Let the memory of Stacey be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Stacey Perry . We will remember her forever. In her memory, there is another personal website with more pictures, trips to the mountains etc. set up as well: http://staceyperrymemorial.ca

Her Smile
Though she is gone too soon
And we miss her lovely smile
And her hand we can't touch
Or a hug we can't get or give 
We still have so many memories of Stacey.

She was a soft spoken and well mannered sweetheart
Happy and smiling most of the time
With great sense of humor
She was fun to be around.

Super friendly, she could make friends in no time 
Easy on eyes and beautiful,
She attracted attention of all
Someone you could trust
She was a great friend to have.

A kind caring mom to Anna and Penny
Anna was light of her life
She loved Anna and Penny very much
And made sure they were well taken cared.

Her heart was as pure as Lily
Calm and non-violent
She was a wonderful person.

Gone too soon
We miss her lovely smile
God has her now 
We have her in our heart.

Always loved
Sadly missed
But never forgotten
We all love and miss our lovely Stacey.

At such a young age of 30 years, Stacey's life was cut short by a tragic incident which should not have taken place. May God give us strength to heal. We loved Stacey and miss her very much.

Stacey was a very charming and attractive young lady. She was a very kind soul, she would give her money or buy food to a homeless person even when she needed that money herself. She was so friendly that she could make friends in no time. Full of energy, always wanted to have fun time. She was a smart young lady graduated with an Honors in Office Assistant Diploma and was pursuing Legal Administration Diploma course. 

Stacey always dressed up and presented herself very well. Stacey worked for a credit union, a prestigious insurance company, a 3 star hotel, several national chains, hotels, pubs and restaurants. She also worked as a Direct Service Worker at Parkland Regional Community and  loved working for people with disabilities. She enjoyed volunteering time for several causes.

She was a soft spoken, well mannered, genuinely honest and non-violent person. She was happy and smiling most of the times. She enjoyed nature and would love to go for a walk and hike in the mountains. 

STACEY as her name says was a :


young woman. Beautiful, kind, soft spoken, good heart, caring, fun to be around, friendly and so much more. She was an easy to talk to, easygoing and very happy person. Easy to please, she was happy most of the time and enjoyed life to the fullest. She was a great friend, a person you could trust. 

Stacey was the best mom Anna (9 years children) and Penny (a cute puppy) knew and could have. Both of them are left without a mom at such a young age. They miss their mom. Stacey loved Anna and Penny very much. Anna was light of her life. Stacey and Anna would love to sing for hours. They enjoyed time together. Stacey always made sure Anna was happy. She took her to play to the parks, go watch kids movies together on Fridays, to the Chucky Cheese or McDonald's play area for hours and had great time together. They also enjoyed camping and trips to the mountains and lakes. She spent most of her money on Anna. Anna's rooms were full of toys. Stacey was like a grizzly mama bear making sure Anna and Penny were safe and had everything they needed. 

Stacey is gone too soon. We all love her and miss her. 

Funeral Service

Her funeral service was held in Neepawa, Manitoba on Jan 19th at Calvary Chapel, and was attended by family and friends. It was great to see so many people. It was a great service, very touching and helped us heal bit. We thank the pastor and the group for such an amazing service. We thank you all for being there. We pray that God gives us strength to heal.

Please share your memories of Stacey with us:

We welcome you to post your memories, stories, photos and videos of your time with Stacey here. This website is created for lifetime. The purpose is to let the World know that Stacey was a kind, caring, smiling, total sweetheart and a wonderful person. Second purpose is for Anna to know that her mom cared and loved her very much.

We thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

You are welcome to check out another personal tribute website by her best friend. http://staceyperrymemorial.ca

You could either post your thoughts, poems, and stories right on this website or send us an email at bow500@hotmail.ca and we can post it for you.

We thank you again for your thoughts. God bless us all.

Posted by Sam Swarnkar on 14th February 2019
Happy Valentine's day Sweetie, Wish you here today. Love and miss ya ;)
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on 4th February 2019
Stacey we miss your smile. I wish you were here with us. You are missed and loved By everyone who knew you.we will always remember your sweet smile. Your love for Anna and your mom. and your whole family I wish we had more time.love you forever Aunt Marilyn
Posted by Jessica Lukin on 31st January 2019
Stacey was the best auntie anyone could ever ask for. I really miss you Stacey you are loved and missed by a lot of people everyday. I always looked up to you. You were and always will be the coolest auntie ever. Happy Birthday ❤️ forever loved and forever missed Rest In Peace Stace!
Posted by Andrea . on 31st January 2019
We love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Sam Swarnkar on 21st January 2019
Stacey was a kind young soul, very friendly and down to earth. With great sense of humour, she was fun to be around. She was a very caring and loving mom. She was a smart woman who graduated with honors Diploma. She was a great friend and someone you can trust on. She dressed well and looked beautiful most of the times. She was a caring and loving human being a great mom. She made hundreds of friends and everyone is left without Stacey, a great smiling person who was a total sweetheart. She will be missed. We can't believe what just happened. We pray to the God, please give us strength to heal. We pray for you sweetie, we all love you. Rest in peace sweetie. I will see you soon. As always keep smiling and give us some light and strength.
Posted by on 19th January 2019
Rest peacefully sweetie xo

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