheek. Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain, you see, life has gone on without you, but will never be the same. Love you, Son..."Ma"
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