My God-husband

Shared by Fionnuala Fitzgeorge on October 14, 2020
Todd and I were godparents together.  He would affectionately call me his “God-wife.”  I have known him for almost my entire life.  He was there for every occasion, big or small.  I can’t imagine life after Todd.  He was the person you looked forward to seeing.  He always gave you his full attention and you could always tell in his eyes he was really listening.  I am going to remember him for how hard he loved Deirdre.  Their marriage was revered in our family.  I am going to remember him for how he always put family first.  Aislinn and Deirdre were his number one priorities.  I am going to remember him for how welcome he made people feel.  And I will remember his love of slot machines, bike riding, music, Diet Coke, and his great laugh.  While this testament to Todd is simplistic, our love for him was not.  The sun will never shine as bright.  Life will never seem whole without him.  But we will always remember Todd by in which the way we live our lives from here forward.  To be a little bit more like Todd will help make the world a kinder, brighter place.  Years ago Deirdre got a license plate that reads:             

 DD ❤ Todd 

but we all know Todd ❤ DD too.  

My heart will ache until we meet again, God-husband.


Plum Gang

Shared by Deirdre Pearson on October 14, 2020
Here’s a few funny thing about Uncle Todd. Him and I shared many things, one being our love for fruit. We had frequent discussions about the seasonal fruit, the best apple varieties, and most of all the absolute exquisiteness of the plum. We were maybe the only two humans who could eat only plums for all of eternity (the only thing that would deter us is the laxative nature of the fruit). In honor of this strange obsession we named ourselves the the Plum Gang. We had a secret plum gang greeting where we’d shout “bump it” and almost fisting bump before aiming the other one out. He nicknamed me Beetle for a reason I don’t know and he used to call me Deirdre Weirdre. Some of my favorite memories were with him and Uncle Thad and all our cousins in Catalina. They took us kayaking and on the flying fish tour and we’d walk around at night to get ice cream and listen to drunk people sing karaoke and maybe if we were very lucky catch THE Gill Torres at Luau Larry’s. We’d all walk around impersonating Huell Howser and laughing at just about anything. Uncle Todd made me feel like an official unofficial Hill by letting me spend all my time in his home with his cat and his daughter because I am kind of obsessed with them both (in a good way I think). He knew how to make me feel seen and loved in the hardest times and he knew how to be funny all of the time. I loved when he’d drive Aislinn and I to volleyball practice and I would get to listen to him sing in the car. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who’s so in love with music yet is so very bad at carrying a tune. But it was beautiful to see him living his life doing what he loved. 

Todd Hill, aka "League Psychic"

Shared by Phil Pitchford on October 14, 2020
I met Todd many years ago, but we have interacted most recently by being in the same fantasy basketball league, which has been a great experience, more so for Todd than me. But more on that in a minute.

Todd joined the league in 2009, playing under the team name Parr K. Fleur (parquet floor, like the Boston Celtics play on, get it?). His start was inauspicious, finishing 14th in a 14-team field. He had all the makings of a “donor manager,” the guy who coughs up his $75 every year to be divided among the top three finishers, which, more often than not, has included yours truly.

Todd accepted the challenge, however, and fought his way to 5th place the following year, an impressive jump. At some point, Todd shared with me that, throughout his fantasy career, he had a unique talent for trading away players who, unbeknownst to him, were about to suffer a season-ending injury. I dubbed him “League Psychic,” and that is the team name that Todd played under for the next nine years.

Todd won the league in his third year, the 2011-12 season, which is pretty impressive in a very competitive league. This time, the roles were reversed; I finished 11th. I am ashamed to admit it, but I was green with envy, since I had never won the league myself. But I got over it quickly and was happy for Todd. In our talk this week, Deirdre shared that Todd was very excited about his championship. I smiled when she said he did not share news of his win right away, perhaps because he had bike-related plans for the $390 in first-place winnings. It warmed my heart to hear Deirdre recall Todd’s happiness over his victory.

Todd notified me last year that he would not be participating in the 2019-20 season because he did not think he would have time. I was disappointed. Todd was always a great manager, and I liked keeping in contact with him through our league. He kept it fun when others (me) got a bit obsessive. He frequently joined in the “smack talk” of our online live draft each October, which can get a bit salty at times, but always kept things upbeat and fun. In a normal year, we would be doing that draft this weekend. Like everything else this year, the season sucked, ending prematurely in early March.

Todd got the last laugh, though. One his friends, whom he brought into the league when we had an opening, finished first this year, his second win in three years. I finished 12th, and still have not won the league a single time in, ahem, 18 years.

When I got the news, I texted two other managers – my brother-in-law and my former coworker, Carlos Puma – and told them, “We lost League Psychic.” They were in disbelief, despite the fact that I don’t think either one of them ever met Todd in person. I think we will hold a moment of silence during our next live draft to remember Todd. He will be missed.


Shared by Irene Pearson on October 11, 2020
I have so many Todd stories and I will definitely share more as time goes on, but this one is about Todd, Camp Arbolado and grace.
When Deirdre first started dating Todd, I, and many of her closest friends were working at the East Whittier YMCA. We loved Todd right from the start and knew he was the one for D. Many of us went up to Camp Arbolado each summer as camp counselors or on the directing staff and it was only natural that we talked Todd into joining us. If you have been to a resident camp, then you know there are many traditions and routines. I have many sweet memories of Todd up at camp, but the very first one sticks out in my mind and heart because it truly was the beginning of Todd's spiritual journey (at another time I will share how he earned the name "Pookie" and Deirdre became "Poofie":)
As all the cabin groups lined up in front of the dining hall, we always said grace. Now, this might be a simple prayer or a song. We were lined up for dinner (I think it was our first night) and someone said "Todd, would you say grace?". Very loudly and enthusiastically Todd stepped up and said "Grace!". There was a moment of awkward silence, for Todd clearly did not know it was supposed to be  an actual grace and then someone quickly started a song, we chuckled and moved on.
Fast forward many years, and Todd became one of the most spiritually centered people I know. As a brother in law and a friend, he was someone I could count on for love, support, guidance - and to return any Tupperware that ended up at his house. :)
He lived a faith centered life and inspired many others to do so also. A couple of years ago, Todd gave me a piece of paper that he had typed and laminated and said "I think you need this". It was the St. Theresa prayer and I have it hanging up on my bathroom mirror and try to read it everyday. I will try to move forward in joy and live a purposeful life because of Todd. His life was full of grace in every sense of the word. Here is the prayer:
St. Theresa's Prayer
May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones and allow you the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is here for each and every one of us.

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