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Shared by Ceal Moran on February 23, 2021
FYI        I've been in Thelma's life only the past few years- and only briefly @ that.     However, as a friend of DeDe (& Tim I'd like to think...) --- she quickly was "a friend of mine".

We met when she started to live in Ferrisburg.  So seeing the flowers in her hand for the obituary photograph will leave a lasting picture of this great lady in my mind.  Excellent choice!

Please take a moment to stare @ my scrapbook creation that "sums up what is so very important" to the Mishkit family.   YUP, "family".
Shared by Alisa DeVries on February 18, 2021
I'm so thankful I got to view these photos and listen to the sweet music. Sam and I enjoyed taking a moment to remember Thelma.
We really only knew Hal and Thelma in their older years as they were friends with Sam's parents.  I found a great photo of her with Mom DeVries (Linda). For a few years Thelma would come down with dunkin donuts and spend the day making applesauce with our family. I always loved her quiet, kind and gentle ways. 

Tomato Soup

Shared by Jeannie Perkins on February 18, 2021
We don’t always realize who the people were that influenced us in our lives until you really stop and think about it. Living on Clinton Street just 3 houses down from the Mishkit family and my very best friend Beth I spent a lot of time in the Mishkit house. Mrs. Mishkit (Thelma) was always there when we needed something....tomato soup with pb ritz crackers floating on top, fixing Barbie doll clothes that were covered with mildew after they were put away wet in their Barbie case. She was always kind, gentle, always with smile. Even years later visiting her in rehab there was that smile, the gentle ways....asking how I was, what I was up to. There are people who have had an influence in our lives....Thelma was one in mine.
Shared by D3nise Jaques on February 18, 2021
Thelma's son Tim is my brother in law. We've known the family for a very long time. When I first met Thelma at North Avenue Alliance Church she was singing in the choir.  She sang like a beautiful song bird. I knew I wanted her to sing at our wedding. My favorite song she sang was "His Eye is on the Sparrow". Well,  Thelma, Now I know He's watching over you. A great loss for Earth, but a blessing for heaven. Love and prayers for the family.❤ Denise Jaques

A true friend.

Shared by Dee Laetz on February 18, 2021
Thelma was a wonderful friend when I lived in Vermont. A young mom who was helpful in many ways. Made my stay there great. Our conversations were always uplifting and brought joy to me. She also had a beautiful voice. She sang at my wedding so many years ago. And now I know she is singing with the angles. God’s love and comfort to you all

“You better go down there and woo him!”

Shared by Wayne Leonard on February 17, 2021
“You better go down there and woo him!”
These were the words Mom spoke to Beth when Beth first told her about me, back in 2012. You see I was down in New Jersey and Beth and I had only spoke in the phone but hadn’t met in person yet.  Thank you Mom! If not for you our love story may have never been written 
Mom enjoyed razzing me about how ‘her’ Celtics always found a way to beat my Philadelphia 76ers, declaring, “Maybe they’ll do better next time...”with that slight smirk on her face! 
She always was telling me to get more food to eat even though I’d just finished my second helping. Mom always made sure there was a fresh pot of coffee and made sure my coffee cup was full. Her kind and gentle words of encouragement and support in rough times and the gentle sound of her voice always brought comfort in times of need. No man has ever been blessed with a better Mother-in-law.
Thank you so very much!
 I have been honored to call you Mom. 

Memories live forever

Shared by Beth Zimmermann on February 17, 2021
I have known my ”Aunt Thelma” for over 65 years.  She had a lovely smile and beautiful voice.  She entrusted her children to me as a babysitter.  Later she sang at our wedding and Beth was our flower girl. When my little sister fainted during her singing of The Lord’s Prayer, she slowed the song down and kept us focused on that while my sis was treated.  Larry and I visited VT while my family rented a cottage with them each year.  The guys would golf and Mom, Aunt Thelma and I would go shopping.  One year the only car key left for us was to a Volkswagen with stick shift, no muffler and no speedometer.  I was elected to drive.  What a fun afternoon, praying we wouldn’t get pulled over!   We laughed the whole time! In 2008 my sister Robin, husband Kerry, Larry  and I had our final visit with the Mishkits.  An afternoon of reminisces of their friendship with our parents.  We as a family were truly blessed to have Aunt Thelma and Uncle Harold as a part of our “FRAMILY”.

Holiday Card for Grandma 2020

Shared by Colin Fitzgerald on February 16, 2021
Dear Grandma,

Oh what a long wonderful trip it’s been!

I will always cherish our heartfelt joyous moments together. You have always radiated love, peace and togetherness. Anytime your name is mentioned they say "she is the sweetest lady" and "she is so nice". I realize no one is perfect yet I’ve always thought of you as a Mother Teresa figure that holds space for everyone and leads with love, acceptance and tolerance.

Some fond memories I have of us is you and Grandpa sitting together at Christmas watching everyone open gifts and play yankee swap. Asking you for Fudgesicles, having Andes mints and playing the organ. Grandpa kicking us out of his chair, watching sports, stoking the fire, carving the holiday meat, praying at the dinner table and everyone eating together laughing and catching up.

Playing football with Grandpa and you waving goodbye at your house window as we drive away from the holidays. Hugging and receiving support and prayers from you and Grandpa. You and Grandpa going to my football games. You writing Aunt Thelma and Uncle Harold on my Christmas card by accident. Going to Jekyll island in Georgia with you guys for a couple of years. Loved when you would babysit me and take me to Friendly’s in your comfortable cars with leather seats. Being testy with you when you babysat me because I wasn’t getting my way. 

I miss our gatherings and big family dynamic but we will carry on all the love, happiness and laughter with our loved ones and new families. Your impact and unconditional love will always be present and live on inside of us. We are so grateful to have you in our lives and we love you with all of our hearts. 

I love you Grandma!

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