Posted by Sam S on June 16, 2021
Dear lovely Stace,
It was great to see Anna yesterday. She played with Penny. Both seemed very happy to be together. Even though we miss you a lot, Anna seemed to be OK. Her little brother and sister keep her busy. She is a very smart kid. I am so proud of her. Last few days have been very hard on me, all the memories coming fresh. I miss you sweetie :(, wish I would have done more. Love you always.
Posted by Andrea . on January 30, 2021
Happy heavenly birthday beautiful. ❤️ ❤️
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on January 30, 2021
Happy Birthday beautiful girl you are loved and missed so much. Wish you were here. We could celebrate your birthday. Gone but never forgotten. Love you Stacey from Auntie Marilyn
Posted by Sam S on January 30, 2021
Dear Lovely Stace,
Not even heaven is far enough to make me forget your big birthday. Missing you on this special day.

Many birthday greetings from all those you left behind on earth. We love and miss you dearly, my friend :(
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on December 25, 2020
Well Stacey it’s two years today you left us
We all miss you so much. Still hope we get justice for what that cop did to you . I am still very angry. But have to find a way to except . What happened
Your gone but surly not forgotten. We miss you everyday. Your sweet smile and gentle nature.
Glad I got to know you wish I did more .Aunt Marilyn
Posted by Sam S on December 24, 2020
Dear Stace,
You were fun to be around. It has been years since you left, still hard on every one. Your family, friends and everyone who knew you, we all miss you still a lot. Gone too soon :(
Posted by Holly Petitpas on November 28, 2020
Hey Stace, things are definitely not the same without you. it’s been very emotional the last few weeks while putting up the Christmas tree I broke down thinking about you and realizing how unfair your not here. I messaged everyone on the government directory asking for an update on the investigation. I hope Justice will be served and I hope someone decides to sue, time is running out here in Alberta we only have 2 years to hold someone accountable and time is running out. My fingers and toes are crossed your sister or Sam pulls though, unfortunately I’m struggling and don’t have the finances to see this through or i would. I love you very much and I miss you so very much I feel like part of my soul is missing it’s like bone crushing pain I can’t explain. I wish We had just another opportunity to talk and have one last sleepover. My mind is still not processing this and I’m in such denial thoughts tell me your not really gone, but you are. sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind. Love you my Love and I know I see you again.
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on November 16, 2020
Stacey how I wish so many times you were still with us. I miss your smile your good heart . You were a wonderful lady that touched all of us. You will never be forgotten love you Stacey .we will meet again someday I know that.
Posted by Sam S on April 14, 2020
Hey Sweetie,

We still miss you
As the days and years pass by,
We still miss you.
As the pain of grief softens
We still miss you.
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on January 30, 2020
Stacey it’s your birthday today.
You are so missed down here I know you are watching over your love ones, I felt your presence
when me and Anna went skating outside. I told Anna I wish your mom was here I miss her.
Happy Birthday Stacey .I am still waiting for justice and
Answers why you were taken from us. Should never of happened you are missed and loved by everyone who knew you. You always called me Auntie miss hearing those words. Until we meet again .
Posted by Sam S on January 30, 2020
In memory of a very special person
dearest and lovely Stacey,

Today is full of memories,
of a kind sweetheart,
a great friend and a great mom,
our lovely Stacey
laid to rest,
and every single one of them
is filled with happiness.

For you were someone
so very special,
always such a joy to know,
always full of energy, and
always ready for party,
You were fun to be around.

You were kind and honest,
holding no grudge against anyone,
the best quality I liked about you.
It was my pleasure and honor to know you
and you were the best friend I ever had.

But then you left so sudden
not having a chance to say goodbye.
There was so much pain,
when it was time to let you go.

That's why this special message
is sent to heaven above,
for the angels to take care of you
and give you all my love.

Happy Birthday Sweetie :)

Posted by Kyla Smith on January 29, 2020

I know you are with me at times,I can feel you or hear you, or all of a sudden a song comes on the radio and I know it's you reaching out to me, which gives me comfort. Although I wasn't there for you the last few years of your life, I know that you are watching over me, so thank you for that, girl!

Some days are harder than others and I'm still struggling with grief but know that I always have and always will love you! you are my protector - as you have always been. I share with everyone about how you used to stand up for me when I didn't or couldn't and man do I wish I did the same for you. I will forever cherish all of our great memories - dancing in your TITCHEN ! (lmao), playing on the trampoline at that persons farmhouse (while listening to JT's Bringing Sexyback),our night listening to Queen's I want to break free on repeat for hours, our time in the mountains, the 3 stupid bitches (hated the name but still proud of it at the same time lol), the hot caesar salad, making a snowman on main st. in binscarth and all the townee's gossiping about it the next morning, all the songs you introduced me to, and the list goes on! You are special and loved and missed so dearly, Stacey. I can't wait for us to meet again and continue where we left off - best friends, sisters, and dorks who love to laugh at each other! xox 

Wishing you a (early) Happy Birthday!
Posted by Holly Petitpas on January 15, 2020
To The Most Beautiful Beauty, I had the pleasure of knowing. I have been thinking about you for days and reminiscing on old times. I miss you so much and my heart still feels lost. I never expected you to leave so soon and it’s difficult to realize I don’t have you by my side and it feels like an eternity until I see you again. I love you with all my heart I know we had rough times, but you were like my sister, a true friend and we had a bond that could never be broken. Love you forever and ever.
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on December 25, 2019
Thinking about you today .miss you
Wish you were here love you always Aunt Marilyn
Posted by Sam S on September 16, 2019

Gone so soon, everyone misses you. It's hard on everyone. We all miss not having you around. We all love you. xoxo
Posted by Sam S on August 15, 2019
Still can't believe that you are gone. All the good memories and good times. You were a kind soul, pure as any flower. A great friend and a great mom - you are being missed by all of us including Anna and Penny. Rest in peace sweetie, will see you soon.
Posted by Sam S on June 19, 2019
Lovely Stacey,
Miss you today more than yesterdays.

Rest in peace sweetie. We miss you very much. We love you.
Posted by Sam S on April 23, 2019
Miss you. Hard to get you out of mind. Wish you were here today.
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on March 1, 2019
Stacey you are missed so much. We don’t know why things happened .liked they did I hope someone pays for what happened .
So we can have some Justice . I pray your at peace, we love and miss you.
Posted by Andrea . on February 23, 2019
Thinking of your beautiful face today ... we miss you and love you lots.
Posted by Sam S on February 14, 2019
Happy Valentine's day Sweetie,
Wish you here today.
Love and miss ya ;)
Posted by Marilyn Petitpas on February 4, 2019
Stacey we miss your smile. I wish you were here with us. You are missed and loved
By everyone who knew you.we will always remember your sweet smile. Your love for Anna and your mom. and your whole family
I wish we had more you forever
Aunt Marilyn
Posted by Jessica Lukin on January 31, 2019
Stacey was the best auntie anyone could ever ask for. I really miss you Stacey you are loved and missed by a lot of people everyday. I always looked up to you. You were and always will be the coolest auntie ever. Happy Birthday ❤️ forever loved and forever missed Rest In Peace Stace!
Posted by Andrea . on January 31, 2019
We love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Sam S on January 21, 2019
Stacey was a kind young soul, very friendly and down to earth. With great sense of humour, she was fun to be around. She was a very caring and loving mom. She was a smart woman who graduated with honors Diploma. She was a great friend and someone you can trust on. She dressed well and looked beautiful most of the times. She was a caring and loving human being a great mom. She made hundreds of friends and everyone is left without Stacey, a great smiling person who was a total sweetheart.

She will be missed. We can't believe what just happened. We pray to the God, please give us strength to heal. We pray for you sweetie, we all love you. Rest in peace sweetie. I will see you soon. As always keep smiling and give us some light and strength.
Posted by on January 19, 2019
Rest peacefully sweetie xo

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