Sharron Ackles passed away peacefully on August 24 with Joe and her family at her side.  Sharron had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over a year ago and had fought hard to overcome it.  Very few people even knew she was ill.  She fought this battle with the same grace and determination that she lived life.   This memorial website has been set up to honor Sharron and will serve as a memory and reminder to us all of a woman who touched us all.  Please feel free to add pictures, videos, stories, music & letters to Joe and his family.  

                                    Memorial Service 

                                             Saturday, August 29, 2015
                                   Keauhou Canoe Club at Keauhou Bay 
                                                           9:00 AM

Following the service, there will be an opportunity to share stories & memories, followed by a scattering of loose flowers in Keauhou Bay and a pot-luck lunch.
We hope you will come and help us celebrate Sharron's life with her family and friends.

          Joe's home address is:  75-280 W. Kawena Place
                                                 Kailua-Kona, HI  96740

In lieu of flowers donations in Sharron's memory can be made through:

for furthering research in finding the cause and a cure for pancreatic cancer.  

Posted by Laura Guluzzy on August 25, 2015
Sharon was such a kind and lovely lady. I didn't know that she was sick when I ran into her a little while ago. She was always gracious. My husband,Don joins me in sending the family our Aloha and sympathy. We also left the island and moved back. So happy that she was here in our gorgeous islands at the last. Prayers and good wishes.
Posted by Marilyn Kurtz on August 25, 2015
Sharron was one of the kindest people it was my pleasure to know. She was always so kind to Brad, Hunter and myself while we lived in Kona. She was a great Ironman director and truly cared about all of the athletes and the entire West Hawaii community to make the Ironman experience a wonderful and meaningful experience. She always had a smile. The smile was true. She was true. No hidden agendas. I will remember her fondly always and thank Joe and all of her family for sharing her with us. Rest in peace Sharron. Aloha Oe.
Posted by Steven Locke on August 24, 2015

The news re Sharron is quite distressful to me ever though you, she and I have not had contact for years. She and I are of the same era both age wise and Ironman era wise. She was the kindest most empathic person I know. Her personality became the Ironman personality during the many years she served as director. Her years as director were congruent with mine as executive director of USA Triathlon so we were soul mates.

Sharron's personality permeated Ironman. I don't think we see that today. She will remain the hearts of those of her era forever especially mine. My best to you Joe and to Sharron!

Steven Locke
Posted by David Gonzales on August 24, 2015
Sharron is the most kind loving person I've ever met. She expresses her aloha spirit in all she does, and all she did when I met her in 1999 in Kona, the first time I raced there. Her legacy lives on in all of us that met and worked with her over the years. Love you Sharron, and we will miss you.
Posted by Chris Walker on August 24, 2015
I met Sharron in Kona in 2002 when i was trying to become the first person from Gibraltar to complete an Ironman Distance event. Sharron took the time out to come and find me and let me know what a challenge it had been for her to find the Gibraltar National Flag as she was determined to make sure it was flying equally alongside all of the other Nations. Amazing insight to recognise how important this was for me and that 30 second meeting is as memorable as the race. Thank you!
Posted by Penny Schilling on August 24, 2015
Sharron was a cheerleader for everyone, with a big heart and enthusiasm for life. She really cared about people. I knew her from Ironman Kona. My late husband, Bruno & I were one of the thousands of volunteers.  When he died, she came to his memorial. I was touched and honored. I sang "Amazing Grace" at his service and she asked me to sing it at the Pre-race event which was called Carbo load at that time. It was the first international sports event after Sept 11. They turned out the lights and gave everyone candles. I'll never forget it or her. Heaven is a brighter place because she is there! A hui hou and Aloha, Sharron.
Posted by Scott Tinley on August 24, 2015
In the dog-eat-dog world of elite triathlon, Sharon showed us kindness and empathy when the for-profiteers dissed her aloha. What a graceful woman. Fair winds, Sharon.
Posted by Katie Danaher on August 24, 2015
So many memories of what Sharron has meant to me, but the common thread through all of it was her willingness to give her time, energy and love to me. I am a better person for having known her.
Posted by Kenneth Gasque on August 23, 2015
Ironman Lanzaarote first year was 1992 and we have to thanks Sharron for all the help she gave us, here on Lanzarote.
Sharron will still live in our heart.
Posted by Jack Weiss on August 23, 2015
Sharron and I first served together on the USAT Board of Directors in 1997. We became fast friends. In the years that followed Ester and I would come to Ironman and work for Sharron. I was with Joe working the swim transition and bike finish. Sharron was a good friend who treated everyone with decency and respect. She made Ironman Hawaii a warm and fun place to be with her personal touch. Ester and I will miss her dearly.
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Posted by Mike Ackles on August 28, 2020
Hi mom, although you were certainly on my mind, I was camping on the 24th w no cell reception, so my words are a couple days late. 5 years. I sure wish I had 15 more minutes to let you know I understand now. So much has come to light since you left us..We love you very much, and we miss you very much, too. I hope you are happy and at peace mom. You deserve it.
Posted by David Gonzales on August 25, 2020
Sharron will forever hold a place in my heart. I am blessed for having met her in 1999 at KKT and then being part of the Carbo party program my first IM Kona that same year and years after. A truly loving, giving person, not just to me, but all she met. Rest in Peace my friend.
Posted by Joseph Ackles on August 25, 2020
Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Sharron’s passing. They say that time heals all wounds! I’m not so sure that’s true. My heart aches for her each time she enters my mind. More so now than 5 years ago.

Love is a fickle thing. It manifests in unlimited forms of thought, verbal expression, body language and touch. It is expressed differently at various stages of life. As a teenager we mistook lust for love. During midlife when raising a family, love was the glue that kept the family together and moving forward. When empty nesters, it was the knowledge of joint accomplishment. As seniors it is an invisible magnetism of mutual respect.

Unfortunately, very few couples are lucky enough to travel through life together experiencing each form of love. Those of us who have are truly blessed. We felt the joy and admiration of watching our mate achieve great things during our lifetime together. We experienced overwhelming desire to support even the smallest goal our mate desired to pursue. We received unwavering support on the part of our mate to ease our pain of failing a personal objective. We received overwhelming concern and unending care each time we fell ill. Love is not a word or an expression, it is a burning sense of admiration and respect for the extreme level of giving you received from your mate. It is rarely visible, cannot be measured and is impossible to fake.

Sharron’s memory is something I carry locked in my heart. It will not fade over time, nor will it be replaced.

I sincerely hope that the majority of you who visit Sharron’s memorial web site have experienced the level of love from one person that I have.

I would like to thank all of you who have posted warm thoughts on Sharron’s “Forevermissed” web site over the years. Although I have refrained from posting on the site until now, I do visit it frequently. It warms my heart immensely knowing that several of you have posted each year, either on her birthday or the anniversary of her passing. I’m certain she was deeply touched to have known you directly and that you continue to be her friend in memory.
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The Sharron I remember

Shared by Robin Schuster on September 5, 2015

The coolest thing about our memories is that we get to choose what we keep in the front of our minds.  I chose two to remember Sharron by. 

The first year we worked together, 1992, is one of my favorite years.  During race week she called me and asked if I was busy (of course!) but not too busy to give her whatever time she needed. She told me to come down to the hotel entrance and she'd pick me up.  She sounded very serious, almost grim.  I got in the car and she drove away from the hotel.  She was chatting about inconsequentials.  I finally asked where we were going and she said, "Well, we are much too recoginizable so we are going to get diguises." We spent the next half hour in Longs going through their Halloween stock.  We came away with false mustaches.  We wore them all day and many of the volunteers joined in the fun and would come up and ask us if we'd seen Robin or Sharron!

a few months later, we were coming back from lunch, riding in the back of a convertible. We were laughing and saying it was like being in the parade. I said yes, only we'd be sitting up on the back of the seats.  She looked at me and said, "I will if you will." We spent the rest of the trip back to the office waving at whoever we passed. 

Sharron loved to laugh and it was always good to laugh with her.  She will always make me smile.

No shame in front!

Shared by Maija Stenback on August 28, 2015

   I had been one of Sharron's coordinators for a few years when one day I was in her office talking about business and shared with her my fustration of my added weight gain.  With a gleam and sparkle in her eye and a smile that went on for miles she said "have you tried spinning at The Club?".  Needless to say it took her very little time to convince me to come try and I thought, why not.....I hang out in the back and no one will even really notice me.  She comforted me and said to just show up and she would have everything ready to go.  I reminded her, now don't forget, put me in the back.   YA, RIGHT!!  Sharron had me set up in the first row, dead center.  I was like noooooooooo Sharron!  The people behind me will lose their eye site if you put me if front, enrolment will drop, this is not good. 

   Even with my heart racing with the fear of "being in the front row", within seconds Sharron had calmed me and I was actually at ease getting on the bike.  My butt wasn't so happy with me for the next month but if it wasn't for Sharron I would have not have joined the Club for which I am still a member today.  Sharron also got me into body-pump for which I knew not to waste my breath telling her I wanted to start in the back.  Sharron always had the way to calm and ease people when most stressed or get us over that hump and make us comfortable out of our comfort zone.  You will be forever missed Sharron but I wil never, ever forget your love, comfort, compassion and hugs!!

  Rest in peace and watch over us till we meet in the Heavenly spin class, and no worries, I will hang in front with you!

A Song for Aunty Sharron

Shared by Kristy Foth on August 27, 2015 

This is one of Kya's original songs that we wanted to share in hopes that it brings uncle Joe and family comfort.  Auntie Sharron is found in His love!