Her Life

Sue Huss

Carol Susan Huss grew up as a "straight A" student in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  Her parents were both renowned physicians in Chicago, though for a time her mother ("MH") stayed home to take care of Sue; her brother, Brad; and her sister, Sally ("Friday") as they were growing up.

Sue attended the University of California at Berkeley and majored in art history.  It was there that she learned the Transcendental Meditation technique and soon went to Poland Springs in Maine and to Estes Park, high up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to become a TM teacher and a pioneer in the development of consciousness for the world..  At the end of the Teacher Training Course Maharishi told Sue that it would be good for her to finish her degree, so she returned to Berkeley and graduated with a BA in Art History.

After finishing her degree, Sue opened the first TM center in Chicago and served as center chairman.  In this capacity she taught hundreds of people to transcend, giving them the gift of inner silence, peace, and happiness.  While on an advanced TM course in Switzerland, Sue was one of the first to learn a special advanced technique of the TM Sidhi program that was  personally taught by Maharishi.

On returning to the United States, Sue held many positions in the TM organization including teaching TM in Orange County, California; working at the national administrative offices in South Fallsburg, New York, and serving as coordinator for the Maharishi Jyotish office in Fairfield, Iowa.  

Sue also worked in the real estate business in Temecula, California.  Her largest sale was a mountain (!) sold to an investor.  In addition she worked for an investment company as administrative staff.

A big part of Sue’s life was Lake Geneva in Wisconsin where her family has a lake house.  Every summer Sue joined her family for waterskiing and summer fun.  Several of Sue and Sally’s TM friends stayed at the lake house for extended periods joining in the fun.

An avid photographer, Sue's portfolio includes beautiful photographs of religious art from the National Gallery in Washington, DC as well as nature photos.

Sue is survived by her brother, Brad Huss; sister-in-law, Charity Huss; her nephews  Alister, Leland, and Harrison; and her grand-nephews Henry and Charlie.