This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Claudette Coke, 58 years old, born on August 12, 1962, and passed away on March 11, 2021. We will remember her forever.

Please join us for her funeral service on:Thursday April 22nd 2021

Full details below.........

                           Funeral Service

The Church Service will be streamed live at 11am and is to be held at: 
St Hilda’s Crofton Park
Courtrai Road
SE23 1PL

Funeral Programme link below


The Burial will be streamed live at 1:30pm and Claudette (Pat) will be laid to rest at:

Grove Park Cemetry
Marvels Lane
SE12 9PU

Funeral Programme Link

Posted by Janice Beckles on April 15, 2021
May her soul rest in Eternal Peace. Janice Beckles
Posted by Donna gayle on April 15, 2021
Dear Pat... it is with great sadness i write this tribute in honour to you, I always and will always regard you in great honour, strength and love. You were the rock for your family and all your blessed children, you will be greatly and sadly missed by all.
I know all of your children and extended family will live on and forever uphold your legacy and continue to keep you proud with all they do
Rest In Eternal Peace

Ps this tribute is one of a kind and so beautiful.. the pictures are absolutely lovely ❤️❤️
Posted by Nichola Obande on April 15, 2021
Your mum is and will always be a wonderful, strong and impressive woman. All her memories will remain in your hearts forever. This is a sad time but we are all blessed to have met this amazing lady. RIP.
Posted by Ebidu Koroma on April 15, 2021
Evonne and your family, your mums love and legacy will live on. You will always carry it with you. May she continue to rest in eternal peace. My prayers are for you and the family. She will forever be missed but will always live in your heart. All my love x
Posted by Pauline DAWSON on April 15, 2021
The most painful goodbyes are the ones for family. Life forever changed. I can't imagine the void left with the passing of one of God's angels. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Celina Grant on April 15, 2021
RIEP Pat, I did not get the opportunity to know you as well as others. Although i feel like I got to learn some great things about you, leading up to your passing. You have a wonderful family and great friends. As a friend of Yvonne, I have come to recognise where she gets her strength, worth ethic, love for children, safeguarding, sheer determination and love for the Lord from. Your legacy will truly live on though your children and grandchildren. Sleep tight. With love Celina and family Xxx
Posted by Katie McCann on April 15, 2021
Thinking of Claudette’s family and friends at this difficult time. Her memory will live on in her amazing children, grandchildren, family and friends. Sharing memories will ensure she is never forgotten. From hearing you all talk so passionately about her and the impact she has made to everyone she knew shows the significant impact she has made over her lifetime. Katie, a friend and colleague of Yvonne’s x
Posted by Babsy Kaye on April 15, 2021
Your legacy will live on in the family and friends you left behind. The footprint of love you left on their hearts will help us remember and smile at the loving memories. Rest well and dance with GOD’s Holy Angels in Glory.
Posted by Milcka Asefaw on April 15, 2021
Firstly, Thankyou for welcoming me into your home and accepting me as Erron’s partner.

Thank you Pat for raising the most phenomenal, loving and amazing partner in Erron, he is a credit to you. I am more than blessed to have met Erron at the time I met him and was able to meet you even with the short time we had together.

I remember the first time I met you, I was so scared because Erron always spoke so highly of you. But soon after I felt at ease, you always made sure I was comfortable and okay.
It has taken me a few years (to say the least) to come out of my shell but you always made sure to take a couple minutes out of your time to speak to me about anything and everything. I appreciated that a lot.

I just wish now that we had built a relationship sooner because I genuinely believed we would have had many years together.

Rest in perfect peace xx
p.s your curry goat was fantastic.
Posted by Marlette Neath on April 15, 2021
I miss aunty pat so much don't no what am gonna do she not here any more it's like my life turn up side down aunty pat always have a name for every one I can remember my first time arrive in this country aunty pat take me to lewisham and said to me when some one offer u something to eat don't say u don't want u must always try I can go on forever she teach me so much things but good people never last long aunty pat u are my ride and died Rist in perfect peace never forgotten
Posted by The Sherriff on April 15, 2021
As a friend and colleague of Yvonne I send my sincere condolences to the family. Yvonne rest assured your mum will always be with you ❤
Posted by Angela Bryant on April 15, 2021
I’ve always called Claudette ‘ C’ from when we first met at Lambeth. We met at Hopton house at a photocopying machine, C introduced herself asking if I was new to Lambeth, which I was, we just clicked there and then and would chat whenever we passed each other in the lift or when on each other’s respective floors. In 2006, I moved to ‘C’’s team becoming her deputy manager, we would walk from new cross to Brixton most mornings when she wasn’t driving talking about everything the journey would go by so quickly as we just talked and talked. ‘C’ taught me so much about fostering and also about managing staff.
When ‘C’ left Lambeth we became closer, we would spend ages on the phone talking about our life’s, work, our kids and grandchildren. On one occasion which we referred to as our ‘mammoth session’ we talked for 6 hours straight, no breaks, we laughed, played each other our favourite old time lovers rock tunes and put the world to rights. In 2013 We traveled to Jamaica, for 2 weeks, we laughed, relaxed and always referred to that break as the best holiday because it was peaceful, fun and we laughed non stop, whenever we spoke about that trip we used a few words, ‘opportunist and orange’’ which summed up some experiences we had while there. In 2016 ‘’C’’ called me on 16.07.16 and asked what I was doing the following day, I told her nothing and she said ‘do you want to come to Venice’ of course I did, so off we went, neither of us had been before so it was a great experience for both of us, as usual we spent the whole time talking and laughing. Throughout our friendship we could look at each other and know what the other was thinking which would have us in hysterics. I will always remember the passion ‘C’ spoke about her children, her grandchildren and her mum. She was my go to person when I had a problem, she would always say ‘ange don’t be so hard on myself but equally she would tell me when I was being dumb. I will forever miss ‘C’’s’ smile, and her sense of humour, the sound of her laugh and her insight into the soul of others, her capacity to stay calm when I was losing the plot but most importantly I will miss her friendship and our chats and the laughter.
Posted by Cheryl Clarke-James on April 15, 2021
Claudette RIEP

Although we worked together we never had much interaction until i left Southwark and you became the Manager of my team where i am a foster carer. Your upfront transparency was always appreciated, your support, wisdom and even the 1 time i got the little telling off i appreciate so much. You saw i had been forgotten due to being an employee and plowed your wisdom and set me on the path that has made me a better carer. Already feeling the effects of your absence.

Sleep Well RIP
Posted by Karen Speid on April 15, 2021
RIP Claudette will miss you dearly. Thank you for all your words of wisdom you gave during my early days as a young social work student. It was always a pleasure working with you in both Lambeth and Southwark. You were always fighting your corner never tolerating any nonsense (your eyes would roll and your arms woild be firmly crossed to show your disapproval!!)

Fly high and rest up️️

Loads of Love Karen Xxx
Posted by Lorraine Campbell on April 15, 2021
Aunty Pat always had her family around her, tried her best to keep everyone together, always asking me about my siblings loved children and wanted the best for everyone.
I have many great and good memories from a child growing up to now with you and the family.
I appreciate all the encouragement and support you have given me over the years to become the woman i am.
Posted by Chloe Bogle on April 15, 2021
I’ve come to accept that I’m at an age now where some of the closest people around me won’t live forever but you were gone way too soon.

I never thought I’d have anywhere near the same amount of pain that I felt with my Granny passing away but in reality, you were a second mum to me. You welcomed me into your family for many years, especially at the time when I decided to stay in London whilst my parents moved away. You, Gran and the rest of the family welcomed me into your home and allowed me to live with you and you treated me as one of your own.

You gave me advice each and every time when I needed it, you gave me the courage to go back to studying when I thought I was too old to, telling me your experiences from a young age and how you became the successful social worker you were. You also gave me the courage to bring my beautiful daughter into the world, Kaliyah or as you would call her your “sassy” granddaughter! You stood by me every step of the way.

I’ll never forget the day I had Kaliyah and the first thing Erron did was run to your room to tell you, I followed up jumping for joy saying “I think she’s coming Pat, I’m in labour!” You turned around and said “You wouldn’t be jumping up and down and thing if you were in labour I can tell you that much!” You were always so funny, loving and very caring. That is something I will most definitely miss.

I loved the relationship that you had with your family, especially your grandchildren and I’m so glad that Kaliyah got to spend nearly 8 years of her life with you. She has so many memories, voice notes, videos and messages and we will hold onto those forever.

Love you loads Pat. Rest in peace xxxxx

Ps. Kaliyah is finally having that growth spurt that you always said she’d have and I know you’re looking down on her smiling ❤️
Posted by Candice Dixon on April 15, 2021
For you to welcome me into your family as the wife of your eldest son was an honour that I will never forget. I know you wouldn’t have allowed just anyone to be that person. Thank you for the love you showed me and my children over the years. The support and guidance you have given us as we have built our family will carry us through the years to come. I promise to forever honour your memory and remind your grandchildren that they come from greatness. You are a special woman with a huge personality and an even bigger heart. We will NEVER forget you. I love and miss you so much. Rest In Perfect Peace xxx
Posted by Yvonne Dixon on April 15, 2021
Words cannot express how much I will miss you mum. You have been my rock throughout my life and the truth is I don't know what I am going to do without you. My amazing children are helping me to stay strong. I will cherish every memory and I am glad I spent so much time with you. I will forever make you proud. Until we meet again I will stay close to God and keep praying.
Posted by Andrea Beckford on April 15, 2021
Dearest Pat.
Thank you for being part of my life and encouraging me whilst attending college studying the NNEB. 1990-1992.
You gave me my 1st book Childcare and Health.
During that time my mum looked after Erron as a baby which she thoroughly enjoyed.
No doubt you and mom are catching up alongside my granny and Donovan.
Pat you’ll never be forgotten your beautiful legacy lives on within your children and grandchildren and will be forever loved.❤️.
Posted by Caroline Campbell on April 15, 2021
To my dearest Auntie Pat,
Leaving a tribute for you is something I never thought I would have to do
I want you to know you are beautiful, amazing and Loved deeply and will be forever and always missed, I will always regret that I will not be able to fulfil your wish of meeting up more once the pandemic is over
Auntie Pat everything about you is a powerful women. I would be honoured to be half the women you are.
We will continue making you proud and looking after your Ronnie and Chris will love you forever and always Caroline Campbell xxx
Posted by Roy Thomas on April 13, 2021
The first time I saw your eyes I knew
The first dance we had I knew
My first kiss I knew
Love @ first sight
I’m crying over you.
Rest in peace my Queen until we meet again xx
Posted by Leroy Dixon on April 13, 2021
To our amazing Mum, we will forever miss you but all your children and Grandchildren will continue your legacy, leading lives of love, kindness and professionalism. With love forever xx
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Posted by Chrystal Chaplin-Walsh on September 2, 2021
I just found out today..... I'm in absolute shock, my heart is sadden deeply.
You had such an impact on my life for so many different reasons, but one of them was a massive blessing and will always be filled with the happiest of memories.

Rest in perfect peace❤

Sending much love to all the family,
Chrystal x
Posted by Leon Jones on August 12, 2021
Happy heavenly birthday Aunty Pat, miss and love you loads ❤️
Posted by Angela Bryant on August 12, 2021
Hey C…. Miss you, the chats and the laughter loads. Heavenly birthday blessings to you.
Love always
her Life

Early Years

Claudette was the 4th born child of Albert and Ruby. She was the first child they had when they moved to England from Jamaica. She grew up in the church where the family built many bonds and her and her siblings spent summers with their cousins the Pennants. As a child she loved to read and she always had a keen interest in her Jamaican heritage.

The life of a Mother

Claudette had her first two children Yvonne and Leroy by the time she was 18. Years later Erron and Sunitta joined the fold and in addition to being a bonus mum to her nieces and nephews, she brought her Goddaughter Nathalee over from Jamaica and went on to adopt her youngest daughters Shanika and Shanae. As a mother she was dedicated to raising her children the right way and continued to support them in their endeavours until the time of her passing

The life of a Grandmother (Nanny)

If she was dedicated as a mother she was even more so as a Grandmother. Insisting that ‘granny or grandma’ were titles beyond her years, all her grandchildren knew her as Nanny. She was blessed to love and be loved by her grandchildren Kyerron, Shana, Joseph, Darrion, Keon, Kamiah, Kaliyah and Zariah. Present at the birth of each of her children’s ‘firsts’ Claudette ensured she helped guide her children to be the best parents they could be and continue to build a close and tightly bonded family
Recent stories

Pat my little sister

Shared by Claudette Sinclair on April 24, 2021
Pat, you were 3 years old when I first met you, my little sister. A cute, pretty, sweet little ball of fun.  I had the joy of taking you and Marcia to nursery in the mornings holding you with one hand and Marcia with the other, keeping my 2 little sisters safe but I better pray that it did not rain the night before, because in true Pat's style you would drag me to any little or big puddle that you could see and you would jump in. You enjoyed a splash. I watched you grow up from that little girl to become an adult. Mother of my fantastic nieces and nephews, grand mother, and "auntie Pat" to all of your siblings children. We have shared so much fun, so much laughs and so much love, along the way.  55 years we spent together Pat and with so many stories to tell of our lives together growing up, I could write a best selling novel. As siblings we all talked with our eyes, shoulders and feet and we will continue to do that for you. I know that you will be the secret listener at our conversations and when we laugh, you will laugh too clapping your hands as you laugh along with us, because "those we love don't ever go away".
It seem unreal to ever think that you are not here. I wanted to keep you here but you are needed in heaven. I miss you and my cheeks are wet as I write but each tear is a prayer and my grief is expression of love.
One more step along the world you go little sister. You have moved from the old things to the new and one day we will meet again. Until then sleep well and rest well Pat.
Love you Pat. 
From Peggy 

Our private jokes

Shared by Tina Francis on April 22, 2021
Dearest Claudette,

There are so many 'misses' that will no doubt make my eyes leak. We have shared many a funny joke, I am going to miss that. I will miss your  no nonsense but caring approach. You was so talented and will be a great loss to everyone you touched.

I am so sorry you did not beat the 'trussed up Turkey' and that we did not have another chance to speak.

Just had a chuckle that instead of resting you would be organising! God bless you my lovely.

Tina xxx

I will miss you

Shared by Michelle Mcdougall on April 22, 2021
Thank you Claudette for the time that I was allowed with you. As a dear manager, confident and friend I can say I will sincerely miss you. You taught me so much and always beloved in me. I made you a promise and I promise that I will make sure it happens. You will be missed dearly by all of us in Southwark and your legacy will go on. SIP