Our Loving Neighbor

Shared by Lakeisha Collins on July 25, 2020
My Dear Neighbor,
I still find it hard to believe that you are gone. However, I know that we can rely on the wonderful memories to keep us comfort. When I close my eyes and think of you, I will always see your beautiful smile and your loving personality. Thanks for always taking time out to throw the football with my son when you would see him outside as you were getting in and out of your car! Thanks for always keeping an eye on us next door! Most importantly, thanks for simply being you! The love we shared as neighbors made us more like family! We will love you Always!
PS. I'll still be waiting on that car wash you promised me
Keisha & the Family

Fond memories

Shared by Aubreyia Perry on July 25, 2020
I knew Sterling since Middle school. We also attended high school together at MLEC. Even just thinking of him brings a smile to my face. He was always so witty and had a come back to everything. He loved going to Chilis Restaurant and just having a good time. I remember nick naming him Sterling Silver which he wasn't too fond of and just to annoy him I would call him that sometimes. He always found a way to return the favor. Im comforted to know that we all share the same hope and soon we will all see our dear brother again. To the Johnson family may Jehovah continue to comfort you all while Sterling sleeps just a little while. Because we know Paradise is just around the corner.
Shared by Alphonzo Fudge on July 25, 2020
What I will always remember about Sterling, is the day I asked him to be a groomsman in my wedding. He was surprised and excited at the same time. He turned to Jwade Jr and asked could he do it and Jwade Jr said it was ok. He then hugged me and said he would. His enthusiasm and humorwas infectious. There are numerous other memories I have of Sterling but that’s my favorite. 

Fond Memories

Shared by Brandon Corley on July 24, 2020
Sterling, myself and few other brothers used to go out to eat one Saturday out of the month. Sterling always provided the group with plenty of laughs.

FPL co-worker

Shared by Darlene Young on July 23, 2020
Just seeing him there with a big smile on his face and interacting with everyone was my fondest memories. I'm retired now but those memories of Sterling, I will miss and treasure forever!!! 

Love Has No Boundaries!

Shared by Fiama Steele on July 23, 2020
I can picture him with Grandad. Always by his side.
Love has no boundaries.
It grows as a tiny seed
Uniting hearts in the lives of many
And connecting individuals into one big family
The hurt affects us all, but the LOVE shared
Will sustain us now and throughout eternity
In Paradise, he will call and we will all answer.
Stay strong with Jehovah's Love.

In the new world to come

Shared by Mike Suchogorski on July 23, 2020
Jwade our hearts go out to you and family, our love and deepest sympathy. Through tears we fondly remember our little brother so full of joy and enthusiasm in serving our Father and His people. Vauntea fondly remembers at each assembly he stopped by to talk "shop" with her about her Ford diesel F350 dually. Look forward to sure hope of many more happy moments in the new world to come. We thank our Father for that hope. "Hope is a fire in our heart, hope is an anchor to hold us firm, hope is a light that shines like the sun as we see ourselves there in the new world to come."

Fond Memories

Shared by Ja'Kari Valdez on July 23, 2020
I will always remember when Sterling, my uncle and I would meet up at Chili’s watch some sporting games, eat and just hang out and talk. See you in paradise lil brother!!

Loveliest Memories

Shared by Avis Turner on July 22, 2020
One of my loveliest memories of Sterling is when he attended our PAL summer camp. Playing basketball with him was funnnnny if you know what I mean. He also had a passion for food chicken wings. He love wing stop chicken wings....

Fond memories

Shared by Marquitta Lawson on July 22, 2020
In 2006 we were on a circuit assembly together Brother Jamieson gave the part about young ones in the circuit who were doing good spiritually. Sterling was a good friend always look forward to seeing  him at assembly and conventions always a smile a joke or  slick comment He was really a sweet person always fun to be around.
  Definitely will miss him can't wait until we meet again and Paradise 

A Fond Memory

Shared by Betty Moore on July 22, 2020
Sterling said he was hungry every time you saw him no matter what time of day. He always wanted to know what was for dinner and what time it would be ready. He will be truly missed, hopefully we’ll have a dinner in Paradise.
Shared by Dionne Heath on July 22, 2020
One of my fondest memories of Sterling was joking about "what's for dinner" in the parking lot after meetings on Sunday. Sterling never showed up to my home, but I know that he knew that he was always welcomed.  Even now, just thinking about his humor makes me smile...

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