Her Life

Thelma's Legacy

Mom was born on September 30, 1926 in Pittsford, Vermont.
During her youth she lived in Pittsford, with her mom, dad, and brother, Ted,
until the passing of her beloved mother, when Mom was 14.
She adored her brother
and was devastated when she lost him while he was serving in WWII.
Though she only had one sibling she idolized her older cousins, 
Ned, Fred, Margaret, Erma, and Till, and considered them her siblings.

While attending school in Pittsford, she got involved in the school choir,
 traveling all over the state performing.
Her gift of singing grew and flourished throughout her adult life!
Many who had the pleasure of enjoying her beautiful voice in church
are familiar with her stunning rendition of 
‘His Eye is on the Sparrow’
Her faith in God was as deep and as purely simple as this song:

Why should I be discouraged and why should the shadows fall?
Why should my heart be lonely and long for heaven and home?
When Jesus is my portion, my constant Friend is He, 
His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

I sing because I'm happy; 
I sing because I'm free; 
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me.

Let not your heart be troubled; these tender words I hear; 
And resting on his goodness I lose my doubts and fears; 
For by the path He leadeth but one step I may see; 
His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

I sing because I'm happy; 
I sing because I'm free; 
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me.

Whenever I am tempted; whenever clouds arise; 
When songs give place to sighing; when hope within me dies; 
I draw the closer to Him; from care He sets me free; 
His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

I sing because I'm happy; 
I sing because I'm free; 

His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me...

These lyrics exemplify 
Mom's beliefs, attitude, and faith throughout her life!

After her mom passed, she went to live with her Aunt Bessie,
better known to us kids as ‘Grandma-in Rochester’
(yes, that’s all one word!)
She attended Rochester, Vermont High School and then went on to graduate from
Green Mountain College, in Poultney, Vermont followed by
Fanny Farmer School of Cookery in Boston Massachusetts. 

She then returned to Rochester where she met her sweetheart,
our Dad, Harold Mishkit.
They Married in 1947 and were together until May of 2019
when he went to Heaven to prepare
vegetable and flower gardens for her, while he awaited her arrival.
Five Children were conceived from this loving union:

Ted Mishkit, Tim Mishkit, Neil Mishkit, Beth Leonard, and their precious baby girl, taken to heaven soon after birth. In later years she welcomed more children through marriage. She loved Dede Mishkit, Melody Mishkit, And Wayne Leonard as if they were her own and they affectionately called her Mom as well. 

She was blessed with 9 grand children: Kurt and Gordie Mishkit, 
Emily, Ryan and Colin Fitzgerald, 
Isaac, Eli and Noah Mishkit, and Kelly Mishkit,
17 great grands and 1 great great, all of whom she loved dearly!

She brought up her children in the Christian faith, 
and from the time we were tiny children,
Mom and Dad began their day,
standing in the doorway of their bedroom,
together in prayer.

Mom was such a gentle soul, yet her graceful strength compared to none.
She was a patient and attentive listener.
Her nature was gentle, non-judgmental, caring, generous, loyal, loving, forgiving, and gracious….unless she was intensely involved in a game of Skip-bo!

Mom was in her glory when all of her family was gathered or when she was feeding and entertaining friends in her home. 
She was a devoted wife and garnered great pleasure 
from graciously serving and caring for Dad. 
As far as we are concerned Mom set the bar for 
how a true Christian ought to live their life. 

Mom worked for many, many years as a cook 
in the South Burlington School System, 
and was referred to by all of the students as the
‘Nice Lunch Lady!’, 
as she always had an encouraging word and a sweet, gentle smile.
Mom was loved and cherished by, oh so many! School students, dear, dear neighbors, church friends, of course family, and all who knew her 
over the course of her 94 years of life! 

Mom was the quintessence of sainthood.
Saint Thelma
Ya… that was our Mom!

Mom and Dad cherished their yearly summer vacations

 in rustic camps on the lake with our dear friends, the Harms,
 as well as their New Year’s Eve celebrations
 with their dear neighbors, the Hawleys!  
Mom and Dad held so very many people dear to their hearts, through the 
five churches they attended over the years, as well as neighbors… 
Linda and Pete DeVries, Tom and Lynn Enman … 
too many people to list here, yet each were equally as precious to them.
In their later years they enjoyed their relaxing yearly trips to Jekyll Island,
and their daily miniature golf competitions!

Speaking of competition…
Though mom was absolutely a graceful and gentle soul 99.9% of the time,
that remaining .1 % of the time, when she was playing Skip-bo, this did not apply.
Though she didn’t participate in nasty verbal banter during the game, her quiet vicious competitive nature could be seen all over her face!
This is the only time we might question her sainthood! 

Mom loved chocolate, little faces on pansies, 
birds, particularly cardinals, the color purple, puzzles, and reading the Bible.
She found peace and relaxation behind the ironing board. 

When we were kids her ‘get-away’ was to call her dear friend Gloria Stearns, 
and talk on the phone for hours, while ironing Dad’s shirts and the bed sheets, even though she only lived three doors down!

Mom’s thoughtfulness was evident in the millions of cards that she sent 
To ALL whom she knew, not only on special occasions but often, just because…
She was extremely sentimental and 
Her home décor was evidence of that. 
She saved and displayed everything that anyone ever gave her.
A hoarder of sentiment I suppose…
Though her home was ALWAYS
 meticulously clean and uncluttered.

Lastly, whether it was when we left the house to go out on a date as teenagers,
or when we went to visit her home with the grandkids,
what her family will fondly recall
is Mom standing at the window waving goodbye,
until we vanished from her sight. 

Goodbye Mom…
We are all waving you on to Heaven!
We love you!
You will be DEEPLY missed!