This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mina Chung 51 years old , born on December 1, 1968 and passed away on February 13, 2020. 

A tribute for Mina is being held on her birthday, on Dec 1, 2020 at 8:30 PM ET.
Posted by Jamison Suter on February 22, 2021
Mina, you were one of the kindest people I knew at Yale. Hei-Ock Kim put us in contact, remember? With a smile and a cheery glint in your eyes, you would brighten any dreary or stressful day. Reading your tributes, I see I am not alone in having been blessed by your infectious goodness. Thanks and peace to you!
Posted by Helen Barnett on February 16, 2021
Can't believe it is a year already. Miss my friend - may she RIP
Posted by Anna Calabrese on February 13, 2021
A year has gone by... I think about you all the time... it’s very sad going to the flaum institute and not seeing you there.. instead I look at the beautiful memorial picture of you that they put up... I look at this picture and as I get teary it seems like you are speaking to me...I miss you very much as well as all the people there do... Rip Dr Chung... you are truly an angel...
Posted by Tom Di Palermo on February 13, 2021
Thinking of you and Eddie.
Posted by Jacque Duncan on February 13, 2021
Thinking of Mina today- I miss you my friend!
Posted by James Aquavella on February 13, 2021
You will never be forgotten
Posted by Andy Lauer on December 1, 2020
Such a beautiful memorial today. Mina's light shines brightly in so many people whose lives she touched. Love and support go to Eddie and both Mina and Eddie's families.
Posted by Anna Calabrese on December 1, 2020
Just today I went to the Flaum institute... 2nd time since you have been gone... walking down the hall while looking at your picture..walk right up to it and looking straight into your eyes.. it almost seems like your talking to me...with teary eyes I tell much I miss you... And ask why did this happen?? I think of you all the time...didn't realize it was your birthday... Happy Heavenly Birthday Dr Mina Chong... You were the best.. There well never be another like you...Rip.... ❤️
Posted by Emma Moon on July 13, 2020
Mina, you will be forever missed. It’s as if a part of our childhood had gone with your passing. I remember meeting you freshman year at Yale when you dated the person who can’t be named :-), and you played the piano beautifully, which in my book, made you extra special! You ALWAYS had such a positive energy, an infectious smile, and a nonjudgmental attitude, and I appreciated that. Later, when you temporarily moved to LA, we saw each other again and it seemed like you were in a really good place then. I am sad that we didn’t stay in touch, but I will never forget you. Rest in peace.
Posted by J.Michael Farrell on June 17, 2020
It has taken me a while to express my gratitude to Dr Chung after learning of the accident. I am at a loss for words. We traveled from Binghamton because she was recognized as the best for a detached retina. My retina was repaired and I gained my eyesight back. What a incredible Doctor and great person. My condolences to her family and may she rest in peace.
Posted by Hope Wechkin on June 12, 2020
I continue to mourn you. Your were one of the most gifted people I've ever known; you were an extraordinary physician, musician, family member and friend. Your love of fun and adventure lived alongside an incredibly calm, kind, and generous presence. From the moment I met you in the first few days of freshman year, I knew you were a truly special one. Thank you for all you gave to the world.
Posted by Gerald Cox on May 25, 2020
I met Mina through a mutual colleague at U Rochester, Dave Kleinman, who was helping us at Editas Medicine develop a method for showing structural changes in cone photoreceptors of patients with LCA10 following treatment with EDIT-101, a CRISPR-based medicine. We invited her to give a talk to the scientists and clinical researchers at the company in 2017. Her talk was very inspiring and the highlight of the year. She was a brilliant and warm person whose contributions we will always remember.
Posted by Kathleen Covell on May 22, 2020
I just learned of the death of Dr. Chung. How sad for so many. I had been her patient for many years until I moved to Ithaca. She was always so kind, funny, encouraging, and as we all know brilliant! It is lovely to see all the photos of her life over the years. She will be missed by so many but we are all the better for having known her, even if for a short while.
Posted by Francine Trester on May 21, 2020
I am very sad to learn of Mina's passing. She and I performed together on piano and violin while we were at Yale. Mina was a terrific person and musician. I was very glad to have known her.
Posted by Adam Rubin on May 18, 2020
Mina was one of the kindest people I knew at Yale. So friendly and always with a smile. I was so sad to hear this news. What a tragedy.
Posted by Sarah Lawrence on May 15, 2020
Mina, you were my fellow Davenporter. You were kindness through and through. To her family, my condolences.
Posted by Peter Delevett on May 12, 2020
Mina - you lived downstairs from my roomies and I our sophomore year in Davenport. I remember you as always cheerful and smiling. Thanks for being a great neighbor and positive presence - you were taken too soon. My thoughts are with your family.
Posted by Chris Wood on May 5, 2020
I have wonderful memories of Mina from my time with her at Yale. We were both undergraduates taking premed classes together. She was always so positive - full of empathy and kindness. I would see her at reunions and I understood that she had become an academic retina specialist in Rochester, NY. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and my own career has been in ophthalmology, so I could relate to her profession and geography. I'm also a passionate skier and can identify with her need to enjoy outdoor adventure. As I read the tributes written by and on behalf of her patients, her true nature shines as she can be perceived as she was by those who needed her most. That degree of selflessness and dedication is highly unusual and was a talent much more valuable than all of her acquired skill. She will be irreplaceable at her institution and her memory there and among us will never fade. I wish much love to all who grieve her loss.
Posted by Linda Steffan on April 2, 2020
  I just received the news about Dr. Chung’s death. I couldn’t believe it. Such a great person, an exceptional mind gone too soon. 
  I was a patient of Dr. Chung’s who traveled from Buffalo to see her. I met her when I enrolled in the Biohaven Clinical Study for BHV-4157 for Spinocerbellar Ataxia. She was so kind, thorough and patient. She thanked me numerous times for participating in the study.  You could tell she was so eager to learn if this drug could help. I liked her so much, I made more appointments to see her outside of the study. She always spent so much time with me, once even after closing the rest of the office. We were the last people there. She stayed long past normal office hours to make sure I had every test and she got to see the results.  I am still in the study 2 years later, but I’ll have difficult time going there knowing I will not see her again. I thank the University of Rochester, Strong, and the Flum Eye Institute for having this study and trying to find a cure for this terrible disease.
  People like Dr. Chung, who are as nice a person as they are a brilliant professional, are very rare. A woman with many talents and someone who utilizes those talents in such a down to earth compassionate way will be impossible to replace. I will however, remember her fondly and be thankful that I was able to encounter such a beautiful lady.
Posted by Sushi Takara on March 31, 2020
Dr. Mina Chung was my doctor for my detached retina in 2018. She was very knowledgeable regarding eye conditions. But her professionalism was best and her compassion was even greater. In loving memory. E. S.
Posted by Johanna Seddon on March 22, 2020
I am very sad along with many others, about the tragic loss of our colleague and friend, Mina Chung, and the indelible impact on her family.
The WinR Mina Chung Research award in her honor will be a great tribute to keep her memory alive.
WinR gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know Mina as kind, unpretentious, calm and genuine, and her organized, highly insightful and effective contributions to our mission and to our field will be remembered. 
She was and will remain a wonderful role model.

With condolences to her family.
Posted by ME Hartnett on March 21, 2020
I have many wonderful memories of Mina. Collectively, I remember her ability to ease tension and bring peace to all with whom she interacted. I also remember her keen sense of humor even though she was deceptively quiet! We shared a wonderful dinner in New Orleans and lots of laughs. She and I also shared a lot of angst in applying for and receiving NIH research grants. I remember her joy when she received her first R01 after working hard to get preliminary data together. I miss her but have some peace when I picture her warm, genuine and beautiful smile!

Posted by Alyssa Sikora on March 19, 2020
I want to give a tribute to a very, very special lady I knew as Dr. Chung. She was the only doctor I've ever felt a personal connection with. She was kind, compassionate, intelligent, and received world recognition for her contributions in the research and treatments of various retina diseases, and was one of the top ophthalmologists in the world for my rare disease, Stargardt's. She always took extra time to update myself and my parents about current Stargardt's research and was extremely optimistic about the reality of a potential cure someday. I even had the chance to be a subject for some of her research a few years back! Eye appointments can be rough on me, and challenging, but I would always look forward to visiting her because of how I would feel emotionally afterwards: refreshed, restored, valued, and hopeful. She was an incredibly warm person and it was obvious that ophthalmology was her passion and not just her job, which made her joy contagious. She was encouraging, supportive of her patient's goals and dreams, and understanding of the struggles associated with retina diseases. It was just who she was. I know she made a lasting impression on many patients and my story is only one of many, and she might have only been my doctor, and I just her patient, but I love her. I've known about her skiing accident for a couple weeks now and I still don't think it's fully hit me that I'll never see her in her office again. She is a tremendous loss but I know this new Angel's light will continue shining bright and someday I'll be able to say "I used to have something called Stargardt's, but it's not a thing anymore." Until that day, I'm off to work with stinging eyes. Love you, Dr. Chung
Posted by Arlene Drack on March 17, 2020
I am editing a beautiful chapter Mina wrote for the new Pediatric Retina textbook and I think about her a lot. She was a gifted doctor, writer, and friend. My heart breaks for her husband and family. Her spirit lives on through her work, her grateful patients, and her family and friends. She is missed.
Posted by Judy Ichiuji Monji on March 17, 2020
My heart is filled with grief over the tragic loss of Dr. Chung. My deepest sympathy to her husband and family. For the past 19 years I have thought about her and just by chance decided to look her up today. What a shock it is to learn that she has passed. In 2001, my daughter was born prematurely at 24 weeks. She suffered retinal detachments in both eyes within a couple of months after she was born. Dr. Chung performed retinal surgery on her at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and saved her sight. We will be eternally grateful. I will never forget her calm, caring demeanor. What a compassionate professional and person she was. She was a savior during a very difficult time in our lives. The world has lost a true angel. 
Posted by Kellene Champlin on March 12, 2020
I have been seeing Dr. Chung for retina problems for a few years. I actually looked forward to my annual appointments with her. Knowing I am an artist she truly shared my concerns for keeping my treasured eyesight in good shape. I will miss her very personal approach, her knowledge, her optimism, and her ready smile. God bless.
Posted by Katie Miskell on March 10, 2020
I am writing this on behalf of my Husband Roger who needed the expertise, only Dr. Chung could provide.
When countless Ophthalmologists couldn't diagnose why he suddenly went blind in his left eye. Dr. Mina Chung guessed in one try. But said, by the time the blood test which would confirm her diagnosis would come back from the midwest (the only place able to test for his condition) he was Liable to be blind in his right eye as well. Roger soon found out, not only was she a brilliant and renowned retina specialist able to help diagnose and treat his rare form of Autoimmune Retinopathy, but she was also a kind and compassionate medical professional who would ALWAYS go the extra mile for her patients day OR night.
While in the hospital, Dr. Chung chose to stay late one in hopes she would be recieving the fax from the midwest confirming her diagnosis. Running I to his hospital room exclaiming "I was right" now this might not sound like a moment to cheer, but she knew, untill ot was confirmed, his insurance would not cover a much needed $10,000 treatment to keep his eye sight from becoming further diminished. She stayed late waiting by her fax, so that the moment she could, Roger would have a therapy to stop the progession of what eye sight he had left.
And it didn't stop there.
Countless people have commented how she was brilliant, revered, but never arrogant and I cant think of a better example than this;
Because of Dr. Chung my husband was able to see the country's foremost Retina Specialist, and head of the NIH at a workshop she put together for some of her patients a few years ago. Her patients with very rare eye disorders were able to come in on a Saturday sit in on a seminar, and then privately meet with this national specialist to see if there was something else that could be done for their condition.
What made all of that even more remarkable? It was all done for the patients, free of charge.
My husband has promised to have an open mind about the next Retna Specialist the U of R provides him, but he knows no one can truly replace Dr. Chung, and all she did for him over the years. Actually not just for him, or the Rochester community, but all she's done to better the lives of people throughout the world.
Dr. Chung was a gift to so many, and will be missed, so, so, much.

Posted by Kevin Waters on March 2, 2020
Dr. Chung almost 16 years ago became my eye doctor after another doctor who passed me on to her after he botched ... She gave me so much hope that she could save some of the vision I had left, after 4 ops in 13 months back in 2004-05 my vision has stayed the same which I give her great thanks to. She has given my so much strengh just with her words that everything was good  even when I feared i was getting worse, she'd always tell me how well and happy she was with it...  I am going to miss her so much...
Posted by Olivia Kramer on March 1, 2020
At 11 years old i had an eye injury that was very scary at the time. I have seen Dr. Chung since then. She always came in with a smile and cheered me up. Especially the day after my injury, she assured me I would be just fine. I was terrified but she made me feel much more confident in my recovery. She was an amazing doctor and so caring. I’m so thankful she was my doctor. My thoughts go out to her family.
Posted by Bradley Copeland on March 1, 2020
  My heart is hurting today as I learn of Dr Chung’s recent death . I actually had an appointment with her the week before her trip and she was sharing with me her excitement about it . Sometimes we get so caught up in daily life that we forget how precious life is .
  Let me begin by saying , I am a true believer of divine intervention, that God brings people in our lives at the right time. I first met Dr Chung in January 2019 when I had blood vessels in the back of my right eye burst and it was serious. This had happened a year earlier in my other eye but not this badly. At the time , my former eye doctor was out of the country. Others said the outcome was not certain when I went for another opinion and that is when God brought a guardian angel in my path named Dr. Mina Chung She was positive and optimistic and so calming when we met as she was examining me. Within a few days she got me into retina surgery and it went successfully well. Even while resting at home in the evening after surgery she personally called to check in to see how I was feeling.....what Dr. does that these days..... well she did, and actually talked with me for awhile . During the past year I’ve had many follow up appointments with Dr. Chung and she always remained gracious and calming, even with the littlest of questions , ever ready to answer what I asked . I’ve never felt at ease more and calmer with any doctor in any time of my life.
    To her lovely family ...words cannot express how deeply sorry I am . Her loss is deeply felt by so many including patients like myself who owe her their eyesight. I am truly forever grateful to have had the opportunity and blessing to know her . Please know that part of her legacy will go on in all the lives she touched and we are better for knowing her.
Posted by Matthew Garrett on March 1, 2020
Dr. Chung treated my mom and myself. My mom was born blind in her left eye. Having been a patient at Wills Eye in Philadelphia, when she suddenly went blind in her right eye, we took her back to Wills. They treated her and sent her home with instructions to see Dr. Mina Chung at the Flaum Institute, telling us that Dr. Chung was the best specialist in Rochester. My family instantly loved Dr. Chung from the start. My mom was scared and but Dr. Chung had a way of calming her and giving her peace and assurance, especially while she had to give mom injections in her eye. My mom said Dr. Chung felt like one of her own daughters. When my mom passed away, Dr. Chung even sent a sympathy card to us.
Dr. Chung treated my mom as if she was her own mother, with gentleness and comfort. In my experience, that is rare and is something I will never forget. She will be so missed and I will never forget her.
Posted by Cynthia Tung on February 29, 2020
Every day I grieve Mina’s passing. Words will never adequately describe what an amazing human being this world will miss.... Truly she was a beacon.... The pain of her passing is profound... I met her when I was a first year medical student, and she took me under her wing. She provided me with an early and immersive exposure that made me fall in love with ophthalmology; it was essentially because of Mina that I became an ophthalmologist. What a rare and radiant personality. As fearless as she was kind, she was an exceptionally talented surgeon and clinician who gave herself fully to everything she did, and she did it with such remarkable grace and skill. She expected the highest standard but led by example. She should have received the highest accolades from our community. Most acutely I will feel the absence of her clever, sophisticated, insightful, delightful, observant sense of humor that endeared her to every person who had the privilege of knowing her. There is little to take comfort in except to realize how our lives are enriched for having known Mina. I hope that in some small but important way I can carry on her legacy, by mentoring students and teaching residents, and continuing to seek adventure in travel. My heart aches every day for her. My love to Eddie and family — I can’t imagine how difficult this must be.
Posted by Debby Ryder on February 29, 2020
We are so saddened by the news of Dr. Chung's passing. She helped save my husbands eyesight. Her calm demeanor helped calm my husband before his surgeries. She was a gift to the ophthalmology world and I am sure will be missed by so many. May her memory be a blessing.
Posted by Jessica Stefanik on February 28, 2020
I'm in shock that the world lost such an amazing person.. My son Max had a horrific eye injury. He had fell and a metal prong with through his eye.. After he had the hole repaired, we went to a Dr. near us and he said he will never see again out of his eye... We were referred to Dr. Chung and after our consult she stated I dont see any reason why he wont see again.. The next day she operated and he could see!! She saved my sons vision. She forever changed my sons life and mine... I am so forever grateful we meet her... I am so sorry for the loss.... her poor husband, family and friends.... jess....
Posted by Ajay Kuriyan on February 27, 2020
Mina was an amazing mentor, friend, colleague, and doctor to so many people. I first met Mina as a medical student at Rochester and I cherished working closely with her during my time as faculty at the Flaum Eye Institute. She was the embodiment of the University of Rochester's motto "meliora", which means ever better. I don't think I can ever find the words to properly express how grateful I am for all the things she did for me. She will be greatly missed by so many.
Posted by Zerline Tiu-Snyderman on February 26, 2020
In grief and in remembrance of her beautiful soul, I have been drawn to reading these tributes for Dr. Mina Chung. Clearly, Dr. Chung was so loved by many and she made a tremendous difference. These tributes celebrate her contributions and influence of countless doctors she trained and worked alongside. Dr. Chung deeply touched the lives of thousands of patients she treated and my husband was one of them. In December, we met Dr. Chung for the first time when she fitted us in her busy schedule for Michael's intravitreal injections. We will never forget her kindness. Not only did Dr. Mina Chung bring into the room her experience, skill, knowledge and expertise with a large confident presence, Dr. Chung also impressed us with her deep grace with small gestures. After examining Michael's eyes, Dr. Chung returned his eyeglasses with both hands and with eye contact, letting her patient know she truly cares. In action and words, Dr. Chung selflessly made her patient feel she was sincerely happy to help. Our feeling of loss is tremendous and our hearts ache for Dr. Chung's family and colleagues. We were at the Flaum Eye Institute on Feb. 14, the morning when many of the staff learned of Dr. Chung's passing. My husband and I left the FEI that day in awe at how his surgeon, nurses and staff were able to dry their tears that morning and found the strength to rise above the grief and shock to continue to provide world class treatment and care for the patients. Dr. Chung would have been proud of them because she was one who worked the hardest and put the patient first. Dr. Chung accomplished so much in life and has left a remarkable legacy in those living with the unforgettable lessons she taught. As a doctor myself, I am immensely grateful to have met Dr. Chung and can only hope to emulate her and be inspired by her memory forever.
Posted by Helen Barnett on February 25, 2020
I am devastated by the loss of my beautiful amazing friend. Not only was she exceptionally talented, she was the kindest and most compassionate human being that I have ever met. Her beauty was not only external, but also internal. My heart goes out in sadness to Eddie and her parents. May my beloved friend RIP.
Posted by Chirag Shah on February 24, 2020
Mina was my first retina mentor when I was a medical student. She inspired me to follow her career choice. I’m shock and saddened by this tragic loss. I will always remember her as a graceful, kind, and brilliant person, with a big smile and generous heart. My love to Eddie and her family.
Posted by Andrea Smith on February 24, 2020
Dr Chung was the most amazing person to help us yet. We were recently referred to her by our local eye doctor as our son was diagnosed with a mass behind his eye. She was so so kind and caring. Took the time to explain every detail and answer any question that we had, no matter what. Her patience with our teenager who was very nervous, was amazing. She gave us such a positive outlook in a difficult situation, She knew things would be ok and had just finished a procedure on him prior to Christmas & we saw her at a follow up just a few weeks ago. Things are progressing just like she said they would. I just want you to know Dr Chung that we can not thank you enough for all you have done for us and we will continue to move forward with this situation. You are an amazing person and doctor - the lives you have touched .... there are no words to express the loss we all feel. You will be forever in our hearts. God bless your family as they heal during this time - Continue to watch over everyone. We miss you Dr Chung
Posted by Callais Kudla on February 24, 2020
Words fall short to describe the feeling of loss of Dr. Chung. She taught me how to work hard, expect and strive for excellence and not settle for anything less. She was not only someone I worked closely with she was also a friend. She could brighten any dark room with her smile, laughter and wit and she never settled for mediocrity. Mina, You left an imprint on everyone you encountered, and you will forever live on in our minds and our hearts. May your beautiful soul be at peace. My love goes to Eddie and your family.
Posted by Joan Call on February 23, 2020
Dr. Mina Chung was my doctor for four years. She was always kind, gentle, considerate and very knowledgeable. I'm not sure how I'm going to get along without her help and guidance. May God give you, her family, grace and comfort in this very difficult time.  Sincerely, Isabel Gangi
Posted by Barry Moore on February 23, 2020
We are devastated to hear the tragic news about Dr. Chung. She was such a brilliant doctor and surgeon. Dr. Chung would always greet us with a smile and took the time to listen to questions and concerns. Our sincere condolences to her family and those that loved her, like us.
Barry and Nancy
Posted by Sue Peraino on February 23, 2020
Dr. Chung operated on my developmentally delayed daughter. She saw her on a moment's notice when her eye Dr referred her that afternoon. Dr. Chung determined Marci needed surgery on both eyes immediately and squeezed her in her already full surgery schedule. We will miss her and her gentle manner. Our prayers are with Dr. Chung's husband and family. She will be missed.
Posted by Tadeus Konieczka on February 21, 2020
I am stunned and devasted in the loss of Dr. Mina Chung. Mina restored my eyesight to 20-20 in both eyes after having three retinal detachments from 2006-2008. Dr. Chung saved my eyesight and life, how grateful I am to her. My prayers are with Mina,her family and all.
Posted by Kathy Ogilvie on February 21, 2020
I had my first appt. with this Beautiful, Caring,Compassionate Dr. Chung on February 5th,2020. My husband & I loved her instantly. She was so kind, caring & that radiant smile. When we heard it on the news we were shocked & saddened. Such a lovely beautiful person with such great knowledge & caring manner. We have Prayed every night since that GOD will bring some comfort to her husband, family, colleagues & friends during this tragic loss.
Posted by Carol Ivsan on February 21, 2020
It is so difficult to find the words to convey our heartfelt loss at Dr. Chung's passing. She began seeing our daughter, Lynnea, many years ago after Lyn was diagnosed with lupus (SLE), and was taking a medication that could lead to cataracts. Dr. Chung discovered Lyn had a macular cyst in one eye, so she was seen every six months thereafter. In addition, Lyn has autism and developmental disabilities which can interfere with her understanding of necessary procedures (esp. eyedrops that cause your vision to become 'cloudy'). Dr. Chung never hesitated to closely and kindly interact with Lyn putting her at ease, and even allowing Lyn to touch her long, beautiful hair! We offer our sincere sympathy to Dr. Chung's husband, family, friends, associates, and patients. 
Posted by Caesar Luo on February 20, 2020
The sadness of this loss is tremendous. Mina has shaped my career from my first days as a UR med student, and her legacy will continue to guide me as a retina specialist. You will be greatly missed by all. My thoughts to your family, friends, and loved ones.  
Posted by Jeffrey Vogt on February 20, 2020
I have been a patient of Dr. Chung for 7 years. I suffered retinal detachments in both eyes. She is why I still have my sight. Dr. Chung performed more than a dozen surgeries on me. There were some very scary days. I always felt that if my eyes could be fixed, Dr. Chung would be the one to do it. Her kind compassionate way was also what helped me get through those dark times. You could tell she really cared. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Dr. Chung will be missed by many, and very much by me.
Posted by John King on February 20, 2020
  I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear that we have lost Mina. I did my retina fellowship at Flaum Eye Institute 2005-2007. I will always be grateful for the opportunity that Mina and Dave gave me to become a retina specialist. 
  To say that Mina was dedicated to helping her patients would be an understatement. She was a compassionate and extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled physician. I could not have had a more competent mentor, and she continued to advise me throughout my career.
  We have lost a brilliant friend who lived with passion and purpose. She leaves behind an enormous legacy through the lives of those that she has benefitted.
Posted by Michelle Warford on February 20, 2020
Dr. Chung.. thank you for saving my Devon’s eyesight.. Rest In Peace
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Posted by Jamison Suter on February 22, 2021
Mina, you were one of the kindest people I knew at Yale. Hei-Ock Kim put us in contact, remember? With a smile and a cheery glint in your eyes, you would brighten any dreary or stressful day. Reading your tributes, I see I am not alone in having been blessed by your infectious goodness. Thanks and peace to you!
Posted by Helen Barnett on February 16, 2021
Can't believe it is a year already. Miss my friend - may she RIP
Posted by Anna Calabrese on February 13, 2021
A year has gone by... I think about you all the time... it’s very sad going to the flaum institute and not seeing you there.. instead I look at the beautiful memorial picture of you that they put up... I look at this picture and as I get teary it seems like you are speaking to me...I miss you very much as well as all the people there do... Rip Dr Chung... you are truly an angel...
her Life

A beautiful person who died on a beautiful day

Mina Chung was with Eddie, their friend Johan, and spouse on a daylong guided mountain skiing tour in Italy.

The last mountain was a lot icier than anticipated.

Johan was first to ski and made it down unscathed.

Mina was next, and she slipped and fell at the top of the trail. 

The guide immediately jumped and tried to stop her but both fell down and slid down a 2000 foot mountain side.

They both sustained multitrauma injuries.  Mina’s injuries were overwhelming, and she was pronounced dead at the scene when the helicopter arrived. 

Eddie was trailing behind, and was able to avert going down the dangerous slope.

Mina's dad and Eddie’s brother are arriving on Feb 17. 

Her body has been released to family, they have had some good help from the officials there.

Final arrangements have not been made, and the site will be updated once that information is available.

The joke earlier in the day was:

It was a beautiful day and ....

"If I had to go, this would be the way"

Eddie described Mina earlier as a “Smiling Beacon”

She was truly a Beacon of Light, and all who had the privilege of knowing her, were enriched.

She meant very much to very many, and her loss has caused a huge void in all of us.

Raj and Alan

Recent stories
Shared by Paula Kingsley on June 15, 2020
Dr.Mina Chung, I had moved away and came back to just hear of your passing. I couldnt hold my break down on the phone with the Secretary. Im so sorry my heart is at a huge loss right now. 
 Thank you for being the kind hearted Doctor and person you truly have been.  In 2004 We started our journey together having a wonderful patient amd Doctor relationship .  You saved me. When you sat in with us and gave us the sad news no cure blinding disease i was 29 years old . I was scared. You kept saying your sorry i felt in my heart you wished it could of been different news. You walked us through you helped us understand in words we understood without the long words doctor use (laughing) Oh sweet angel you loved us we felt it. I Loved you too. My heart. I cant stop crying. Im scared to trust another doctor but I know you would want me to continue to get my injections. I wont forget your soft voice your kind words your laugh and my family adored you as well. You had that about you to where people just want to hug you because you truly cared for us .  
 One day I went in and you were concerned I was having a heart attack.  I was. Because of you I am here. You saved me in more ways then one. My inspiration my heart my friend my doctor I will always keep the precious memories alive and hold you close to my heart forever. I will keep my promise .I will continue my treatments .Thank you for everything you have done for me. Im sure missing you it just wont be the same. May you rest in peace and rest easy knowing you made a difference and inspired many and are Loved by many. I Love you and will forever miss you! 
Love Always,
Paula Kingsley

April fools day

Shared by Callais Kudla on April 1, 2020
Today was one of your favorite "holidays."  This time last year you had an extensive plan for an epic april fools day!, carried out with extensive laughs by all!!!  Today, I sat and talked with several of your patients for the first time since your passing, and couldn't help but think of you. As I sat in one of your 'favorite' rooms, myself and another individual who has known you for years were speaking your praises and how we missed you and a few unexplained things occurred in that room.  The individual and myself  both had goosebumps and only thought... that was you! May you be at peace our beloved Mina!

You will be missed

Shared by Kurtis DeRoller on March 2, 2020
My condolences to Dr. Chungs family and friends as a patient i will miss her kindness and honesty as well as her determination to finally diagnose me after years of no one being able to figure out my condition. A great loss for everyone.  I will never feel the same comfort i felt knowing i was in her care. Because i know she really cared. ❤